Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Membership List - Some email advice

Do not be caught by the crooks

Before I start on the main article of today, and the ramifications of the publishing of the British National Party's membership list, a few words of advice.

All those who had email addresses alongside their details, should immediately change those addresses and bin their old email accounts. Don't do it later do it now.

You can bet that criminal organisations will have scanned and harvested the list and all those on it will be receiving phishing correspondence.
Phish is an Internet scam designed to trick the recipient into revealing credit card, passwords, social security numbers and other personal information to individuals who intend to use them for fraudulent purposes. The scam is known as "phishing" and the communications are sent to appear to look as if they come from reputable companies. The e-mails often instruct the recipient to verify or update account information by requesting a reply to his e-mail with updated information, or by providing the recipient with a link to a website where the new information may be entered. Anyone who receives such an email should not respond to it, or click on any links provided, but should contact the company who purportedly sent the notice, to inform them of the scam.
As someone who has received dozens of these phishes, I can tell you they are very professional and will fool many people, such is the quality of some of them. So do not be taken in.

Get your new email accounts today because if you do not, I can assure you your email boxes are going to be overflowing with companies trying to sell you Penis extensions and the like.

I personally have several email accounts with both Hotmail and Google, they are easy to setup and are both anonymous and can be used online from any machine. Even better. They are free.

For some other advice and a good take on the situation and other actions you can take, please visit 21st Century British Nationalism.


Anonymous said...

The ban on members joining the police "service" is an outrage.
why not write to your MP and demand an end to this (illegal?)practice. The application to join makes no mention of membership of the IRA or Al Qaeda!
I have. Quote the 'uman rites act!
The lazy wankers get paid enough of our money, make them work for it.

Anonymous said...

I've only received 2 emails. one from a neo nazi organisation in the USA named White Wolf, which I have absolutely no interest in and have not even the slightest desire to be involved in (they were advocating overthrowing the Obama government using terrorism). The second email I received from that Wiki whatever telling me that my name was on the list. Actually, I was at work, bored and it helped to really liven up my day.

Being part of history is pretty good fun, I even changed my myspace page to really fuck up the governments and press's minds.

(is that ex soldier, dressed in camo really in Iraq? What the fk is he doing there? I can imagine the MOD's military intelligence unit downloading my pic, scanning, sending it out to other spooks saying shit like "is he one of you"? "recognise him?"

But tomorrow I may take it down and become a vicar of a small english town or a famous footballer.

I'm kind of looking forward to more crap and more screwing with the establishment.