Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Political Wheel will turn to BNP Justice

Chief Fire Officer Frank Sheehan.
Is he part of a paedophile network?

I see that Merseyside Police have launched an immediate investigation into whether a person named on the Role of Honour is an actual serving Police Officer.

It is a pity the Police could not have launched an immediate enquiry into the murder of Baby P but it in the brave new world we live in, political persecution is now their function. Not protecting the people.

Many papers are saying that employers will be routing out members and supporters of the party and taking action to remove them. Do it. Compensation claims will hit them like whirlwinds and their companies named, shamed and boycotted and their details added to our files for future investigation into their affairs.

Employers and the press should also remember this. The political wheel is turning and the British National Party never ever forgets. Those who persecute us now will be punished in the future.

They should also be advised that it is not only the state that collects information. Many of us, as individuals, have been collecting information on the enemies of the people for quite awhile and one day, many of those people are going to be presented with this evidence at their trials.

Do they really think they are the only people with access to lists?

Meanwhile some criminals are attempting to cash in on the membership list with sites popping up everywhere with Google adds earning money for them. They are flooding the search engines in order to encourage people to visit their sites, where they can turn a quick profit.
Whilst happy to expose the names and addresses of BNP members, the list site owners are being particularly guarded about their own identities.
One site is registered to a "John Doe", whilst another gives his address as "151 Shekinah%%Triq, Luigi Billion, Pembroke, XX, STJ13, MT".

Meanwhile going unread by the public but not by the BNP is news about the Paedophiles embedded in our services. People like the Chief Fire Officer of West Midlands. Strange how the Fire Brigade does not want BNP members but is happy to be led by paedophiles.

And over on Talksport, an award winning radio presenter as been axed after being named as being a member of the British National Party. We will be seeing Talksport in the courts.

Talksport likes to say they believe in freedom of speech but when it comes to walking the walk and talking the talk they bottle it. Another Company that will one day be brought to book for political persecution of an employee.

Now the BNP must be bolder, the state have revealed how low they will go in their attempts to destroy the only hope for Our Country. We must come back harder. We must push out more leaflets. Sell more papers. Write more articles. Hold more meetings. And push push push.

Because the sooner we gain power the sooner we can
punish the traitors and Quislings.


alex,ivan said...

Arrow i looked again this morning and felt proud to see my name on that list,I feel more good will come out of this.My family weathered the storm in northern ireland when i was a child and we came through victorious.There could be a major own goal in store for the scrupulous goverment and employers over this because their european human rights act will hit them straight back in the face.

Fyrdist said...

"TalkSport's Rod Lucas has become the first casualty of the media storm created by a blogger publishing the names and details of the party's 12,000 members."

I sense that this blogger will never answer for "his/her" release of this info: this is clearly the work of Special Branch.

A few salient questions:

1) Why, if this membership list was in posession of the Reds, did they sit on it for 6 months? Why not release the info as soon as they laid hands on it?

2) The list was "encrypted". Who has the professionlaism and wherewithall to achieve what is surely extremey difficuly for the ordinary man.

Answers to both these questions point in the direction of the Security Services.

Who said McCarthyism was dead?

Salford Supporter said...

What ARE the police doing using stolen property (the membership list)for their own internal PC (ho!ho!) agenda? This is a warped travesty of justice from the very people whose statutory role is to pursue it! This is truly Orwellian stuff.