Thursday, 18 December 2008

Direct elections to Police Authorities dropped.

Thats about right

There is that bloody word again. "Authorities". Once upon a time in a country that still had some freedoms, councils were councils and the police were a force to fight crime.

All changed now. Almost every state organisation is now - "Authorities". Subliminal black propaganda to get the sheep people to believe that these people really are the "Authorities" and have a legal right to control us instead of just serve us, which is their true function. Jumped up bastards.

For decades, I have always believed that the only way to improve the policing of all areas of our sad country was to have elected Senior Police Officers running their appointed areas.

This is nothing to do with party politics and all about crime. If a Chief Constable is crap then he should be voted out and someone who promises to get the job done voted in. If he also fails, then throw him out at the next election for that post.

But this idea does not sit well with the "ruling parties". They like their existing system where they make political appointments to the senior positions in the police. And we know why.

I am sure we all remember when Tony Blair campaigned in a general election and the following Police Vehicles all displayed "Vote Labour" on their livery.
Tony Blair was that he should travel around in an armour proofed police Range Rover, Number 10 phoned the commissioner's office and said we want 'Vote Labour' on the side of the police car, and Ian Blair did it.
Those are the kind of officers Zanu Labour likes and rewards regardless of their performance.

So it comes as no surprise to read that the plans to allow the people to decide who controls the police has been dropped.
The leader of Labour’s 5,000 local government councillors had previously complained that the plans could lead to British National Party members holding positions of power over policing in England and Wales and being able to dictate priorities.
God forbid that the people should be allowed their democratic right to elect those that should serve them instead of oppress them.

If there is one thing the Tri-Axis of evil hates and that is democracy. If they had their way they would also drop elections. One man. One Vote. Once. That is their style.


Sir Henry Morgan said...



And I have long thought the American description is better - not "Government" (whether local or national), but "ADMINISTRATION".

They don't exist to govern our behaviour, but rather to administer to our needs.

GreenPleasantLand said...

Quite disgraceful... though I suppose it will stop heavily Islamicized areas of London voting their own kind into positions of authority.

But yet agains, it is only the BNP who is mentionned.

Anonymous said...

Another descsion without accountability

Anonymous said...
includes comments ...

Stringbag said...

"Sir Jeremy Beecham, vice-chairman of the LGA warned that far-right groups could end up controlling police authorities, after exploiting the fear of crime.

And right on cue, Simon Darby, deputy leader of the BNP, confirmed that was his aim, predicting a staunch core of supporters would turn out and could help the BNP win seats.
Suddenly directly elected police authorities didn't seem such a good idea. ........."

Well it is as blatant as that, they have cancelled this democratic exercise because they are afraid of democracy. And Ms "Ancien Regime" Ashley has the nerve to call this farce a triumph of "consultation".

I've never previously noticed them being bothered about low council election turnout or the grotesque first past the post farrago at Westminster, or postal vote rigging - just as long as a Zanu baboon gets "elected".

Brilliant blog Green Arrow, particularly impressed by the Gable expose the other day.

Anonymous said...

Evidence, if any more were needed, that the NuLabour Metropolitan Elite distrust, despise and fear the provincial proles.

If there are any 'traditional Labour voters' reading this, perhaps this action will finally demonstrate to you that

Fyrdist said...

That picture headlining this post is a fine piece of art.

The message is clear, people: vote New Labour and you will lose your right to purchase green spray-paint, to walk on unkempt grass verges, and convey your artistic skills.

Could any freedoms other than these be ones that we will, once taken from us, long for more profoundly?

I don't know about you lot, but Halfords' metallic outdoor low-odour spray-paint, paint that gives a startling shimmering finish; Flymo lawnmowers and their almost therapeutic hum of engine; and 120 gsm sketching pads are the light of my life.

Sure, you have your freedom of speech, your privacy, your protections against state interference in your lives, your children's welfare, your future, and your welfare... but please think of me and my circumstance when you are in the polling booth: don't vote New Labour -please, for the sake of advertising boards the length and breadth of our country.