Friday, 19 December 2008

The difference between us and them

"Senior Policeman"

I am sure you remember the story about Peter Mailer, the landlord of the Black Bull Hotel in Warkworth, where the polipolice stripped his bar-room walls of newspaper clippings and political cartoons because he is an open supporter of the British National Party.

Well the Clown Prosecution disService have until Tuesday to decide whether to bring action against him with racially aggravated public order charges.

Either way it is a win win situation for the British National Party.

Already Mr Mailer has received countless messages of support from freedom lovers around the country and the rest of the world.

However he has also received some abuse from cowards closer to home who have made anonymous phone calls and left hate-mail on the windscreen of his minibus.

But here is the difference between us and them and I think it comes better from Peter himself;
"I was told in an anonymous phone call, which came from a local kiosk number, that my secret was out and they know where I live, but I'm not worried. The fact I am a BNP supporter is no secret.

"If someone has an issue with my political beliefs, then I'd welcome them to come down to the pub where we can have a proper discussion and they can put their views across, not an anonymous phone call or an unsigned letter through my door.

"That's what my pub is all about. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, including me."
Well said Peter. But you know, debating a point is not the red rubbish way. Their way is the way of all ant-freedom cowards. Anonymous phone calls and letters.

We have them on the run thanks to brave people like you Peter. We are proud of you.

If they do charge Peter, I sure hope they reveal the name of the "Senior policeman from Nottinghamshire" who took offence at the articles and cartoons on the wall and reported him.

Like I said before, the British National Party never forgets and one day I look forward to reading how this creature who shames the Police Force has his pension stripped from him.

Do you know the name of the "Senior Policeman"? If so please let me know.

And for a very good reason why the Police do not want accountable and elected Senior Officers, you only have to read this article here. Like I said. We do not forget and those responsible will be held to account eventually.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is correct information, but the Name "Terry Fuckwitt" could be in the frame.

he has moved on from his VIZ days and is believed to be in the police-force.


defender said...

How many senior police officers in the Nottr force, perhaps a process of elimenation would narrow the field some what.
Perhaps a letter addressed to the "The uttermost bastard leftist senior Plod", Notts plod main warehouse, etc etc might flush him out.

Anonymous said...

Brill blog Green well worth a read and link.

Anonymous said...

I remember the 80s when Thatcher would dog whistle the middle classes with her support for the police. Those were the days when it was ok to beat a miner over the head for having the nerve to defend their jobs.
Now the police have become the paramilitary wing of zanulabour with all the corruption that entails. Here is a link to one of their new recruits.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the SS comparison, although the are a couple of notable differences between them and our polizei. Firstly many SS men were fearless in battle, and fought with honour (unlike the common misconception peddled by the likes of the shoplifter Richard Maddeley), and finally many fought for what they believed in to be right (some wanting to join with our forces to carry on the battle against Communism), risking their own demise for the greater good of their own people. Now how can you compare them to the "sell your own grandma" Common Purpose wannabe 's that have infiltrated the upper echelons of our geheimestatspolizei? ...;-)

Anonymous said...

In this Alice-in-woderland country of ours one has to ask "If the news clippings were not deemed racist when printed in the newspaper why all of a sudden they were deemed racist when cut out and put on a wall?"

Just thought I would ask.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Run for council.