Sunday, 9 November 2008

Richard Barnbrook BNP earning his keep

When you watch the video you will understand

In the past, I would spend Remembrance Sundays, first at the Wreath Laying and then with my father and brothers in the bar of the local British Legion, drinking with other ex servicemen and their families.

We would pool our money in order to outbid the entire club in the auction for the biggest bunch of flowers, that we could then take home to our mother who would be preparing Sunday Lunch. Someone else's mother will hopefully receive this years bouquet.

This year is different, my father has now gone on, along with one of my brothers to the Big Club in the sky and my remaining brothers are in different parts of the Country at this moment in time and I will be going along with a couple of BNP kinsmen to the Cenotaph in the area where I now live.

But before I go get ready and try and find my one lonely medal, a couple of links to some sites that I think you should bookmark.

First there is the BNP Chronicle, which I found the other day. What an excellent idea. The guy who started it, spotted a "gap in the market" and has filled it. He posts only articles concerning the BNP and without comments. Excellent addition to Hazel Blears blogging nightmare. Well done that man.

Next we have a link to a rather good video clip, of how Richard Barnbrook has earned his seat and his salt and saved the ratepayers of London some money.
Mayor Boris Johnson bowed to pressure from Richard Barnbrook’s research staff, who take a well-earned and amusing break from office routine at the start of this clip.

The first part of the eight minute video is not my idea of fun but if it is what turns Richard on, then who am I to argue. Besides it gives me a chance to use the heading image from the Right Side cartoons I once used to create. If my arm is twisted I can always start doing them again!

So please, if you can make the time, try and go visit your local Cenotaph today and have a minutes silence for those who fought and died for us. Afterwards, perhaps when in your local pub, also have a think about those who fight for you now and what you can do to help them.


Anonymous said...

Good on the BNP, this has always been the real reason the "rainbow alliance" (excellent name by the way) have pulled out every dirty trick to keep the BNP out of local authority meetings. But there is an awakening accross the country, and these criminals know it.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the local Rememberance Sunday memorial.

The Union Jack was lowered and the last post sounded.

The National Anthem Sung.

And now to the fight once more.

goodbye America said...

The BNP Chronicle said...

Cheers GA!

The Green Arrow said...

Anon, thank you for the link to the simple minds video.

Thank you for your informative comment.

However I cannot post it, for reasons that should be clear to you.

On a personal level it is nice to know that we can count on your support in fighting the dark forces lined up against us.