Friday, 21 November 2008

The List Revisited

I see you have "Activist" alongside your name.
You will have to come with us

By Albion

When that list was published the establishment and opposition must have thought all their birthdays had come at once. My name will not be on it. I would have been proud if it was.

Now the publication of this list believe it or not is an extraordinary win for the BNP. Firstly ordinary people will finally be made aware of the corrupt, decaying, dictatorial state of this country when a person is threatened, vilified and hounded because of their political beliefs; Burma’s political system springs easily to mind here. I see disturbing similarities with Hitler’s persecution of the Jews? Where does it stop?

One does not have to agree with my political beliefs, I may not agree with theirs either, but why should a persons job and livelihood be threatened because of their political beliefs.

Now people might be nervous about actually becoming a member of the BNP for fear of the members list being accidentally leaked again but it will not stop them voting for the BNP. We will attract a lot of votes from frightened people because of that leaked list, particularly by people who witnessed the rise of Nazi Germany and see frightening similarities.

We are living in frightening times.

Could it be that the future for the people of this country is that anyone who disagrees with government policies, edicts and political decisions may find themselves one day ostracised and forced to wear yellow arm patches?

Anyone who is affected by the publication of that list or who is discriminated against for their political beliefs should take these perpetrators (traitors being the operative word) to court, and sue the pants off them. There is a pertinent reference to political freedoms in UN Charter on Human rights.
Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, POLITICAL or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it is independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Without distinction of Political status.

Is this country a signatory to this charter? If so then quote the above. If our government refuse to acknowledge this fundamental human right then take the matter the European Court of justice in The Hague, these human rights violations have to be stopped in their tracks. Remember you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

It’s a simple premise; was I sacked from my job because of my political beliefs? Am I being discriminated against for a position I am applying for because of my political beliefs.

Does my prospective employer have a policy where I being a member of a particular political party renders me inelligible to apply for any position with them?

It is a simple straightforward argument. If it is a case of one's position being terminated because of their political persuasion then inform that employer, reinstate me or I sue you on the grounds of unlawful dismissal.

Once a legal precedent has been set which should not be difficult, then groups that include the Unions, Quangos, Education authorities, Councils, the Police, fire service in fact any employer that uses those dictatorial and illegal tactics will not attempt that disgusting, undemocratic behaviour again.

What the Police do is also illegal. The UN Charter on Human rights is sacrosanct, it takes precedent above the personal whims and dictates of any be-meddled opinionated Police Commissioner. He is NOT a arbiter of anyone's Human rights or freedoms. These basic human rights have been agreed upon by all the worlds governments.

This man is a SERVANT of the people, and he answers to the people. He has absolutely no right to threaten or discriminate against anybody because of their political beliefs.

Why not sack people who are members of the UKIP, Communists party or the Greens, the fascist UAF, or even members of the ruling far left socialist party that have caused untold and possibly permanent damage to this country.

I have to say it, I smell the acrid, putrid scent of 'Common Purpose' working silently here on the decaying entrails of a once proud nation.

This is Great Britain, not a third world country, well not yet! The far left Socialist Labour Party and its foot soldiers the UAF red fascists boot boys disgust me.


Anonymous said...

"Fruit of the poisoned Tree" a nice way of putting soiled evidence where it belongs. I hope the policemen use this loophole.
The list was illegal, obtained by deception and unproveable. Killers have got off on lesser loopholes.

Felicity K x

Anonymous said...

Liversidge.west yorks. reports just coming in of a fire bomb attack on the home of a BNP member.
Leeds we know has an high muslim and black population.
The Witch hunt is being whipped up by the media and press.
So typycal of the communist era in Eastern Europe.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Baby P

Anonymous said...

When you watch and listen to Nick Griffin on the subject of the current financial mess of our country and how we got here, and how BNP thinking can solve it, you will understand why the establishment want to shut him/us up and the media are in a feeding frenzy over the BNP list.

BNP are breathing down the necks of the old parties in terms of the public being more and more aware of what goes on and in agreement with BNP thinking. No wonder the controllers want us shut up.

The Brits have had enough with being ripped off and treated as second, or more like third class in the country they have been born, brought up and worked in.

Big votes are on the way for the BNP. The nightmare horror story for the big 3.

The fire bombers in Liversidge will soon feel the grip of the law.


Anonymous said...

THE BNP stands in the way of the destruction and degradation of life of this country by The Marxist New World Dis-Order.

I will stand also

Denzil (Cymru) said...

One thing about this list, I'm on it by the way and proud of it, it does show what a lot of liars and cowards we have in our local pub.

Over the years at least 6 people have assured me that they are members of the BNP, but I thought it strange that I have never seen them leafleting, and at meetings etc.

I checked for their names on the list and they are not there. Maybe they will vote BNP when the time comes, but I'm not so sure now because one has recently been co-opted onto the Parish Council and next to his name on the list it states "Con".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How to defeat the BNP.

Anonymous said...

They will only defeat the BNP when every man-jack-of-them says "YES" to more immigration, "YES" to Europe deciding our affairs and "YES" to total slavery to outsiders.
I hold Blair/Cameron/Gordon (no election Brown) responsible.....class action suit anyone?(Brown'ns the way in one voted him in ?)

Anonymous said...

What is that UAF list? Is it a government list? or is it a list that the UAF sends? Be careful as some of them may not even be UAF supporters.

Please provide more details on that list.


Anonymous said...

UAF list

sorry to burst your bubble but that list is not members. it's a mailing campaign list for influential lefties within government. The UAF uses that list to persuade teh government and far lefties in society to do their bidding.

If anyone can tell me different then please provide proof that theses people are UAF members as I doubt someone in the UAF would use theri government email address.

I know, I've worked as a 2 years temp and 3 years full time in government. Unless you can prove otherwise please give details.

I am currently going through that list and many of those emails are linked to palestine NGOs and other pro islamic and pro marxist projects.

If those emails are linked with government then you may have just uncovered the biggest conspiracy this side of the century.

That hte government is providing support to Islamic terror organisations and marxist groups.

Dig deeper, and thanks.

I am on the "role of honour list". You guys are the best.