Wednesday, 26 November 2008

How the New World Order operates in Kosovo

How many times have we swallowed the above?

In what amounts to an admission of guilt, Germany has declined to comment on reports that three Germans arrested for throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo on November the 14th, are in fact agents of the German Secret Service, the BND.

Kosovo, (which Our Country shamefully helped bomb into submission in a previous illegal war and then condoned the theft of of it by recognizing its unilateral declaration of independence by its new Moslem Masters,) had recently refused a plan by the UN for the deployment of the European Union Police Force, EULEX.

European Police Force? They will be over here soon enough.

If the EU had thought that by giving Kosovo to the Islamic colonisers, where the Christian population as all but been exterminated or forced to flee the land, would appease them, they got it wrong. The Moslems have the land now and all back room deals are off. You cannot appease Islam. You either submit to it or destroy it.

Of course, it is not the first time Germany has used a false flag to provoke a situation. They used one for the attack on the Reichstag in 1933 and again in 1939 when they created false evidence of non-existent Polish attacks to justify their war on Poland with the Gleiwitz Incident.

Some people never change.

Thing to remember is that our treasonous government are made of the same metal as the masters of Germany and will use the same tactics to fabricate and plant evidence if they think it will discredit the British National Party.

Informative links:-

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 1

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 2

Hat tip: Reconquista


Anonymous said...

What's being done to the Serbs is absolutely dispicable GA.

The Germans have been instrumental in the break up of Yugoslavia with their securoty services involvled since the 60's. The war was referred to as "Genschler's War" after the German politician who agitated for war at every turn.

NATO has innocent blood on its hands, leaders such as Clinton, Blair, Bush and many more are war criminals equally as vile as the Nazis. They constructed a series of outright lies and deceptions to justify ethnic cleansing and the bombing of civilians.

I know I've posted this before but it is so important and so informative about what happened in Yugoslavia I hope you don't mind if I post it here again GA.

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 1

Yugoslavia The Avoidable War 2

The murderous acts and the ethnic cleansing of the Kraijna depicted in the film were committed with the full knowledge of Labour and Conservative politicians. They may wear suits and smile for the cameras but the bastards are exactly the same as the tyrants of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the communist USSR.

And the idiots of the left and the cowardly liberals fall for it and call the BNP "nazis". What gullible retards they truly are.

Kosovo is Serbia.


defender said...

We need a movement to transend political party idology.
Britain first.
We are in a position where politics are being used against the British people. liblabcon.
It is now clear it is us( the people) against them (the rightous traitors).
We need all the people who do not support these traitors to join force and create a popular front against these elites.
Party politics unfortunately will not be enough to overcome this.
Alliance will need to be made to find common ground for the sake of the nation.
When one is fighting for ones life, my enemies enemy is my friend.
The idea is not to die for your cause but to make the other bastard die for his. figuratively speaking. united we stand devided we fall as a nation.
I am calling for unity above party politics of the British people against those who have taken the power of the nation for their own purposes.
We know what we are up against and we know what will have to be done.
At this time in our history, country comes first.

Anonymous said...

European police force?! Thats only the start of it...

The Green Arrow said...

Reconquista, I have added the links. I should have done so in the first place. Thank you for reminding me.

If you ever wish to write or publish anything about Kosovo on this site please just ask and it will be done. I would like to write more articles but time prevents.

It would be a duty to try and redeem in even a tiny way the betrayal of Kosovo by my country.

Anonymous said...

The only term I can think of to describe these new style dictators is that of Communazis. Can I claim ownership of this new name, and will it be entered in the Oxford Dictionary and Wikepedia lol?

ENGLISHMAN said... a little different from the recieved cant.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that under this nwo system the germans are back to their old ways of attacking others and blaming others only this time not for the benefit of the germans but the nwo. And then in return the germans get a black eye for getting caught.

Anonymous said...

"We need a movement to transend political party idology. "

yes I agree, we need to awaken our "Arthurian" spiritual side of us, revisit the lost standing stones, rekindle those folklore legends. We should create a folk revival. Teach stories of old, where men would've run their enemy off the cliffs of dover rather than today, welcoming the barbarians with gifts and shelter.