Sunday, 28 December 2008

BNP Day minus five

D-Day, Sword Beach. Soon it will be Our D Day

I believe that your average British National Party members are probably some of the most politically well informed people ever. Especially if they have served their Country as an Activist for more than six months.

They learn fast. This kind of knowledge sets them apart from the rest of their fellow slaves on this open prison Island that has been created by those building the New World Order.

But just some people knowing "the truth" is not enough to reclaim and save Our Country. We need to let the rest of the True British Population know that they are just slaves. Milk Cows only allowed to live providing they can feed the new "elite" with their blood and sweat. Then they can die, in fact be encouraged to die. Easily replaced by the colonisers imported to replace them.

The New World Order will NOT STOP untill they have EVERYTHING and control EVERYONE. Only the British National Party stands between them and success.

I do not exaggerate when I say that what happens in Great Britain in the coming new year will have an affect on the future of the entire world.

Countries like Germany and France that should be helping lead the way need leading themselves. America is lost. The French seem to have lost the courage to fight. The cream of their Country died in the Great War. The Germans are still beaten down and brainwashed with guilt into surrendering without a fight. The defenders of Berlin died without children.

Two proud Countries that are dieing for lack of proper leadership and both not recognising they have been poisoned by imported leaders who care not for their countries.

Well Our Country, Great Britain. The Welsh, Scots, English and Northern Ireland that make it, have stood alone before. It paid in blood and lives and bankrupted itself in defending freedom. It impoverished it's people for decades to do so and the time is coming when it will have to do so again.

Why is it BNP Day minus five? Because on January the 1st, the British National Party will be going on the attack. It is our D Day but this time our objective is not Berlin but Brussels and we have six months to get there and by God we will.

Until now we have been defending. Now it is Our Turn to attack.

Our enemies are going to come at us with everything they have. They will smear Our Leaders, they will persecute our political soldiers (for that is what they are now) and they will lie, lie and lie to keep what they have stolen from us.

State paid agents will attempt to cause dissent and disruption amoungst us. Sleeper agents and traitors will be activated to undermine and sabotage local and national resistance efforts.

The state controlled press will drag from their archives stories they hope will prevent people joining us in Our Fight. Their fight. And many of Our People, not knowing the truth will believe these lies.

Their Judiciary will imprison some of us on trumped up charges and hope to silence us. We now in the resistance are now the start and leaders of the coming revolution. If you think I am joking you understand me not.

Our Quisling "Leaders" will make promises they have no intention of keeping. They will say they have listened to the people and will make changes. Their words will be just lies said to sooth the sheep people and milk cows to carry on slaving for them. They will change NOTHING because what is happening is what they want to happen.

But in their desperation for the creation of the New World Order in which they and their children will be the Masters until the end of time, they revealed themselves too soon. They grew arrogant. The trappings of power in their Ivory Towers have made them think they can get away with anything and everything.

Well all they have done is teach us how to hate. And we now hate. This Country should and could have been a land fit for heroes. Now it is just an open prison and we the people, the True British People have had enough.

We are going to take Our Country back and those who have done this will pay.

We have been exploited for too long. We have been fobbed off for too long. We have suffered too long. We want what our ancestors have paid for with their blood and lives and we will fight with whatever weapons we have to take back what is ours.

And so what is our objective again? It is Brussels. By sending British National Party members into that rat hole of oppression after the European Elections, they can help start an avalanche in Western Europe that will sweep the betrayers of the civilized world away.

And what can we do in this coming battle? Even if you are only a supporter you can help.

Do not buy the enemies newspapers. Why finance those who help oppress you?
Leave the communist trade unions you are in that now that helps fund the Labour Party with £7 out of every £8 it receives. Join the independent trade union Solidarity.

Donate to the British National Party. Our parents and grandparents during the last war gave up their aluminum pots and pans to build spitfires. We must do similar things to fund our war effort - because this is now a war and wars cost money. Now we need every penny you can spare, even your life savings because if the BNP does not prevail you have no future to spend those savings in.

And what about Our Activists? You must give even more than you have given already. You have worked harder than any to bring the truth to the people and it is starting to pay off as we have seen from recent election results.

But for the next six months you must double your efforts, if that is possible. You must sacrifice time with your family, time with your friends and give up maybe even friendships to help us triumph. Our ancestors sacrificed a lot more.

And what will your reward be? Nothing. Let us get that straight now. It will be nothing for a long long time. You may not even live to see the gains your sacrifices made over the next six months will bring. It will take years to repair the damage done to Our Country.

But your children will be thankful you fought now. That you stood with your comrades in the British National Party shieldwall and fought for their future.

And you will know in yourself that you did not live an empty life and just watch as Our Country was handed over to the colonisers who have no right to be here.

You will know that you stood with your comrades and fought for a cause that is honorable. That you fought for freedom and that as a member of the BNP family your memory will never be allowed to fade.

Enjoy the next few days my kinsmen because soon we go over the top and to victory.

Long live the BNP.

There will be no prison which can hold our movement down... The walls, the bars, the guns and the guards can never encircle or hold down the idea of the people.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Reading through my January edition of American Renaissance magazine I came to the last page of a review of a recent book and this comment stood out. "A homeland is so vital to survival that an ethnic group will go to almost any length to have and hold one." It then continues, "if whites do not defend their homelands, they will soon have no homelands, and not long after that, there will be no more whites." It is that basic, and that important and your "Over the top" item is spot on. The greatest struggle for the survival of western man is upon us and cannot be delayed for much longer. At this moment, the BNP are the only ones who will acknowledge this reality and are prepared to face up to it.

ivan said...

Never a true word spoken Green Arrow. My alarm clock is set for the 1st of January and up and over from the trench i go. My Campaign started a few weeks ago and already the enlistment is growing, the spirit of Paul Edward Carson and the brave men of Ulster from the 1st World War is all around me. God bless us on this the biggest crusade not seen since Dunkirk. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

The Green Arrow said...

Ivan. Proud to serve with the Men of Ulster.

Good luck to the Billy Boys of Bangor who treated me so well.

ivan said...

Thanks Arrow.Spent a few good days in Bangor last year for my 40th and had many a good night in the Bangor Bay Hotel and the Jenny Watts Pub.Followed by a pub crawl up Shankill followed by a trip back to the old town in West Tyrone where i was told i had to have a pint in all 13 pubs ?

Anonymous said...

Another year of struggle ahead, rewarded by small chinks of light spreading and growing in size like a new dawn across a grey leaden sky. Yes brother I will continue the fight, my back alongside yours - not for me any longer but for my kids and their offspring, and the knowledge that should I be like many of those prideless white males who decide for whatever reason to turn the other cheek, then I would die in eternal shame.

The enlightened Lemming

Anonymous said...

The European Parliament is more representative of public opinion than national parliaments because of proportional representation although there is a cut off which makes it not really truly reflective. The next parliament will have nationalists from France, The Czech republic,Italy and Romania. Uniting with them the BNP will have a big platform to push its agenda of nationalism in this country forward.

WELLARD67 said...

We WILL be there alongside all our other patriot brothers. "they shall not grow old. as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them.Nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning WE WILL REMEMBER THEM! It really is once again time to go to war. May we be victorious.