Friday, 12 December 2008

Do not be disappointed Mark

Unlucky Mark. Next time Kinsman. Next time.

Well it was a close run race in the Shildon Town Council by-election, with Mark Walker of the BNP losing out by just two votes to gain our first seat on the council there.

There were two seats available on the Council and Labour took them both with the following results. How long they keep them is a different matter.
  1. Henry Nichloson (Lab) polled 253.
  2. Theda Mary Bannister (Lab) polled 240
  3. Mark Walker (BNP) polled 239
Two votes away from a certain victory and one vote away from the toss of a coin.

Mark and his activists, the same as others of our candidates around the country not only had to contend with the other candidates but also by the smears put out by the local press and leaflets delivered illegally by "third party" state and union paid activists.

So all in all, Mark done us proud. You will make a fine Member of Parliament one day Mark. Keep going.

Councillor Nicholson of Zanu Labour, hid his fear at the growth of the BNP well, with this statement.
"It was extremely close but it doesn’t matter if it was one vote or 100 votes a win is a win and the people of Shildon have democratically elected two Labour candidates,"
Correct Councillor. A win is a win. But consider this. Marks campaign was just the first attack and it almost succeeded. The next attack will be even stronger and it will overwhelm your pathetic defences of lies and smears.

The British National Party grows stronger every day, Zanu Labour can now only survive by making deals with people who should not be even voting in Our Country.

The Labour Party are traitors and the True Brits see this (some quicker than others) and turn now to the only party that can save them. The BNP.

There will be no prison which can hold our movement down...
The walls, the bars, the guns and the guards can
never encircle or hold down the idea of the people.


vibrant vibrio said...

Shock! Horror! Pass the smelling salts!

The proles are getting out of control. The North East is so hideously white

More enrichment is needed urgently for this region. Perhaps the Saviour of the World can arrange for a few million cholera-infected Zimbabweans to be resettled there.

AbertaweBNP said...

Mark, You are a credit to yourself, your family and The BNP, you were a whisker away. God bless you.

Proud to be BNP

Anonymous said...

Well they played it safe by only rigging two extra votes, are they becoming embarassed by their ballot games?

Anonymous said...

It was good to see that people saw through the Labour attempt to smear Mark. The result shows that the BNP are the real opposition to Labour in Co. Durham - it is a two-horse race in many wards there. Once people realise that all those who hate the Labour sell-outs will turn to the BNP.

Economically things aren't going to get better in Co. Durham. Labour has presided over years of decline and jobs are being shipped overseas at an alarming rate. If the local BNP team continue to put forward positive and articulate views (and I am sure they will) then it is only a matter of when not if.