Thursday, 27 November 2008

Liverpool 13 Demonstration

Event: Liverpool 13: Liverpool Freedom Demo!

Support the Liverpool 13 who were illegally arrested by
the Labour Political Police of Merseyside

OK, you know what this is all about. It is about Freedom of Speech. It is about refusing to bend the knee to political intimidation. It is about showing Solidarity. It is about being a True Brit.

And for once it is not just about being a supporter or member of the British National Party. It does not matter whether you are a die hard Labour Voter, Conservative Voter or even a Liberal Democrat. You either believe in Democracy for all or you do not. In which case you are no democrat and are just part of the problem.

But if you believe in Freedom of Speech then all are welcome to join the demonstration in support of those ideals.
  • Start Time: 29 November at 10:00
  • End Time: 29 November at 17:00
  • Where: Liverpool City Centre
Another reason why you should attend and show your support, is that the state funded and openly communist Searchlight/UAF organisation are calling for a counter demonstration at the same time.

Searchlight of course, being a communist organisation does not believe in democracy. They prefer to daub paint on doors, phone up elderly people who oppose them and threaten to burn them alive. They do not have the courage to stand in elections. They prefer to act as the boot boys of the establishment in the hope that their masters will throw them some scraps. They are the real fascists.

You should also remember that the communists trying to whip up support for dupes to assist them in breaking the law, are either paid employees of the state, paid by trade unions to attend or indebted to Labour Councils by nature of the "gifted" council homes they have been given for being a traitor to their Country. Do not be duped into supporting the real fascists.

If you have a problem with the British National Party, then take them on at the ballot box and not on the streets. By attending the Searchlight Demo, you will be effectively saying that you support the physical attacks, vandalism and intimidation of the mad marxists. Is that really you and are those the images you want your children to see in the future?


Anonymous said...

I cant believe that any of the thinking leftwing would actually agree with police brutality being used to quell freedom of expression. Do they not know their history? Che' would turn in his grave, as a freedom fighter against state oppression he would have been alongside us.

Anonymous said...

more nudge nudge we know who you are intimidation of members.
Sue the ass off!

Anonymous said...

che was a mass murdering scumbag. He would execute people in front of their mothers. It has been reported that he even gouged out his captive opponents eyes.

Stuart said...

GA, I wish I could be with you but I'm 6000 miles away in Tokyo. I will be there in sprit so best of British to all that attend.