Sunday, 16 November 2008

Destroying our Youth Through Popular Culture

By Mister Fox

One of the weapons used to destroy our young people is what is known as the “Culture Wars.” Modern, popular music transmits raw uninhibited energy, emotion and excitement often with catchy tunes but is negative and corruptive. Those who doubt this should listen to, say, “Heavy Metal” or “Rap” then perhaps some Tudor church music and compare the feelings and images that are aroused. The first produce the desire to hurt or mistreat others, the second, an uplifting spiritual sense and a good feeling towards God and others.

The state of a civilisation can be assessed by its art. There are deep similarities between our collapsing civilisation and the collapse of Greece and Rome and we need to use their historical example as guides to correcting our own folly. The modern manipulators are leading us into degeneracy through popular culture.

In a recent TV series "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here", simple people, described as Celebrities, were so degraded as to eat live worms and stick insects.

Rebecca Loos masturbates pig for your "entertainment"

There are several levels to this: there is cruelty to lesser animals; encouraging children to eat insects and slugs in the garden and the decline into more degradation of our people and culture. On a “reality” programme one masturbated a pig and on another one fried and ate Kangaroos testicles. This is to degrade our people and culture.

Many think that the presentation of certain “lifestyles” in T.V. programmes is innocent, but they are arranged and presented to be sympathetic and thus to change people’s attitudes which is social engineering. The Soaps are used to promote “gay” lifestyles.

This does not happen by serendipity. It is planned in meetings. The “Goodies” are shown sympathetically and glamorously, every character they want us to imitate is attractive and cool; the “Baddies”, those they want us to hate, are thick and unlovable. It does not occur in a vacuum but in tandem with other developments and helps to manipulate acceptance for the Government plans to equalise the sexual marriage laws.

Contemporary art is used to degrade us by destroying any notion of the Sacred needs of people. Every year these time-warped artists stage a ritual by setting up an ordinary member of the public. The script is this: an elderly person takes a youngster, say grandchild or niece, to an exhibition and is shocked by something on display, like an unmade bed or something that requires little imagination, and complains to the press. Then the curator is quoted as saying, “Art is to make people think, and to provoke feelings”. This hackneyed response has been used on each occasion for the last 30 years.

I once went to the Ikon gallery in Birmingham, which is financed by taxpayers’ money confiscated by the Government as well as funding by companies. The young gulls there soon refused to speak to me when I explained they are mass produced artists all doing similar stuff. They have to do what the Art Council wants to get a grant. The liberal middle classes follow the tastes and standards set by elites such as Saatchi.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the modernist movement set about destroying the form and grammar of traditional art and thus the content, and made it both unintelligible and uninteresting. In the 60’s cultural Marxists of the new left became the "elites". They hate our culture and traditions and are destroying our young people.

Aristocrat rulers had sense of “noblesse oblige" towards the working classes and a sense of responsibility but the elites, who grew out of the new left, corrupt them out of hatred and personal gain.

The Discrimination Act of 1975
advises people not to use degrading language of certain selected groups. But our elites continually degrade working-class people and our young. They mock them as “Chavs.”

Our people rarely see themselves affirmed in adverts or on TV, only dark people without English features unless they are advertising our women to the world as whores. We are not supposed to identify with ourselves. The elites need have no conscience about bringing immigrants here to take our jobs by undercutting wages and pushing us out of our communities if they convince themselves we are worthless.

The television programme makers are on the lookout for something to laugh at but we are now the targets and this is done to us before the rest of the world. It is conveyed by images as well as words which are read as body language and semi-conscious messages.

Whites are presented as fat, over weight, while ethics are bright and clean. A television programme “How clean is Your House” has two women visit inadequate parents to tell them how to bring their children up. They select lower class inadequates but never tell an inadequate Muslim couple how to bring their children up.

One of these programmes is shown in 47 countries! This sends the message to potential asylum seekers that we are inadequate and weak and they can come here and everything off us including our women.

What are the effects of this constant debilitation of our people by the elites on everyday life? Ordinary people lose contact with our civilization and become disorientated, lost, suffer from bereavement and become depressed.

Our culture is still amenable to the elites but our manipulated young and those from a de-culturalised background give up and do not bother. They cannot take refuge in a smaller cultural world like the elites who live in large houses in posh areas of London, or beautiful English villages as country gentlefolk. They lose heart and, having nowhere to go descend into vices and viciousness; they are no longer civilized and do not know how to behave. They become prey to amoral meritocrats who use and exploit them.

Amy Winehouse. Role model for our young women

The papers devote pages to the drugged and drunken antics of “celebs” and footballers while the celeb magazines and radio stations promote those who have degraded themselves on Reality TV shows. They show them leaving night clubs drunk and question whether they are wearing knickers or not. The people who make these programmes and write the magazines are educated and intelligent people so they know what they are doing to our young people.

It is to redress the balance with the behaviour of ethnic communities. I looked at the covers of two celeb magazines: one stated, “Posh is looking tired and stressed. Is it too much partying?” The other, “Britney and Paris’ wild night out.”

We are being deprived of self worth and seeking it in drink and drugs. There is a trend in drinking amongst people as young as 10 -15. We see them all over the country in subways, on recreation grounds, schoolchildren drinking cans that they have been sold by shopkeepers.

Our young people do not understand their loss of identity, the loss of the sense of who they are and loss of self-worth. What are the consequences? The degradation shows in their social lives when they try to escape from themselves.

"Yes Mum. We had a lovely night."

A 20 year-old young woman told me how she and her cousin go on. “We were so drunk,” she said beaming, “we were “so drunk we couldn’t stand.” They could not remember how they got home. I asked if they like getting drunk. “It’s social” one replied; the other ”It’s good fun.” “It is acceptable now like sex and dress.”

Some politicians claim stopping “Happy Hours” would stop drunkenness but there are ways of getting drunk quickly and cheaply like “drinking glasses of water while drinking alcohol because it reacts in your blood and you get drunk quicker.” There is also a trick of gulping air down while you drink. I asked who originates these tricks. “Probably, the breweries”, she replied.

Though they have been educated to see themselves as equal to men but in practice women’s vital organs are not as strong as men’s and they have a greater chance of liver and kidney damage as well as permanent brain damage.

Children are selfish, but become civilized as they grow older and take responsibility for the world around them. This is becoming adult. However, the new culture prevents them from growing up and keeps them immature which is causing so much uncivilised behaviour. Bar owners and the drinks companies play on the weaker part of people’s nature rather like a sales scam would play on, say, someone’s greed. It is preying on the young’s need for fun and adventure with unhealthy adventures.

Young people drink drinks that have pretty colours and fruity flavours like soft drinks but are about 6% alcohol, or pretty, pleasant tasting cocktails. At the same time the hypnotic music pounds away disorientating them. There are often TV screens all around showing sport, pop acts or models on catwalks. This bar had a couple of bouncy castles upon which customers bounced gleefully, mindless that outside their bubbles of pleasure there is a dangerous, hostile world. Recent bomb attacks were outside London nightclubs. A cool bar is unreal and like being in a dream. There is also the use of the hallucinatory effects of drugs in adverts. I saw an advert for vodka shots, which was a square of undulating shades of blue light. You do not see these colours by drinking vodka, gulps of air or not. You see this by taking ecstasy.

On a normal evening in every town and city you see young women collapsed on the pavements usually being attended by paramedics and stretchered away comatose or with cracked heads. Is that all our young women are worth? They walk up to cars waiting at traffic lights and ask for lifts and often just open the door and get in. You see them staggering around the streets at 2 to 4 am lobbing their boobs out to stop passing cars for lifts. They are perfect victims for ethnics and asylum seekers who drive up and down the entertainment streets imitating private hire cars.

No wonder others have no respect for our women
when they have none for themselves

People from other countries and ethnic groups have no respect for our corrupted women who they see as only good for one thing. Many are raped every weekend and not know it or who by, as they usually cannot remember how they got home. Later, they might want an abortion or find they are HIV-Positive!

This preying on our degraded women came out recently when The Sun of 14 Nov 2008 reported than an illegal immigrant with HIV is feared to have infected hundreds of women in a massive health scandal, it emerged yesterday. The Jamaican man used hospital patients unmonitored for nearly a year preying on vulnerable patients for sex. The health authorities have now written to 420 women warning they may have been infected with the killer virus! The man is not being named but kept secret. He came here in 2002 on a visitor’s visa. He has slept with dozens of girls after searching nightclubs in Leicester.

The Times of August 11 2007 reported on “growing concern" at the attitudes of some Asian men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address. Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large Asian communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Asian men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.

Ann Cryer
, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young Asian men targeting their under-age daughters.

Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the Asian community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.

Pop stars are arbiters of taste and behaviour and must take personal responsibility for the harm they have done to young people by creating degenerate images to make themselves millions. Young people identify with them and are beguiled by their rebellious and exciting images while in reality they live in mansions, employ gardeners, maids, cooks and butlers and send their children to the best schools.

The man who destroyed old America, and undermined the western world Elvis Presley has a religious devotion 30 years after his death and his home Gracelands attracts worshippers on the scale of Lourdes or Mecca.

These pop idols have replaced religious and national icons for millions of people. They are hypocrites who pose to corrupt and make money. Madonna in real life tried to live as an English country lady while in public she pretends to be a rebel effing and blinding and snogging Britney at award ceremonies. This degraded old thing is no longer influential but did a lot of harm especially by promoting S&M.

On internet “Social Networking” sites for young people to meet others our young women present themselves as tarts and most say they “like getting drunk.” Their clothes and poses show them as anybody’s meat. They are imitating people on TV. talent shows and think they will be spotted, and slappers who have made fortunes showing their silicon boobs.

Our elites promote these as role models for our young people, but only promote honourable and worthy people as role models for ethnic minorities. If you walk around an inner city school or community centre the walls are festooned with heroes from the histories of ethnic groups like Gandhi, Marcus Garvey or Harriet Tubman.

On an entertainment street some bars are used for pills and others for cocaine and most door staff are pumped up on steroids. The drug goes with the music. The coke-heads are hyper and constantly making a sort of chewing motion. The staff of these bars put Vaseline on lavatory cisterns to try to stop customers doing lines of coke on them but the owners are usually on it themselves and door staff are often dealers.

Another mode of destruction is Clubbing on Ecstasy. It is a special occasion like going to church on Sundays.

There is an unfinished part of us that is reaching out to become satisfied or whole and this gives a temporary and artificial substitute. A common feature of ecstasy clubbers is a need to escape from themselves which in a healthier age would have led to a mystic journey in solitude as eremites counting their beads and communing with God. In our degraded times they are prey for the hard-headed business people who use any fashion to make money out of their own people.

A young woman explained to me: “It heightens the music, makes it more epic.” In common with others it helps them to dance longer, but the important effect is that “It fills you full of love towards those around you, if a girl is being sick in the toilets you pull her hair back for her. I have only seen two fights in eight years of clubbing.” She compared this with aggressive pubs when people are drunk and violent fights ensue. It is a response to the betrayal of the needs of our young people by our Christian leaders and has fuelled artificial communities and the illusion of transcendence through drugs.

The importation of cheap labour is justified by blaming us: “Eastern European Workers Shame Lazy Brits” scream the tabloids. It is incredible but the Labour Government and Trades Unions have virtually re-introduced Slavery as those encouraged here but classified as illegal immigrants work for almost nothing.

On top of asylum seekers and families and spouses coming here, eastern European immigration makes a total of 1,000,000 per annum. Nurse graduates for example cannot find jobs.

The elites see only good in ethics but find fault in us. They pretend they are “essentially good,” while we are essentially bad. Unfortunately many immigrants keep letting them down by shooting and knifing people, grooming our young girls and planting bombs.

The one who brought totalitarianism and oppression into our legal system with the Campaign for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Community Relations Act, was Roy Jenkins. Biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) tells us, that he believed, “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it." Commonwealth immigrants like previous waves of immigrants from the Norman Conquest, to the refugees of the 30’s, could help overcome “our natural Island lethargy”.

The practice has been our degradation. We need to re-introduce grammar Schools or even found new public schools to impart traditional values like honour, duty and service; others must consider Home Schooling networks to give our young the standard of education the state schools are denying them and to instill self-worth and a sense of belonging instead of teaching them to give up their country to outsiders and to become sexual perverts.

We must revive local fairs and festivals and develop our Folk music traditions by taking traditional forms but using modern words and situations for the present time to express our sufferings under the elites. These are not rationalist formulae but suggestions for our creative young people to develop in practice. They will be able to forge natural, emotional bonds with their own people, their traditions and civilisation.

Footnote by the Green Arrow

Could I ask readers to please link this article. Fellow bloggers are requested to cut n paste it to as many sites as possible. Thank you and thank you Mister Fox.


Anonymous said...

Before your request GA i'd already decided to do just as you asked.
What an excellent piece from Mister Fox.
May i request in turn that you yourself at least go through this the X files?
It's page after page pointing to how our kids got to where they are today.
All by a deliberate attack on long held western values.
Who it is behind it all and why.
You won't be surprised when such names as Marx and the Fabians are mentioned i'm sure.
The first attack took place in the USA then transplanted back to where it started here in England.
Dialectical Education X Files.

Start with file number one and work through everything will become much clearer and place the blame exactly at the door where it belongs.
Exactly the same place that this so called credit crunch belongs.
Not at America's door but here in the heart of the city of London.
All research came up with this conclusion.
This so called G20 meeting in Washington is the first stage in the setting up of the NWO, Which will no doubt come into being 2010 to 2012.
All your credit cards will expire by 2010..How do i know without seeing individual cards?
Check all your cards held..ALL.

Anonymous said...

I suppose as long as people are being brainwashed into believing what the green arrow thinks is the right way of life, then it's o.k., pretty hypocritical. I see a lot of similarity in the way white nationalists try to propagate their ganeda and the way the liberals do. Both have little respect for the individual choices of human beings. What good is it to trade one form of fascism with another?

Anonymous said...

A good article on modern 'culture.

I think such a critique gives the opportunity for people to be given a CHOICE or rather give people the freedom of to think about what is around them and the effects of such 'culture' deemed 'normal'.

'Choice' and 'freedom' is only illlusory in a culture that prides itself on endless choice and difference which becomes about no choice.

There is a qualitative and
meaningful difference between modern media money consumercultural destruction of people and that that Green Arrow are pointing out.


Just Another Richard said...

So, anonymous @ 13:19, from your brief comment above, are we to deduce that you are an advocate of anarchy in its pure form; for your stated position leaves no other alternative if followed to its logical conclusion. Nice in theory, if your so inclined I guess, but it does leave an awful lot of people vulnerable to the whim of the biggest thug who wanders along ...yes, yes I know, in your utopia, thugs don't exist, just sugar plum fairies and nice gentle pixies.

GA's and Mister Fox's position is not hypocritical at all, for any community of peoples, no matter how small, unless it be a comity of ONE, must by necessity, be an ordered society, or else descend into a state of pure chaos. Is that your idea of a world fit for the virtuous. Anonymous, that silent whisper which occasionally wafts past your ears is the plaintive wail of Echo, as she tries desperately to call you from your reveries...alas, a forlorn and hapless quest I suspect...poor Echo.

Mister Fox, if you would know the cause of this visceral hatred engendered in the elite classes, it is rather simple really. The elite have taken up the cross of Marx, he is their champion, their faith and their cause. The common man has rejected that faith in plain and unambiguous manner. Nothing offends the delicate sensibilities of the faithful so much as an other's rejection of beliefs held with firm conviction, especially when those who hold to such beliefs are convinced of their own righteousness. It engenders a sense of outrage and unassuageable anger, usually reducing the faithful to a state of uncontrollable anger, the perfect example of which being the Motoons fiasco, except the true Marxist is normally wise enough to hide such rage, they have after all, had many years to perfect their subterfuge, it being the only means to protect and succor their faith in the face of its own ongoing failures to deliver upon any of its promises. Of course the elites hate the average man, and especially Christianity, for they are the roadblock to any advancement of the cause.Not only is the average man's rejection of old Karl an affront to any true Marxist, it is the impediment to his assention to his rightful place in the pantheon of human Gods, the supreme it really any wonder as to why the Marxists and the Islamics make common cause, they are after all, cut from the same cloth. They'll fight over the spoils after their war is done.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to say that I am working on an art video project fo Saint Georges Day to celebrate the spirit, creativity and religiosity of the Englaish people.


Anonymous said...

On the subject of 'modern art' institutions.

The 'urbis' museum in Manchester have an exhibition of ''art'' produced by a member of the
1960's Black Panther Party who advocated violence against white society in the name of 'equality'.

This was eulogised by the journalists (in a local rag) as they praise the invention of the 'Black Power Salute' and the fact that these people coined the term 'pig' when they refered to the (white ) police and 'rats' when they refer to (white ) presidents and politicians.

This is the kind of ''art'' and ''culture''(read propoganda) that the art and political establishment advocate as worthwhile from an unknown less than mediocre ''artist''.

Yet when a real indigenous artist who is also unknown appraoches the same organisation about the exhibition of art and debate about key issues in contemporary life they are nearly thrown out of the building or otherwise ignored.

That is the ''culture'' we live in.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Excellent posts from more "knuckle dragging BNP members." I dont watch "comedy shows" any more, they are so unfunny but I happened to catch the "comedian" Rowan Atkinson in a little sketch on tv last night as I was waiting for Match of the Day. He parodied the Christian religion, dressed as a vicar giving a sermon and the audience of fools brayed their approval. No doubt they will be glad of the services of a minister of religion when they bury their loved ones or marry off their sons and daughters. I am a man of no religion but I was offended that Christianity, to which we owe so much, should be so parodied and insulted. I look forward to Atkinsons next appearance when he will no doubt be dressed as an Imam taking Friday Prayers as he doles out the same treatment to Islam. Cant wait to see that for it would be the end of this particular fools career. Is there any possibility of the BNP setting up an establishment on the lines of a Public School where our children could be taught, in a decent manner, of the accomplishments and history of their own people. Heard tell of a female yesterday who had never heard of Obama and couldnt name the President of the USA or the Prime Minister. If she comes in from her own planet in time for the next election her vote will hold the same power as the vote of any student of the policies which have brought our country to its knees. Frightening.

Anonymous said...

Now to be scrupulously fair, the enquiry into Rebecca Loos' on-screen pleasuring was, in the end, judged NOT to be degrading to the pig.

Mind you, I don't think she's been allowed near certain footballer's balls since.

Anonymous said...

Choice is one thing dhimbat Anonymous, Imposition by those ruling elite is a very different matter.
Stonewall the promoter for Gays that we have to watch prancing down our streets each year when the armed forces are refused.
Lets take a closer look at STONEWALL shall we?
Sonewall established in 1989 by labours Fabians, Twigg, Mandy, Straw, Blair and co.
A nice bunch of commies!!
Now try telling anyone, giving them this insight into whose behind the promotion of GAYS that it's a Choice they'd give their kids.
This is an organised attack on Christian beliefs by these Marxists' wearing their mask and sheeps clothing to hide their true intentions.

Because the media have been bought and paid off, bloggers have not and they put their country and children first, not the likes of you that spreads the morals of the gutter!

Today we read in the Telegraph 13 year olds to be given a jab to enable free sex,all for their own good naturally.
Without parental permission!!
Mass immigration was needed due to falling birthrates?
Work that one out!

What next only brown eyed babies allowed, i recall someone else that tried that one on in GERMANY?

The 10 commandments has always been a good guide to live by whether Chrisitian or not.
But these spivs are tearing everything to bits that has any moral guide at all.

But then MARX knew, first the family would need to be destroyed together with Christianity.

Westminster has more than it's fair share of pervs.
But then D Notices hide that fact eh?

Anonymous said...

I certainly believe that to go any where within the music industry artists have to appear left leaning. Even socialy aware musicians such as Paul Weller, who's insight and strong opinions influenced many, and who was painfully anti establishment, towed the red line. Despite portraying themselves as working class, most "artists" are from well to do backgrounds, and thus well educated, so I imagine that although they may well start out with views that echo the man in the street, realisation that to get anywhere in that industry makes them side with the forces of evil who make or break bands.

As for the lack of self respect within our youngsters, this is borne out by the dreadfull suicide rates we have in this country. Couple this with an imported youth "fashion" (if you can call it that) that is pre occupied with death and looking satanic, well you have the perfect ingredients for a depressed teenager. Is this coincidential?.. I think not.

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw launches stinging attack on worship in schools
Jack Straw has made a stinging attack on worship in schools and rebuked Christians who wish to use education to impose their values on others. Straw also warned the churches that they will only “survive in this country only on the basis of what they do, not what they write into the laws for schools to do.”

The collective worship laws require schools to carry out daily acts of worship of a broadly Christian nature, regardless of the wishes of the pupils, staff and ignoring the wider aims and character of the school.

Although Straw describes himself as a Christian who goes to church he said: “…we (Christians) should judge what should become law not by what is suitable for ourselves but by what is suitable for others, who may disagree with us…we must be careful about imposing our approach to family life and religion upon others.”

He also attacked supporters of compulsory Christian worship in schools as being “over-zealous” and imposing “an intolerant structure” into our law and failing to respect the views of other people “They have failed to take into account those of no faith, those of other faiths and those may have begun to have doubts about their faith.”

Jack did indeed make all these statements, except not recently, but in the House of Commons debate when the then Conservative government brought in the authoritarian requirements on worship. (For reference the debate took place on July 18 1988 with Straw’s speech starting on Column 816 if you are reading it from Hansard.) Labour’s front bench opposed the introduction of compulsory worship but made it a free vote for its MPs. Labour believed that if it was inappropriate to write “Christian” into education law in 1944 when the country was overwhelmingly Christian, it was even less appropriate to do so today.

Can someone tell me when the Labour Party changed its stance on these issues? In which policy document was a change suggested, at what conference debate, at which report for the National Policy Forum? You know I am being sarcastic here, but genuinely, is there anything out there from the last 10 years which actually offered mere party members a chance to debate these issues, please let me know...a party member not me wrote the last paragraph.

Christians boys bow to allah EVEN THE BLINd COULD SEE WHERE STRAW IS COMING FROM AND HEADING TO................

xoggoth said...

Heavy metal is modern? There's me thinking it was only us oldies who liked it. Can't say I have ever felt the urge to mug anyone afterwards.

There is inadequate guidance to young children in social responsibility due to useless parents and schools obsessed with teaching about rights and and rarely mentioning duties.

What you are taught as a kid stays with you but I doubt what people listen to or watch when they are teenagers has much to do with it, it is all far too late by then.

Anonymous said...

Johnathan Strauss a Christian?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 18.20:

The jab that 13 yr old girls can get that enables free sex?

If this is what I think you're refering to, it is to stop cervical cancer. Which, although it's more likely to be spread through sexual contact, does not mean that by vaccinating yourself against it you can have all the sex you want.

It is not a form of contraception. It is a vaccination against cancer, much like the vaccinations we have for measles, mumps and rubella etc.

What exactly do you have against a jab that prevents a disease that kills thousands?

This is if, of course, you were talking of this jab in the first place.