Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Shape of things to come.

Optimist or Pessimist?

The following long article has been copied over from Council of Conservative Citizens and is well worth a read. You will, as usual, have to make up your own minds about the content. Some bolding by myself. Here we go...

Will 2009 be the year of Civil Wars, Secession, and the rise of
the European Right Wing?

2009 will bring change alright. - by Kyle Rogers
The global economic crisis has acceleration and agitated ethnic, religious, racial, and regional tensions all over the world. Despite promises of “New World Order,” for the past century the earth has averaged one new country per year. While advocates of the United Nations say we must unite globally, the reality is that all over the planet the overwhelming desire of humans is to spin off into smaller and smaller homogeneous nations.

Some of the flashpoints.

Pakistanistan vs. India. Have fought three major wars and several smaller skirmishes since 1947, yet the conflict over Jammu-Kashmir has yet to be resolved. Internal violence in India is aggravating tensions. Pakistanistan accuses India of letting extremist Hindu militias run wild along the border and kill Muslims. India accusing Pakistanistan of sponsoring violence and terrorist attacks inside India. Pakistanistan and India are the world two newest nuclear powers. India is closely allied with Israel, while Pakistanistan with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. China sells weapons to both.

Indian Civil War. Thousands of people have been killed by both Hindu and Islamic militias in recent years. The violence appears to be accelerating with the Indian government reluctant to take action, and in some regions local governments may actually be supporting violent Hindu militias. India is only 13.5% Muslim, compared to 80.5% Hindu. However, if violence increases, Islamic Jihads from Pakistanistan and central Asian countries are expected to attempt to join the fighting.

Multiple regional uprisings in China. Recently 1,000 people were arrested in Tibet for rioting. China faces violent uprising from half a dozen ethnic minorities. Economic failure will make Chinese peasant restless and far more likely to conduct violent actions.

Civil War and seccesion in Bolivia. Two third of Bolivians are Chicanos who still maintain tribal affiliation. The rest are white Spaniards and urbanized Mestizos who live in cities in Eastern Bolivia. Much of the crisis in Bolivia is directly related to the US war on drugs. the US military has been burning cocoa fields, so the plant can not be made into cocaine and taken to the United States. Cocoa is an important crop to the culture and religion of the indigenoius tribes, who as I said make up 2/3rds of the country. Until the last election, Bolivia has always been ruled by the small white minority. However, angered by the destruction of their cocoa plants, the tribes emerged from the jungles and voted in the last election. They staged a surprise take-over of the country overnight. Now the indigenous tribes rule Bolivia and have formed alliances with Cuba and Venezuela. They now plan a Zimbabwe style seizure of white owned farmland. Bolivia's Caucasian and Mestizo minorities are holding mass rallies and ballot initiatives for secession. Bolivian states in the east are demanding greater autonomy if not ouright secession. The Aymara, Bolivia largest tribal group, doesn’t want to lose control of Santa Cruz, the largest and most prosperous state, now that they run the country. It is likely that they may receive military aid from Venezuala as well as the assortment of anti-white Marxist guerillas who roam the no-mans land along the border zones in South America.

It is highly likely that Eastern Bolivia will become the first new independent nation in the Western Hemisphere in about 100 years. It will not be the last! Compared to the rest of the world, the Western Hemisphere is long overdue for the creation of new nations.

South African Civil War. Under Apartheid, which means “A piece for everyone,” each major ethnic group was to get their own homogeneous country. The Swazi and Lesotho tribes both received independent nations. The Zulu tribe, the largest Negro tribe in South Africa, expected to receive Kwazulu-Natal as their own independent nation. ANC backed militias battled Zulu militias for almost ten years to force them to remain part of South Africa during the celebrated fall of “White Rule.” Kwazulu-Natal contains lucrative mines that the ANC did not want to lose control of.

Due to the large population of the Zulu (about 25% of all South Africa) the situation has flipped, with a radical Zulu taking control of the ANC itself. His name is Jacob Zuma, and many radical ethnic Zulu revere him as a living god. The ANC was previously ruled by Xhosa and urbanized Negroes, who no longer had tribal membership, made up the backbone of the ANC. However, Zuma has packed the leadership with fellow Zulus and non-Zulus are leaving or being expelled for refusing to back Zuma.

Kwazulu-Natal is now being called a “no-go zone” for members of the Xhosa tribe. A repeat of theinter-tribal slaughters of the late 80’s and early 90’s is almost guaranteed, but probably on a much larger scale.

Beside Xhosa vs. Zulu violence, 2008 saw huge instances of violence against Negroes from other African nations. ANC and South African Communist Party hard-liners who support Zimbabwe dictator Mugabe, have been slaughtering Zimbabwe refugees for being “disloyal to Mugabe.” Zulu, who historical are the most violent and aggressive tribe in the region, are slaughtering foreign refugees indiscriminately and have killed large numbers from numerous countries.

If the global economic crisis causes a drop in foreign aid to Africa violence could soar in every single sub-Saharan counrty.

Military Strike against Somalia. Piracy is now completely out of control in the waters around Somali. A military strike against Somali by someone is inevitable. It probably won’t come from the US, NATO, or the UN. It is likely that the situation will get so bad that one or more Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt will attack Somalia.

Total Collapse of Nigeria under violence. The situation in Nigeria, which has the largest population in Africa, is being shocking. It is downright comical. Completely incompetent rulers are making hundreds of Billion off oil and building monuments to themselves while the majority of the population starves to death and drinks poisoned water. In fact the lack of safety and environmental standards of the Nigerian oil industry is killing all the fish and making it harder by the day for the hundred million plus Nigerian peasants to survive. The Nigeria rulers won’t even share the wealth by giving Nigerians jobs. They import workers from the South Pacific and pay them instead! The starving rabble is arming themselves. If they can’t make money kidnapping people, they just kill whoever they can get close too.

Israeli Civil War and/or repeat of an 1948 style Israel-Arab war. Right now the Israeli ruling coalition is made up of four right-wing/Zionist parties. The two most radical parties in the coalition just announced they are joining forces and running as one party in the next election. The Israeli left, which believes a multi-cultural Israel is possible, is also trying to mount a comeback. For the past ten years experts have predicted that the next major Israeli war, would be a Civil War. Currently, Israeli is now 25% Muslim and growing fast. The Muslim birthrate is over double the Jewish birthrate. Muslim citizens talk openly of voting Israel out of existence in less than thirty years. Already, Islamic members of the Israeli parliaments attend anti-Israel rallies in neighbouring countries and pledge the end of Israel as a Jewish state through a demographic take over. In the Gaza Strip, which has one of the highest birthrates in the entire world, ruling party Hamas is so sure that Israel will be a Muslim state again that they are openly fantasizing about taking over Spain as their next target.

If Israel is to remain a Jewish state, the Zionist right in Israel has few options. 1) Convince the Israeli left to allow them to start stripping “unpatriotic” Muslim of Israeli citizenship, which they are wanting to do now. 2) Start another major war with their Arab neighbours, in which they would have an opportunity to repeat the mass expulsion of Muslims perpetrated in 1948. 3) If the first two options are not achievable, they will have to violently remove the Israeli left from power and seize total control. Some form of Civil War would occur, however much of the Jewish left may simply flee to the United Sates where many hold dual citizenship anyway. Muslims may simply be forcibly expelled at that point. Israel has been hit hard by the global economic crisis, given the radical Zionists their opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

The silver lining. Global economic crisis may
aid the European right wing.

For the past five years, the right-wing has been making huge gains in nearly every nation in Europe. In every regional and national election, Communists, Socialist, and Leftists parties have been losing seats. Right-Wing, Center-Right, and Moderate parties have been gaining seats. Italy and Poland have flipped from Socialist ruling coalitions, to center-right coalitions that include members of very right-wing parties. In 2008 Austrian national election, two right-wing parties captured nearly one third of the parliament. 2009 will mark the first ever historic EU wide Parliament elections. Every member of the EU will elect new EU MPs at the same time. If current trends continue, the number of right-wing EU parliament members will double or triple.

However, the global economic crisis has people across Europe infuriated with their establishments parties for passing massive bank bailouts similar to what the US government did. The European right-wing parties are the only ones who want to stop the bailouts, stop immigration, and protect national sovereignty.

A real big hat tip to: Bobby1999. A member of the Green Arrow Forum


Fyrdist said...

H. G. Wells was one of the leading protagonists during the rudiments of the suggestion of a New World Order. A book was even wrote on the subject.

See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_World_Order_(Wells)

However, his portal in The Time Machine of the cretinous Left-wing in the form of the cowardly, fantastic and simple-minded Eloi clearly absolves him of his imperialist dogma.

The comparison with between the Eloi and the Reds will have you in stitches.

The Cip here describes the Eloi as:

"the tranquil sunshine people"!!!!

Reds: arty-farty shits living in a mystical world that is in a perpetual war against nature.

Happy viewing.


Red Squirrel said...

Wouldn't the world be better place without communism and Islam?
A good article.

Anonymous said...

Now that the real reasons for the manufactured credit crunch are becoming increasingly apparent, we will see a speeding up towards a one world currency and bank, the corner stone of a global dictatorship. Massive changes have happened virtually overnight, think back just a year ago and the much talked about prospect of centralisation seemed to be in the future, now it is here and from now on things will never be the same. Possibly the reason for the haste is that those "people that matter" know they have a limited window, as the masses are becoming unsettled, dont most scams and cons need to be done while the victim is still unaware?.

Yes the Euro will come whether we like it or not, we have been sublimely softened up for its arrival, with gradual insignificant changes to the appearance of our currency, so that now it resembles the Euro in looks and texture. What else can we expect?, well no doubt those who werent in the know, the "people that dont matter", will lose out any small bit of wealth they though they had (bet Mr Meddlesome had converted his cash to Euros when the going was good), further reducing their abilty to escape (if there is anywhere left to escape to anyway).

Dark days arent coming, they are already here, its just that the majority havent realised it yet, but if they decide to look up from the Corrie or footie and decide not to follow the states every instruction, be that watching a RIFD chip being implanted in their children, or refusing to pay taxes for nothing in return, then they will find out the hard way. Those who go underground, will become non people, unable to access healthcare or any one of a myriad of services which they have already paid for over the years.

It would be so nice to wake up and realise that this was all a bad dream, or some sci fi movie script. But while we have all been supporting our favourite football teams or celebrities, that wasted energy could have been used to monitor those who were supposed to lead us. If you think back, what better way to disable a nation than to channel man's natural competitiveness and aggression into a mindless game instead of his own future?. We have been well and trully had and possibly deserve what we are about to reap.


And pheasants,red squirrel.

Anonymous said...

The article seems curiously poorly researched and has obvious spelling errors. Did nobody proof read it?? I presume Pakistanistan is Pakistan? No doubt Chinese pheasants will be restless! Apartheid doesnt mean a piece for everyone! it translates as "seperateness" or seperate development.
So I would rate the article's value as poor.

The BNP Chronicle said...

A good article, and I have bookmarked the CCC for some time.

They should check their spelling though, for me it totally ruins an article.

Are there alot of "pheasants" in Nigeria?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to direct your attention to this new blog by Tony Shell, the author of the research into racism against indigenous Brits.
Naturally Searchlight hate him and are slagging him off, two good reasons why he deserves support?

Paul M
hat tip to bfB blogspot

Anonymous said...

Notice that in the report and in the commentscomments, there is not one mention of muslim , jihad or islam

This just goes to show what scum the press are.

They go to great lengths to expose BNP, yet when it come to the islamic bastards its HUSH HUSH