Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Llanelli Politicians and the BNP

Quisling Llanelli politicians have spat their collective dummies out of their mouthes and and are throwing a strop over the fact that British National Party Activists have been - well active I suppose - by distributing copies of the Llanelli Patriot around town.

By all accounts they do not welcome the fact that the British National Party has revealed that the population of the town is now over 5% Polish and growing daily.

Huw Richards, chairman of Carmathenshire Council who welcomes the massive influx of cheap labour that has taken the jobs and houses of the true local people, denies the BNP claim that there are over 8,000 polish people, many of them criminals, now living in the area. He wants their votes.

However Huw is caught out in the lie by figures provided by WalesOnline, certainly no friend of the BNP. They also reveal some of the quality of the new displacers.

One incident which did not help Polish-Welsh relations was the jailing for life two years ago of Josef Kurek, 41, at Swansea Crown Court for raping a 25-year-old woman after breaking into her home in the Gwendraeth Valley.
But what really tickled me about this article was the discovery of the existence of the Polish Welsh Mutal Association of Migrant Workers who goals, paid for by the rate and taxpayers of Wales is as follows:-

• To facilitate the smooth integration of Polish migrant workers and their families into the West Wales area;
• To assist this integration through the provision of English lessons, IT facilities and guidance on matters ranging from completion of forms to dealing with statutory and local authority agencies;
• To assist with the development of the entrepreneurial energy in the Polish community by providing counselling and mentoring assistance to best harness this potential; and,
• To assist in the mutual understanding of the Polish and Welsh culture through the organisation of cultural events.

All good stuff hey? And all paid for by us. No money for our sick. No money for our elderly but plenty for the colonisers that are growing in number. Perhaps Huw should check out their link where they say themselves that the Polish "Community" is increasing in Llanelli.

But if you do visit the link you will see where Jeff Hopkins who is chaiman of the newly formed PWMA is coming from. He is paid quite a lump of money to sell out his people and make statements such as:
"The BNP leaflet, circulating in Llanelli, preys on the fears and anxieties of workers who are having to face the deepest financial recession in our country's living memory.
And who are those facing the deepest financial recession? Certainly not the Poles who have taken the jobs of the local people in Llanelli. They will not be having their homes repossessed come the New Year.

Llanelli councillor John Jenkins said: "We are lucky the BNP are completely irrelevant in Llanelli". I would not say that John. I seem to recollect that the now BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards managed to get 25% of the vote when he stood as our candidate in the Penygroes ward.

Well let us let Kevin have the last word.
"Not only were leaflets handed out, but we ran out of our supply of Voice of Freedom newspapers, as well as selling a few mugs and Wales BNP badges."

"Residents described how they were disgusted with the way Plaid and Labour treated them as second-class citizens.

"Without exception, locals treated us like a conquering army stating they would never vote for traitors again, and that we had their vote."
Way to go Kevin. Just the read the report and saw the images over on West Wales BNP. Well done to all involved.

Proud to know you. Funny how the Welsh Nats used to say things like this to the English. "Come home to a real fire. Buy a cottage in Wales" but now give those same cottages away to the colonisers.

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Anonymous said...

AN illegal immigrant did JURY service while waiting to get booted out of Britain, The Sun can reveal.
Narinder Kaur Thandi, 33, was told she faced deportation to India after being caught overstaying her visa.
Yet months later she was called to appear as a juror at Birmingham Crown Court despite having no right to be in the UK.
The Sun understands the mum of one attended court, but did not get selected as one of the final 12 jurors to sit on a case.
Last night Tory MP and security expert Patrick Mercer blasted the blunder.
He said: “This shows the chaotic way both immigration and illegal immigrants are handled by the Home Office.”

Ms Thandi is believed to have come to the UK in 2000 on a temporary visa.
Immigration staff later warned her she faced deportation and she was ordered to attend monthly appointments.
But last May, she received a summons from Her Majesty’s Court Service to perform jury service on July 14.
A source told The Sun: “Narinder thought it would help her stay in the UK — but it could have caused a conviction to collapse had she sat on a jury. It could have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds to re-stage a trial.”

Potential jurors are picked randomly from the electoral roll, and non-EU nationals must show a passport.
Those who hear cases are chosen from the large group called in.
Yesterday, Ms Thandi denied she was here illegally.
At her flat in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, she said: “I don’t know who’s said these things.”
The Ministry of Justice said: “We do not comment on individual jurors.”
SUN 30/12/089 (Our Peers)

Anonymous said...

Council disregard objections of 3,000 residents to traveller site as 'they are racist'
By Dan Newling
Last updated at 8:14 AM on 30th December 2008

Comments (74) Add to My Stories
Residents objected to plans for a traveller site near their homes (file pic)
When residents were asked to provide feedback on council plans to build traveller camps on their doorstep they dutifully responded.
More than 3,000 homeowners filled in forms outlining their views, many raising concerns over a possible increase in noise, traffic, rubbish and a detrimental effect on property prices.
However, such objections were not appreciated by Mid-Bedfordshire District Council, which partially or fully rejected nearly nine in ten of the replies for including comments 'of a racist nature'.
Weeks after asking for residents' views earlier this year, the council posted an article on its website entitled 'Racist Comments Not Welcome'.
It claimed the council's 'duty of community leadership' meant it had to crack down on the use of racial stereotypes, and revealed that while 400 responses would be considered, 3,100 were in some way racist and would be rejected.
The council even sent letters to objectors telling them their views had been deemed offensive and would not be taken account of.
Retired company secretary Lucy Clarke from Stotfold - one of the six small towns and villages mooted as sites for the 25 traveller families - was astounded to receive her letter.

Mrs Clarke, a grandmother of three, said: 'As far as I am aware I objected to the camp for entirely reasonable grounds. And yet I then get this letter from the council.
'They even accused me of incitement to racial hatred. It's ridiculous - like putting me on a par with Abu Hamza.'
She added: 'I am not racist, but I am concerned about what one of these camps could do to our town.'
Even the local town council could not avoid falling foul of the censors.
Brian Collier, chairman of Stotfold council said: 'We wrote a detailed response in which we summarised locals' concerns.
'There is another gipsy site not far from here that has a well-known crime problem.
'As part of our response we echoed people's worries that the same may happen here.
'We were totally shocked when we then received a letter from the district council saying that was racist. There are lots of people here who have had the same treatment.'

The district council's attitude has been criticised by local campaigners, politicians and civil liberties groups.
Tory communities spokesman Eric Pickles said yesterday: 'I hope that they write a letter of apology to everyone they have accused of being racist. Otherwise, people simply aren't going to feel able to object to these camps without the fear of being branded racist.'
When contacted by the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Mid-Bedfordshire council admitted that it had been 'somewhat overzealous'.
He said: 'We were worried that many of the letters contained racist slurs and objectionable comments that we felt could not be published under current race relations legislation.
'We had no intention of offending those who took the time to respond to the consultation and certainly were not trying to label residents as racist.
'Only a small proportion (around 5 per cent) of the comments were actually discounted in their entirety. The remainder were taken into consideration, either in whole or in part.'
(MAIL 30/12/08.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, when I went over to Poland to work there was no "Welsh Polish mutual association of migrant workers" there to welcome me. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...


Mike Green said...

Brilliant article.
You sad it all.
We are all over the front page of the South Wales Evening Post.
Onward and Upward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about the disregarded travellers site responses is that this isn't some loony left council in Tower Hamlets, it's an overwhelmingly Conservative dominated council http://committees.midbeds.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.asp?FN=PARTY&VW=LIST&PIC=0

When it comes to political correctness and subjugation of the native British, there is nothing to choose between the Tories and nuttiest NuLabour Marxists.

defender said...

All one and the same liblabcon. Could not get a fag paper between them.
they think they have got it sown up between them. We are the only ones not tainted by the Marxist common purpose take over of this nation.
Us against the rest, a hard fight to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I was in Cardiff recently and I heard two women say as they a passed yet anotehr mmigrant street perfomrer/beggar, Oh I am fed up with these immigrants..now 65 percent immigrants in Cardiff alone

Cardiff city labour council; Putting Welsh People first...no putting capital first

curious said...

The poles are not the only european immigrant community in the UK that has been growing at a fast rate in the last few years, but they are usually the only ones the BNP talks about.
We all know, for a long time, what the BNP stance on polish immigration is. But I never heard about the BNP stance on the other european nationalities that have been immigrating in large numbers to the UK in the last few years.
The poles are not the only large european community in the UK. What´s the BNP stance on each of these other large european immigrant communities?

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic but the far left are such hypocrites when it comes to Israel and the Jews. The BNP get a beating every-time by the far left for being "anti-semetic" yet those same far left support Hamaz, Hezbollah and other anti-ISrael and western muslim organisations.

Just read the blogs on the on going operation by the IDF in fighting Islamofascists and the far left supporting the "Palestinians" and Hamaz.

Makes me sick to think that the UK is full of Muslim terrorist supporting marxists posing as liberals.

The Green Arrow said...

curious. Reference the Poles.

Let us be upfront about this. Many of the Polish People I have met are very nice and would over a period of years integrate into Our Country.

It is large numbers that displace true British People that the BNP has a problem with.

That applies to all immigrants no matter what their colour.