Friday, 5 December 2008

BNP Membership List - Arrests

A councillor who was kicked out of the BNP last year has been arrested in connection with the unauthorised release of the party's membership list.

The Post understands Sadie Graham was one of two people arrested by Notts police officers last night.

Several police cars and a number of officers remain outside a property in Church Lane, Brinsley.

Coun Graham, now an independent nationalist at Broxtowe Borough Council, was dropped from the BNP in December last year.

A spokeswoman for Dyfed Powys Police said: "We can confirm that Nottinghamshire Police arrested two people as part of a joint investigation with Dyfed Powys Police and the Information Commissioner's Office in conjunction with alleged criminal offences under the Data Protection Act.

"The arrests followed an investigation into a complaint received about the unauthorised release of the BNP party membership list."

The spokeswoman said that an army bomb disposal team was called to the address in Brinsley after a suspicious item was found during a police search of the same property.

She added: "This was purely a precautionary measure and the item was declared safe, with no further reaction required."

The BNP membership list was published on an internet blog last month and was removed after complaints from the party.

It featured more than 12,000 names including addresses, jobs and contact details.

The BNP says the list was based on its 2007 membership list, although a number of names of people who were not, or are not, party members had allegedly been added.

The party said it obtained an injunction at the High Court in Manchester earlier this year, banning the publication of the list.

Speaking last night, a BNP party spokesman said: "Police have confirmed they have arrested two people in the Nottinghamshire area."

Coun Graham left the BNP last year for allegedly being involved in the writing of an internet blog which the BNP claimed had aimed to "attack and smear fellow party officials".

Her expulsion was not heard before a panel and she appealed. At the time, she said: "I am absolutely disgusted by the way they have treated me when I have done nothing but work hard for the party and have been responsible for bringing them forward in the East Midlands.

"I am now an independent councillor for Broxtowe. I would like to assure people that I am still nationalist and still believe in the principles of the BNP, but just disagree with the bad management of the party.

"I work very hard as a councillor and will continue to do so."

Coun Graham was unavailable for comment.



Anonymous said...

And may the full force of the law be upon those responsible for publishing the list.

Simple message for all to understand, the BNP is a lawful political party and works within the law to defend the party and members.

Over on Simon Darby I find we can send a Christmas card to our London foothold at

Richard Barnbrook AM
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
SE1 2AA.

Mine will be in the post Saturday.

Spread the word bloggers lets fill Richard's office with REAL Christmas cards.


Anonymous said...

More publicity guys!
What happened to "no platform"?
The more they call us nasty divisive and despicable the more young people will flock to the site hoping for contraband..there they'll find the ONLY political party standing up for their rights.
We could never have afforded an advertising company to promote our name, site and values.
And its FREE!

Anonymous said...

She was evidently a sleeper mole put into the party to cause as much bad press and publicity at the most opportune time. If she had been a person loyal to ridding this coutry of its evils then nothing should have made her reveal other patriots names. And no doubt the "package" was a plant to make bad headline news about the BNP again, and give the government agencies ammunition to class the BNP as terrorists. Sick.

Wolfen said...

Excellent video, GA.

We will not stop until we have every last one of the traitors on OUR list!

Reds reading this - we are going to find every last one of you who has ever taken part, in any way, in the evil committed against indigenous Britons.

Especially you "antifascists", you pieces of shit!

Every last one of you!

Bastards! Scum!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile let us not be diverted from the daily horror on our streets.

Shocking for the poor people forced to live near these "enrichers".

Anonymous said...

Wolfen, your anger is understandable but we will not sink to the Red level, (currently limbo dancing under a snakes belly wearing a top hat.)
We will beat them fair and square at the ballot box.
Then we can sue LOL!

Anonymous said...

BNP to Blame For Arsenal Intimidation

Brilliant lads!

(makes as much sense as anything Searchlight writes about us?)

JPT said...

Sadie Graham?
I met her (eighteen months ago) and was impressed.
What went wrong?!
I'm disappointed but not shocked I'm afraid.
Someone seems to have got to her.

Wolfen said...

"Wolfen, your anger is understandable ... "
- Anonymous

You're right, of course.
The things these bastards have done to my country has got to me.
I won't let my anger get in the way until we can deal with them lawfully.
Regards, W

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham,re JPT Someone seems to have got to her.
Damm right mate the name rhymns with Pratt Dingle ! got her stagnent (meant pregnant)also the other two sweaty sock traitors.
Hope they are going to be visited
for their part in the membership list being leaked.
May a curse be on them all.
Never ever call these traitors

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous, 05 December 2008 19:13

Please remember nobody has been convicted of anything, yet! We are British and people are innocent until proven guilty. However, I suspect you might be right...

Salford Supporter said...

How could you credibly claim to 'still be a nationalist' when you have deliberately acted to imperil thousands of other nationalists because of your personal differences with 'the management' of the party?!! One wonders whose side these persons were really on in the first place - either that or they have simply completely lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

JPT said...
Sadie Graham?
I met her (eighteen months ago) and was impressed.
What went wrong?!
I'm disappointed but not shocked I'm afraid.
Someone seems to have got to her.
I'm sure the powers that be would want "impressive" people in place

Anonymous said...

It would probably be better if no comments were made on the case in question as the matter is sub judice.
As to a general principle unity is strength and division is weakness. Always use your political energy to attack your opponents not act like a spoilt child and attack your family.

Anonymous said...

I am currently in legal conversations with my lawyer. I will prosecute Sadie Graham and the others involved because they have violated my right to privacy and have jeopardised my career and the safety of my family. My name has been added to countless online lists accusing me and everyone else of being racist, homophobic etc, this is libel and I hold Graham et al responsible for this attack on my rights to join any political party I want to and not have to face trial by the public mob.

I intend to sue them of everything they own, I suggest everyone else on this list sue and take extreme legal action against these morons.