Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The fury of my silence

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted for a few weeks, this has been partly the result of a family situation which I have had to deal with, but it was also partially due to anger. I had reached the point where I was becoming angry at was I was writing about, angry at what I was reading, angry at the blindness of those who refuse to see what I see and anger at the hypocrisy and basic dishonesty which accompanies so much of what is happening around us.

That hypocrisy was very evident in the reaction to the result of the US election, where the media wants us to believe that the nation had somehow elected the new Messiah. How can a serious commentator claim with a straight face that Obama had been elected “despite” his ethnicity, when it is so obvious that he was elected because of his ethnicity. The least experienced American president in a century was voted for by around 98% of the African American community is unbelievably praised for having “transcended” race and nobody jeers. Surely the fairy tale has replaced reality in the land of the allegedly free.

If the media can find a third black hero to enthrone next to Obama and Lewis Hamilton, they will have their new Holy Trinity to worship.

We will have to see how the media manages to rationalise the election result with their ongoing insistence that America is a overwhelmingly racist nation, however, I am sure they will find a way. What they will not acknowledge is that in their passionate efforts to get Kenya's favourite son elected to the most powerful position in the world, the defenders of equality resorted to the most outrageous levels of sexism we have seen in a very long time. The two, white, women who most threatened the ascendency of the chosen one, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, were subjected to levels of vilification and unfair mockery, which we have seldom seen directed at a male politician, and certainly never at a black one.

Some would consider that dishonesty, however, to see real dishonesty we only need to look at the manner in which the international media, who, throughout the 1980's, fed us wall to wall news about the iniquities of Apartheid South Africa, continues to ignore the horrors of black rule in that blighted country. Tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of murders and almost twice as many rapes in 14 years and the ongoing genocide of the white Boer population continues to go unreported, and what news is allowed through is sanitised. When the inevitable collapse, and sadly, very likely bloodbath, finally happens, this will come as a huge shock to many in the West, who ignorantly continue to believe that the Rainbow nation is the success story the media likes to pretend it is.

But the media is seldom as dishonest as it gets when it is the British media and it is reporting on events at home. The censorship of the national news has now reached the point where it is little short of propaganda. Take for instance how quickly news of the recent murder of the “glamour model” with the taste for black men was dropped when one of those black men was charged with killing her. Another alleged black on white murder was not a story which the media wanted the nation to focus on. I would bet good money on the fact that the vast majority of those who read about her murder do not know the colour of her alleged killer. However, it is probably a similar majority to those who do not know that 90% of those charged over the spate of knife murders of teenagers across the country are non white.

A new McCarthyism?

The media does not only censor the news, the double standards it applies are quite shocking. Take for instance this week's news, which has been much reported on the Green Arrow blog, of the illegal publication of the, somewhat doctored, October 2007 BNP Membership list.

The modern media see themselves as the defenders of liberty and equality, and to a man or woman they recoil in horror at what they perceive as the evils of the McCarthyite, anti communist trials of 1950's America. Yet they are incapable with seeing the similarities of whatnow seems to be happening, which is to say that people are in danger of losing their employment and livelihood due to their political beliefs, as they would in a third world dictatorship, a totalitarian police state or in 1950's America.

What exactly is the difference between a police chief arguing that membership of the BNP is incompatible with policing a multiracial community and Joe McCarthy claiming that being a member of the Communist party is incompatible with being a good, Capitalist, American?

Yet where is the media outrage, when it isn't their preferred groups which are being persecuted?. Indeed one radio station has already sacked a DJ who's name appeared on the list.

I repeat: In Britain in 2008 someone has already lost their job on account of their political views, and the media does not appear to care.

The fact that the media were amongst the first to reward the criminal who illegally published this list, shows us exactly who they are and where they really stand in terms of political freedom. They believe in freedom and protection for some, but certainly not for all.

As for our politicians, I am concious that some of you may have just eaten so I will not repeat here the semi fascist effluent which poured out of Harriet Harmon's twisted lips on Channel Four earlier this evening. However, in terms of hypocrisy and dishonesty. It would be hard to beat Home Secretary Jackie Smith when she commented that “BNP members appear ashamed”. No Ms Smith, they are not ashamed, but they are understandably nervous, because as you, as home secretary, know very well, there is not only a very real threat to them, their families and their property, but some may be the victims of political purges, in the fascist state which you and your ilk have created, you dishonest old woman.

And now I am angry again, it is an anger which I am sure many of you feel. It is an anger which our adversaries like to portray as hate. Yet, it is not hatred, it is righteous anger, combined with outrage, and I am afraid grief. Anger at their lies, outrage at their hypocrisy and grief at what those lies and hypocrisy has done to a once great nation.

Is it too much to home that enough others will become as angry as me, and we can turn things round even at this late hour?


Keith in Brum said...

I see that my name and details are on that list.

C'mon Green Arrow, persuade Nick to give you the names and addresses, phone numbers and email address of the people who released those details to the Wiki-whatever and then publish them on your site.

After all, it's only fair we should know who the traitous swine are. Why should the BNP protect their identity?

Fyrdist said...

Welcome back, Sarah! X

Kinderling said...

Who was sacked by the BBC for membership of a legal Political Party?

The Green Arrow said...

Welcome back Sarah. Really missed you.

And what a grand entrance to boot.

Big sigh.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, are you not refering to the TalkSport DJ? Have the BBC also followed suit?

Anonymous said...

oh stop moaning green arrow, you big baby (insult to a babies innocent intelligence notwithstanding). youre angry? we are all angry. in particular, im angry because you crap on and on about your racist views and what the bnp stands for and how you never get platform and then moan about the way you are represented and on and on AND THEN, you deny others their rights to platform, their freedom of speech, their own rights to be equal and to be free from the hatred you pedal. you should be ashamed. this is not what our forefather's fought for. its not what our brothers fought for. its not what our sisters fought for or our daughters or our sons. frankly, a man with your background should know better. we would be a great nation, if only you discontinued your hatred, apologised and changed your ways. end of. louise.

Anonymous said...

Evil walks the earth Sarah.

However evil is only energy applied in a negative way. Apply the same energy in a positive way, we achieve goodness.

Love and hate, good and bad, light and dark, different sides of the same coin.

Approach dark with light and guess what happens?
Smother hate with love and guess what happens?

The best advice in the most read book ever is "love thy enemy as thyself"

The leftie numptys just dont get it do they? It's because we love our country and our way of life that we seek to preserve it for all who wish to work and live in this, still, Great Nation, that we seek to ensure it's future that we work through the only party that talks common sense.
And a great majority of the people know it and many have the courage to support and vote for us.

We are a serious contender in the game of politics, growing far too quickly for comfort for the lib/lab/con.

We talk common sense and speak the truth about what is happening to the country, that's what frightens them, and they have to lash out in fear and anger with all the dirty tricks they can think of.

The BNP is small compared to the big three, but we have big hearts and we dont give in easily for our prize is great, our focus strong.

So, chin up folks, right is on our side and the positive energy flowing from those who know we are right and wishing us success will power us on to new heights.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry it wasn't the BBC who sackedd the DJ it was Talksport, I misread the news, and have corrected the post.

Thanks for the Welcome Fyrdist and GA, I shall try not to stay away so long in future.

The Green Arrow said...

Louise. Like the red scum you get one shot and you just took it. You will not get a second.

I notice you said nothing about the threats made to elderly members and the posts made on red shite sites and the paedophile worshippers sites making similar threats.

But I tell you this. We have lists and information also and by carrying out this action your lot will reap a whirlwind.

The amount of supporting emails received is incredible. Yes a few people are concerned and some of us will pay the price of being freedom fighters.

But this cowardly action just makes us more united and stronger.

Your little game as backfired.

Now go play with your dwarf.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I guess if Louise is representative of our enemies, we don't have much to worry about.

It surprises me that someone so ill informed can manage to master a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

The political persecution of the BNP is gathering pace. The establishment must be worried.
Louise - people like you are going to lose. What is true and right will win in the end (i.e. the BNP).
It is the surge of support for the BNP that is causing the increase in panic measures by the establishment. However, we will stand strong and not be intimidated(or bickered to death by name callers like Louise).

Anonymous said...

Well said Green Arrow. I too am sick of the British media. Yes, I am British, happy to be an Englishman but saddened to see a once great nation disintegrate. Probably the fault of people like me for deserting her? Fleeing to foreign lands, but then again that's what we English have done best for countless centuries. John Smith, he hails from my mother's adopted home in the gentle hills of Lincolnshire. I can still see the church attic where he went to school. What a beautiful country England is, what great heroes she has raised. And now I live in the land of John Smith and yes, Martin Luther King, this was my choice. But, England, I supported her, I joined the British army, not once, but twice! I support the BNP, as a member I hoped that somehow my small donations and membership would make a tiny difference.

To see my name, address (albeit an old one) and email address spalshed all over the British media is just bloody shameful, I dont feel shame but those marxists in power knew exactly what they were doing, and then they sent out the blood hounds, in this case the press. Reading the BBC I was led to imagine that I was some type of a paedophile or a killer on the loose. So let me get this straight, John Reid could belong to the Communist Party of Great Britain and no one blinks an eye, the same Communists who butchered some 90 million of their own people to spread fear into the population, yet I cannot belong to an organisation that has never advocated violence!!! The blood hounds in the media were going wild, estatic, masturbating their minds and words over who had been "found out" and isn't this fun that all of hte BNP are "exposed".
What the media has not reported or even mentioned is that many of those addresses published could be no longer the residence of the BNP, nor could the phone numbers. In fact the media didn't even care about any kids who could now be subjected to kidnapping or attack.

Yet, where the hell were the media when poor little Baby Peter was butchered? Where were the gleeful rubbing of hands in the press that the killers of Baby P had been exposed? No where?

Where was the list of names of the Muslims outside the Danish embassy? Where were the death threats and verbal assaults on those demonstrators?

But, as normal, Im still safe, far away, in my little piece of England, fuming as I watch my brethren get slandered and libeled and the press and government having a field day.

GA, we have spoken before, I'm only anonymous because I haven't got an account anymore, but I have always respected your words and opinions.

Let me finish from the words of Shakespeare

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day""

We happy few

Anonymous said...

"How can a serious commentator claim with a straight face that Obama had been elected “despite” his ethnicity, when it is so obvious that he was elected because of his ethnicity."

CNN Fox NEWs e al, couldn't help themselves by stating that this wasn't about race but in the next breath they couldn't stop talking about his race. Plus it was funny hearing the BBC Amercia's David Dimbleby refer to Obama as "Black face". Yet, no one found this racist? My wife was aghast, "did they really just say that" she said? Can you imagine Nick Griffin or any of us calling Obama "Black face". There would be a media outrage and a banning of the BNP in all walks of life.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

When the MSM conceal so much of the truth as the article points out, doesn't it show motive by the MSM? They take ownership of the crimes they don't report and the truths they don't report.

By taking ownership of the crime and killings they take ownership of the hate. That is promoting racism. Promoting the killing is promoting the racism behind the killing. That makes the MSM the promoters of racism.

Anonymous said...

You've got no idea about McCarthyism, have you? Members of the US communist party had been subject to a number of restrictions for some 20 years before the McCarthy investigations. McCarthy went after people who had been in the communist party as youngsters, who had relatives or friends who were communists, who he suspected of being communists, who he considered to have done things that were "un-American", in some cases people whose only crime was to have parents who had migrated to America from communist countries (often fleeing persecution there).

You'll be telling us this is like the Holocaust next.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Actually I do know about McCarthy, the version of McCarthyism I alluded to here was the one which the BBC and other left wing media outlets invariably present of him,

I did so deliberately, because that is exactly what they will happily tollerate, and probably applaud if they were used against the BNP.

It is implortant that we use these comparisons, because the best way to fight a dishonest media if to use their own weapons against them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise-
When I suport freedom of speech that idoes not mean I support the right of anyone to say anything. Some things I disapprove of. For example calling an ugly person ugly is just mean and I disapprove. Other things I disapprove of and I think should be illegal. For example, a doctor posting a patients medical records on the internet should be illegal. Other 'speech' should (and is) be illegal such as balckmail and threatening to kill or harm others.
However, the freedom to express political opinions is a freedom that I consider is right.
It is these sorts of speech that I support whne I say I support freedom of speech. Obviously I do not mean anyone can say anything - as shown in the examples above I disapprove of some and others I feel should be (or correctly are) illegal.
Louise, can you see the difference here? Can you understand what I mean by freedom of speech here?
In a freee country there will be differences of opinion on political matters. We will not all agree on everything. However, I would not try to stop others from having and expressing their political opinions and would hope that my freedom of speech in this sense would also be respected.
Louise, just because you may not agree with the political opinions of others that does not give you the right to muzzle others.
That is totalitarianism.
Supporting the attempted intimidation of political opponents is wrong.
You do not agree - so what?
Of course, I guess you hold the political views of the establishment so you have nothing to fear - however spare a thought for those who have seen through the con tricks and lies and propoganda of the establishment and whose views are not protected like yours are. We still have the right to freedom of speech and to dissent in this context.