Friday, 5 December 2008

Rural Britain, courageous ladies and the BNP

Royal Navy BeachMaster - Sword Beach, Normandy

The British National Party have so many good links on their informative site that sometimes it is impossible to keep up with them.

Surely, the average BNP site and blog readers must be the most informed supporters of any political party in the country. No wonder the eu wants to close them down and imprison those who publish the real news and truth.

But before going on about the BNP (again) I want to mention (again), the most informative news site ever. UKTabloid. I sometimes wonder if it is worth bothering to write anything at all. They have the most up to date news on everything that affects Our Country on a local, national and international level. I do not know how they do it. Are they machines? They really are the Terminators of the internet news providers and are unstoppable.

Now back to the BNP, their site just gets better and better and better. Their advancement technology wise is incredible and the people behind the scenes must be applauded for their dedication to their duty. The other, dinosaur parties whose day is almost past, can only gaze uncomprehendingly at their success.

But one of the BNP links, I and probably you, do not visit enough, is the area that concerns itself specifically with rural matters. I am of course referring to the excellent Land and People site.

Please take time out, to go and read this article here, on how only nationalism can revive rural Britain. It really does give me hope for the future, for without hope and hard work we are lost and so is Our Country.

And writing of hope, I am led to inspiration and we should be grateful to my friend and kinsman from the Unrepentant British Nationalism blog for pointing us to the site of a rather courageous (and dare I say it. I dare, I dare) and attractive young lady. My middle aged Life. A really big nail in the coffin of the myth that the BNP are nothing more than knuckle dragging morons. Well done that True British Lady, who is another English Rose.

Now about this blog (again). I sometimes see its function as being similar to that of the BeachMasters of Normandy in 1944. These Royal Navy personnels (ok the squaddies and brylcream boys were there as well) job was the assembly and dispatch of personnel towards the real action.

And that is what nationalist blogs should be about. Maintaining our beachhead whilst pointing our activists and supporters to sites where they can gain greater knowledge and information to use as ammuntion in winning elections at all levels.

But BeachMasters also need to be supplied and the supplies a blog needs are articles and links to information and we always need more. The more successful a blog, the more articles and information it needs.

So help keep this BeachMaster supplied and become a Friend of The Green Arrow and send your articles and links in. We really need them.

And continuing with our war theme. We finish with two messages for the resistance.

"The Dumb Red Ducks of Merseyside are dieing in the pool".

"Reconquista, we have the greatest respect for you, your efforts and your comments. Harry was referring to false flag operations in a previous article. Nothing more."

The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs,
is to be ruled by evil men.


Jeannine said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

They are all true, Jeannine!