Monday, 3 November 2008

Adam Walker BNP responds

Adam Walker BNP

‘I AM a hard-working man and I have worked since I was 12 years old. I have spent time in the Armed Forces, living in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel.

“I was prepared to fight and die for my country if called upon to do so. I have travelled to many different countries since I was 16 and have seen some wonderful things and experienced many different cultures.

“For six years, I lived and worked as a teacher in Japan, where I studied karate – I eventually ended up teaching karate to the Japanese in their own language.

“I learned about their unique culture and way of life, often spending time at Buddhist retreats. I also married a Japanese woman. I still maintain contact with the Japanese friends I made while studying my art.

“As a result of my travels, I value the beauty and diversity of many different cultures. It is from the indepth, secure and confident knowledge of my own culture that I am able to see both the underlying unity as well as the differences that make our world so fascinating – and sometimes challenging!

“I am a member of The Greenways Residents’ Association, located in Spennymoor, where I play an active role within my community, often taking part in meetings and clean-ups in our local area – actions that make our community a better place and benefit the people who surround me. I would encourage everyone to do this.

“I also run a well-respected martial arts club in Spennymoor in my spare time. The lives of many of the children who attend my club have changed for the better as a result of the way the classes are taught.

“One of them has recently been shortlisted in the top three for The Northern Echo Local Heroes awards.

Many of my students currently hold both English and British titles in our unique style of full-contact karate.

“As a fully-qualified teacher with experience of many different situations, I believe there is room in teaching for people of all political affiliations.

“Diversity of opinion is something that makes us a democracy. Teachers have the same rights to freedom of expression and association as any other member of the community.

“The McCarthy-style witch-hunt now being waged by so-called Socialists would establish dangerous precedents if implemented.

“My trade union, Solidarity, will fight tooth and nail to preserve these human rights in the workplace and wider community.

“In May this year, I was 129 votes short of winning a seat on the new unitary council. I believe that many of the more intolerant views expressed by Labour MPs such as Helen Goodman are motivated by fear of competition from the BNP.

“County Durham is not Labour’s fiefdom and attempts to persecute and harass individuals who challenge them simply show why they need to be replaced in the first place.”



Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

He sounds like a real asset to the party, and a man of real strength and courage! Good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

Adam Walker will be one of those low IQ BNP knuckle draggers the Edinburgh University researchers have found?

The problem with Adam is that he towers above the so called socialist witch hunters, morally and intelectually, oh yes and he is a realist Nationalist too.

Looks like the socialist cant stand to see a decent BNP member be better than them.

Everyone will have heard children using the playground taunt na na na naaaaaaa naaaaah, (so me la so me) a sequence of notes that is used by children as a form of torment, bullying, ridicule. This is a simplistic description of what is being visited upon Adam, yes I know its more than that, but that seems to be the IQ level of the socialist attack.

Chin up Adam, it's a hard road but good and truth will win the day.


Keith said...


I just watched a news video about how the police are combating knife crime by usin metal-detector arches and hand held metal detectors.

The "Yoofs" in a shopping centre were being asked by the police to go through the arch. I couldn't help noticing that they were all white youths. Obviously their faces weren't shown but you could see the hands and neck, which showed they were white.

I also noticed that in the background there were asian youths just being allowed to walk past the arch without being stopped.

Does this mean that I have got it all wrong? That the real crims with knives are in fact all white?