Monday, 15 December 2008

Colchester Council and the BNP

The BNP will wipe their smug smiles away in time

My my, what a cosy little set up they have at Colchester Council. Grand titles and nice little lumps of money for doing next to nothing.

Take conservative "Leader of the Opposition", Robert Davidson, he picks up £7,200 for starters plus his expenses. What they amount to, we do not know yet but one day we will.

Then there is the Zanu Labour councillor, Tim Young, he get £10,800, plus even more expenses for being a "Cabinet Member". One day we will also go through his expenses with a fine tooth comb.

And perhaps that is what worries these two parasites of the establishment. The thought that one day the BNP will throw them off the tax payer funded gravy train and hopefully into jail.

The two of these creatures have made a pledge to keep the British National Party out of Colchester.

But in attacking the BNP in the local Gazette, they give the game away as to how their two parties are just different sides of the same worthless coin.
Tim Young (Lab, St Andrews) said the ruling parties would be working with officers to make sure the BNP did not get any “oxygen of publicity” in the town.
"Ruling parties". How cosy. Ruling parties. Then we have the following from the other side of the coin.
Robert Davidson, Conservative group leader, said he wanted an assurance from the portfolio holder that the BNP would be removed if they tried to hold a stall again.
Removed if they(BNP) tried to hold a stall again? Arrogant bastard. Now I know that the conservatives work closely with the state funded communist Searchlight organisation but freedom of speech is not completely dead in our sad land - yet.

They have as much chance of stopping the British National Party from campaigning as I have of becoming King of England, although I would probably make a better one than old jug ears.


Anonymous said...

I have friends who live near Colchester and Yes there is panic in the ranks of LabLibCon after all they know they are enemies of the people.

bernard said...

Well done GA. These two oven-ready turkeys just want to keep their pay cheques rolling in and the road ahead free of whistle-blowers.
They'd attack ANY organisation or party that threatened their bank balance.

defender said...

Thanks for that mate, I am off to rub someones face in this collusion.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell:

"Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible."


So there is no chance in these times of economic hardship of these fat councillors throughout the country taking a pay cut then?or the treasonous politicians,or the leeches in the quangoes,or the meps,or the doctors,dentists,ceos,chairmen?i thought so just us then!

watling said...

Yet again we read of a LibLabCon merchant wanting to deny the BNP the "oxygen of publicity". In other words: for God's sake don't let the people hear what the BNP has to say otherwise there's a risk they might vote for them.

I don't understand why the LibLabCon merchants don't simply merge to form one anti-British party. The Smug Anti-British Commie Bastard Gravy Train Alliance Party sounds like a good name.

They're all one and the same anyway so making it official would mean that the wider electorate would know exactly what the rest of us have known all along.

Anonymous said...

I have just written a short note to them both as a concerned memeber of the - who -is worth - voteing - for Public.