Thursday, 4 December 2008

£1/4m police bill for anti-democracy protest

Worth every penny

According to the Derbyshire Times, the cost of keeping about a 100 state paid agents, paid trade unionists, paid SWP people and some dupes away from the British National Party's annual Red, White and Blue was a quarter of a million pounds of Derbyshire ratepayers money.

Now let us get one thing straight. The BNP did not require the police to be present and did not request their "protection". The BNP security arrangements were such that had there been any illegal entrants to the event, they would have been politely but firmly ejected.

The event need not have cost the ratepayers a penny. Although by all accounts, it cost those fools who continue to pay trade union subscriptions, a small fortune to send their peanut sized red army on an all expenses paid weekend.

If the ratepayers want some of their money back, then they should fine the 33 communist thugs who were arrested for violent behaviour to the max. Then get the trade unions who paid for the buses to pay the rest of the costs.

British National Party member, Alan Warner whose land the event was held on had this to say;
"We did not ask for the police to be there because we had our own security on the site," he said.

"None of our people were arrested all weekend, all the problems were caused by the opposition trying to blockade the road and get onto the site.
Well said Mr Warner. But did they really try to get onto the site? The images I have seen of them wandering around fields and hiding in hedges, when they saw what they would be up against, leads me to believe they would have run all the way back home to their bed sits.

Look forward to having a beer with you next year.


Anonymous said...

Send the antifash fascists the bill, or the trade unions who bussed them in on Herr Gables orders.
Paul M

wonder which Red organisation will et the cash to bash the BNp next year eh?
Its usually Searchlights Gerry/Sonia Ltd but what will happen in these credit crunch times?

Salford Supporter said...

The Labour conference in Manchester cost millions to police - not to be protected from BNP protesters of course, but to be protected from jihadists who'd like to blow them all up.