Thursday, 20 November 2008

Free Representation to BNP Members

Believe it or not, this is what made the establishment wet themselves.
Can you smell their fear. I can

I said in a previous post that the Enemies of the People would reap a whirlwind when they launched their politically motivated attacks on the membership of the British National Party.

And they will. They are not dealing with children or cowards who can be intimidated. They are now dealing with the British National Party. Sons, Daughters and Grand Children of people who have fought and died for this Our Country and made of the same material that lit up the world.

They have taken their gloves off and now we take ours off and we will show them a real fight. We will expose the traitors, the paedophiles, the crooks and the corruption of those who govern us and those who govern the governors. The following is from the BNP site.

The British lion has awoken! One of this country’s top employment law firms, enraged by the disgraceful media-led witch hunt against BNP members, has offered pro bono — free — representation to any person who is threatened by their employers as a result of the ‘leaked membership list’ smear.

The offer for free representation is just one indication of the degree of the public response to the criminal release of an old, partly outdated, and tampered with, BNP membership list over the past few days. Anyone who has been threatened at their workplace and who might require legal help is asked to call the national enquiries line at 0871 0500 232 and supply their details.

There are 13,500 names on the Role of Honour. I wonder what you would find if one was to look through the Communist UAF list of supporters? Politicians? Conservative Politicians, Labour Politicians, Liberal Democrat Politicians. You would see names of the Fire Brigade Union Leaders, Unison union Leaders and scores of their paid activists. And how many would be on this list? Just over 2,500 at a rough guess.

I wonder how those Lib/Lab/Con MPs and Councillors are going to justify their membership of a communist organisation to the voters when the BNP start blasting images of their current representatives marching alongside those of people proclaiming the mass murderer Stalin as being an Hero?

And along with the BNP elections details will be lists of the Paedophiles and Perverts of the Lib/Lab/con alliance taken from the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site.

Now I hoped you all watched the Nick Griffin interview in an earlier post and I hope you felt as outraged as I, when I heard the interviewer enrich the debate with:

you are a member of a party who fundamentaly believes in preferring what you regard as the indigenous white historic population over immigrant populations

Cheeky bastard. Regard? Not regard, damn well know that we are the historic population and damn right we will prefer our own kind over the immigrant populations that are colonising Our Country. Like I said. Cheeky bastard.

So come on you you visitors who are piling up the page hits. If you are not a member of the BNP and you are a true Brit, then get up of your knees and join us now because we are the British National Party and we will win.


Anonymous said...

Folk are waking up to the fact commies are running the show here in the name of Fabianism.
From Brown down, the scum dominate Westminster, and have for decades!
This is what needs bringing to the fore removing the mask worn since Labour first came into being.
Says it all the Gen Secs name SUNDAR KATWALLA...Good British name.
I'm on the Role of Honour and proud to be, no matter what!
Recieved e-mail from White knights bringing this to my attention.
Knowing too much regarding Fabian ways, i didn't take the bait in the event that it was just that.

Labour voters won't be too happy to find for decades they were made into mugs.
The evidence is undeniable.
of the Soviet links to Fabians and in turn they being the masterminds behind the NWO.
Meaning Labour voters alone have by their votes, brought about the destruction of this country multiculturalism and mass immigration they now complain about.
Roy Jenkins labour and Fabian Started the ball rolling bringing in the muslims from Pakistan.
In order for this process to succeed they simply have to eliminate any religion, any ideology - except their own Fabian-communist religion, which they have to brand, brainwash into the masses. They have been trying this for 2000 years! And I guess that is exactly what they have been wasting time on for the last 40 years.
Anders is an highly educated Surgeon fighting for European Culture, his work is 100% researched and with both his native tongue and English this guy uncovers the illuminati unafraid to name them all.

We need T Shirts with the Fabian name and coat of arms on, The Wolf in sheeps Clothing,
That will arrouse questions and a chance to explain the filth marxist commie filth, that thought changing the name would fool everyone!

D Notices also need bringing to the publics attention that enable paedos to still be paid from taxes and act so puritancal.
The fact that Westminster is a corporation A for prifit one.

James whale read out my accusations on LBC radio tuesday afternoon around 6pm.
He'd not have done so had the bosses not passed it to be allowed.
I explained exactly from the TPUC Site, word for word.
Met Police also a corporation!
So both have to make a profit, the profit from our taxes.

Fines are the source of profit as is global huge fiddle.

Anonymous said...

They are running scared. They will look for an excuse to ban the BNP, no doubt in my mind about that. We need to outsmart them and remove the one effective weapon they use against us again and again, the accusation of racism. We have too much to lose.

Anonymous said...

Well we aren't racist we're realists?
Even over at the Guardian the comments page is fairly outraged at the coverage and threats and harassment of our members.
One put it beautifully that "its like the News Of The Worlds hamfisted vendetta against "Paedo's" when paediatricians and pedalo hirers were attacked and abused by a mob of the great unwashed."
They are desperate that we dont become "martyrs"
We are not racists, we simply want to preserve our race in our own lands and not have it stolen under our noses by the likes of Brown who'd steal the milk from your tea if it would make him a shilling.
Dont apologise for your beliefs and dont modify them to fit in with the herd.
Respect all peoples of the world...especially your own people?

Felicity K x

Anonymous said...

I don't want to modify my beliefs, I just want to remove the only weapon they can use against us. I am absolutely convinced they will use the white only rule to outlaw the party and lock people up. They'll change laws if neccessary. The BNP really is the last hope for democracy, we need a media coup and a surge in membership and votes. We are in a fight for our freedom,if we don't box clever we are finished. We are up against the parliamentary labour party, stuffed full of marxist lawyers,fabians, champagne socialists,and class warriors with unlimited funding,backed up by the useless tories and the pathetic libdems, with a tame media and common purpose oiling their wheels.
We are up against it,there is no room for mistakes.

Anonymous said...

The accusation "racist" is meaningless. The worst mistake the BNP could make is ducking and diving and rejecting the label. Then they would join the ranks of the LibLabCon traitors who are betraying the white British nation. To wish to protect and preserve this identity is both moral and right. This does not mean hatred of non-whites or failure to recognise good and bad in all races. Preference for one's own racial likeness is part of the beginning of loyalty. Of course those influenced or indoctrinated by a century of leftist hyper-individualism and adolescent hatred of responsiblity immediately target "racism" to break up the glue of the society they hate.

Darrin Hodges said...

Congrats to the that law firm for standing up for the rights of the British people in the name of freedom of association and freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Witch-hunt for potential thought-criminals...

"A detective inspector serving in the professional standards department of a Midlands force, who was checking the list against his force personnel records, said: "Even people on the list who are lapsed members of the BNP, or who have just approached the party expressing an interest in joining, will be of interest to us."

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon, I also got the "white Knights" invite. looks like either a set up or intelligence services. they advocate the overthrow of Obamas government. This is a terror organisation or it could be something else. looks sinister whatever those blokes are doing. stay well away.

Anonymous said...


but if you are a paedo killer then you should be protected, according to the police. Joining a democratic legal British party is frowned upon but killing babies then you have the right of your name protected.

"Police are investigating an internet hate campaign which has breached an order preventing the identification of those convicted in the Baby P case."

popeye67 said...

Im not a BNP member yet but its a long time since i voted for anyone else, i dont consider myself anymore racist than the next man, i dont want to be treated any better than anyone else whatever their colour, i just dont want to be treated worse than them, im being made to feel like a second class citizen in my own country and im sick of it, i dont kid myself what the BNP are but the bottom line is the rest of the political parties are a million miles from what i believe are the perfectly reasonable views i hold.

Anonymous said...

No doubt you will be reporting the arrest of the four in Burnley

Here is some ammo in their defense


I just seen that four men were held this morning after a police investigation over the distribution of leaflets in Burnley, Lancashire, branding Muslims responsible for the heroin trade.

Well we all know about 90% of opium/heroin comes out of Afghanistan,now what about the other 10%

Here is some little known facts

Islam is Thailand's largest religious minority, comprising about 10 per cent of the total population. Most of today's Muslims are concentrated in the southernmost provinces bordering Malaysia; Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Songkhla and Satun. They are predominantly of ethnic Malay stock and speak a dialect known as Yawi. But unknown to most, in Thailand's far north there are also substantial numbers of followers of the Prophet Mohammed, descended from overland traders of Turkic-Chinese extraction.

Islam and opium both first came to Southeast Asia with seafaring Arab and Persian traders and adventurers in the 8th century. They settled in the Malay Peninsula, set up businesses, took local wives and raised their children according to the principles of Shari'ah law. By the end of the 10th century they had established a substantial Muslim community but it wasn't until the great SE Asian Hindu-Buddhist Empires began to weaken, between the 12th and 15th centuries, that Islam began to flourish.

This fascinating but difficult to read historical article on the "Golden Triangle" was printed in The Nation (April, '97).
"During the latter half of the 20th century the little-known and often lawless region where Laos, Burma, Thailand and China meet has become known and widely romanticized as "The Golden Triangle". Originally a Western designation applied to the region because of its wealth in jade, silver, rubies, lumber, rare animal products and, above all, opium, the name has stuck and is today accepted both in Chinese and in Thai.

By reputation, by very definition, the area is off the beaten track. The home of drug warlords, arms dealers, insurgent armies, latter-day slave traders and plain, old-fashioned bandits, it's also the home of an extraordinarily wide range of colourful ethnic minorities, many still only partly known and understood, and a veritable Tower of Babel linguistically.

In recent years the defeat of communist insurgences in Thailand and Burma, coupled with the lowering of the Bamboo Curtain in China and Laos as both those countries slowly switch to free trade, has opened some parts of the Golden Triangle to the outside world for the first time in decades.

Other areas- most notably Burma's unadministered Was States- have never been open. Even during the British Raj the area remained sealed off, closed to outsiders. And for good reason; the "Wild Was" were head-hunters who lived in all-but-impregnable thorn- stockaded villages. The only way by a narrow, winding tunnel, pierced with narrow slots which ensured the uninvited could be pierced with spears as they wormed their way in. Heads were taken to ensure the fertility of the harvest, and prominently displayed near the frontiers of Was territory. Hardly surprisingly, people stayed away.

People stayed away; yet there was one exception. The rugged, indomitable Chinese muleteers known to the Burmese as Panthay, and to the Thai and Lao as Haw or Chin Haw, were- and to some extent still are- the masters of the Golden Triangle. Certainly they were the traders par excellence, penetrating into the remotest reaches of forbidden territory such as the Was States, while at the same time their mule caravans, laden with everything from precious stones and jade to opium and copper pans, traded as far as Luang Phabang in Laos, Moulmein in Burma, Tali and Kunming in Yunnan, and Chiang Mae in northern Thailand. Wherever they went they were protected with the best weapons money could buy, and they used these to good effect to ensure the respect of the law-abiding and the fear of the lawless.

When the British first arrived in the Shan State in 1886, they were amazed to find the Panthays armed with Remington repeater rifles better, in most cases, than those of their own troops. Today, of course, it is the semi-automatic AK 47, with it's tell-tale curved ammunition clip, which rules the roost. The question arises, who are these hardy people, and where did they come from? The Thais- even Thai academics- often designate them as a ""Chinese Hill Tribe", and lump them together as Chin Haw (a designation they detest and will not recognise) to distinguish them from the far more numerous Hua Chiao, or "Overseas Chinese", who arrived in Thailand by sea and have settled in large numbers throughout the country, forming an estimated 10 percent of the Thai population.

If the Hakka, Hokkien, Hainanese and Cantonese can be styled Overseas Chinese, then an altogether appropriate designation for the "Chin-Haw" must be Overland Chinese. Yunnanese-speaking muleteers and traders, they walked or rode into Thailand and Burma by the back door of the Golden Triangle. They do not consider themselves Chinese, and the only distinction they recognise is between Hui, or Muslim Chinese, and Han, or non-Muslim Chinese. At this point those unacquainted with the complex ethnic and religious patchwork of the Golden Triangle may legitimately raise a quizzical eyebrow. Muslims in the Golden Triangle? And Chinese ones at that?

Sop Ruak, where Burma, Thailand and Laos meet, is a long way from the Middle East by any standard. Why, how, when did this come about? To find an answer we have to travel back in time about 600 years, to the Yunan Dynasty, when the Mongols ruled not only China, but a broad swathe of land extending across Central Asia to the Russian steppes and large parts of the Middle East. Like any large and successful empire, the Mongols used mercenary and conscript troops. In remote frontier areas- such as southern Yunnan- they also borrowed from Chinese tradition, "using barbarians to control barbarians". In suppressing the remnants of the Southern Sung and extending their control as far as Pagan, then capital of Burma, they employed fierce Uzbek fighters from the Khanate of Bukhara in Central Asia.

By the late 13th century Yunnan had been successfully incorporated in the Mongol realm, and Kublai Khan turned his attention further afield. Some of his Turkic mercenaries were sent to attack Burma- the likenesses of tow are still recorded in frescoes to Pagan, one officer supporting a fierce hunting falcon on his wrist. Others were ordered to settle in newly conquered Yunnan to ensure the continued pacification of the province. They were given Chinese wives, and one Shams Alden Al Becker was made governor. As a further reward, the faithful Muslims were given control over roads and communications. From that time, their grip on the trade of the region has rarely slackened. Even today most out of the way hostelries are Muslim run, and truck drivers, as much as muleteers, are likely to be followers of the Prophet Muhammad.

During the centuries following their settlement in Yunnan the Uzbek followers of Shams Alden gradually became assimilated through intermarriage into the local population a process which continues today. They became increasingly Chinese in appearance , and they adopted Yunnanese Chinese as their language, retaining Arabic only for religious instruction, and forgetting Turkish completely. To their Han neighbours they became known as Hui, or Chinese speaking Muslims.

Relations weren't always good, but they got along fairly well until the mid- 19th century, when oppression by the Ch'ing authorities sparked a major Muslim rebellion. Between 1855 and 1873 a large part of Western Yunnan broke away from the Ch'ing Empire as local Muslim set up their own state, Ping Nan Kuo, or "Kingdom of the Peaceful South". Their leader, Tu Wen hsiu, styled himself Sultan Sulayman and tellingly donned Ming Dynasty costume, indicating loyalty to the Ch'ing's predecessors rather than to some distant Middle Eastern potentate.

In the end the more powerful Ch'ing armies triumphed, massacring innocent Hui as well as rebels as they advanced. Many Hui, amongst them the most hardened supporters of Tu Wen hsiu, fled into the hills of the Golden Triangle with their horses and arms. This was no new territory to them their trade routes had criss crossed the region for centuries, and because of their influence Yunnanese Chinese was already the lingua franca of the area.

Some of the Hui refugees made their way south, through the Golden Triangle to Chiang Mae, the capital of northern Thailand, where they established a small trading post which became known as Ban Chin Haw, or Chin Haw Village today the area of the world famous Chiang Mae Night Bazaar. Others settled as far afield as Vientiane and Rangoon, though they maintained touch with each other, and with their fellows at home in Yunnan, through an extensive network of trade links and caravan routes. The toughest of Tu Wen-hsiu's followers made their way into the Was States, where they made a temporary treaty with the Was ruler and established themselves at the small, isolated settlement of Panglong. In time they defeated and dominated the local Was, making Panglong the defacto capital of the region.

When the British arrived in 1886 they contracted with the new rulers of Panglong to supply mule trains for the colonial armies. Records form the time make it clear that the British regarded the hardy Chinese Muslims whom they styled Panthays, after the Burmese usage as the most advanced people in the region, noting with evident surprise the wealth and power of Panglong. But how was such money amassed in so remote a point of the Golden Triangle? As Sir George Scott, the first commissioner of the Shan States, cryptically observed armed with repeating rifles, financed by Chinese syndicates form Singapore, the Panthays of Panglong sent long caravans of mule trains the length and breadth of the region, carrying yes, carrying pots and pans and walnuts and cotton and all manner of knick kancks but above all, carrying opium.

Until the fall of the Ch'ing Dynasty and the establishment of the Chinese Republic in 1911, the Yunnanese Muslims of the Golden Triangle had things pretty much their own way. Nobody neither the French, nor British, nor Siamese, nor Chinese exerted more than a nominal influence over the region, and the traders flourished. By way of example, in 1926 Panglong was visited by GE Harvey, British superintendent of the Shan states, only to be informed by the inhabitants: "Neither the Chinese government nor the British means anything to us. It's we who rule here."

Here is a very useful link.

Anonymous said...

I had the email from the order of White Knights too.
I didn't click any links in the mail, I Googled them and had a quick look at their site.

I felt it was a site you want to warn others to keep well away from, it is complete bad news, it stinks of set up, I feel it is a very very dangerous site to have on your computer.

Ive trusted my gut feelings over 30 working for my self, I know when I should and should not do something. BE WARNED.


Anonymous said...

Agree Harry, thats' what i trust my instincts.
Plus had a couple of late night calls which i ignored no number registered, friends know what to do should i not answer.
Good PDF booklet here on how to defeat the BNP.
How searchlight the young fabians etc were out helping.
Then a recording of that whimp from Eastenders.
Always good to know what the enemy knows. who voted in Searchlight or the young fabians. both Commies anyway.

Here is a sampling of Fabian thought:

“To play those millions of minds, to watch them slowly respond to an unseen stimulus, to guide their aspirations without their knowledge – all this whether in high capacities or in humble, is a big and endless game of chess, of ever extraordinary excitement.” -Sidney Webb, founder of the Fabian Society.

Deceit their main tool..see how they fooled Americans into Obamarama..Yes! he's Fabian.

A Little background on fabians and the prediction of ww2 and the iraq trouble..1933 nothing happens by accident with fabians around.
Credit crunch-and pigs might fly.
Forecast late 30s to destroy the capitalist system an attack would need to be made on the banking system.
What's moving in is a cross between Capitalism and communism.
Note banks nationalised but profits privatised.
Middle class is the first target group. to be brought down.
Their jobs mainly in finance.


we remain the only think tank run by and for young people. We are affiliated to the Labour Party and have formal representation on the Young Labour National Committee.
Our Membership numbers over 1,000 and includes young professional, students, parlimentary researchers, political activists and academics. All the young MPs elected at the 1997 and 2001 elections were Young Fabians and, during those parliaments, there were more Fabian MPs than Tory MPs.

from Adult fabian site i have their admission to 300 fabians being in westminster.
civil servants.God only knows.i'd say a majority.