Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday Morning with Simon Martin and Durham BNP

Good Morning. What did I tell you. Same as last week. Get up and it is Sunday again. There must be a pattern here somewhere.

So what is happening in the world today? To be honest I do not know. I thought I would spend a little time adding some poems that were sent to me by Sedgefield BNP, the link will take you to their YouTube Channel which has some really good stuff there.

Now it may come as a surprise to those of you believe the pap of lies fed to you by the state controlled media but the average BNP member is not the knuckle dragging mindless thug they would have you believe.

We are just ordinary people who are just more aware than most about what is really happening to Our Country. Where we are different, is that we have managed to join the dots and see the big picture and let me tell you it is a big big unpleasant picture. Otherwise we are just the same as any other True Brit.

We like music, art, sports, reading, etc and quite a few of us enjoy poetry. Check out this poem by Simon Martin that was in amoungst those send to me by one of his fellow activists.

Traitors poem

As foreign peoples destroy our land,
Home grown traitors lend a hand.

They’ve crept onto our shores so humble and lowly,
Then walked into our villages ever so slowly.

They care not an ounce for our nations great past,
Now our towns and our cities are facing collapse.

Heathen religions and treacherous preachers,
Telling our folk to ignore Christian teachers.

Our people now cower in their homes on a night,
Punished for being simply British and white.

They desecrate our churches and intimidate our folk,
Its time from this nightmare that our people awoke.

The spirit of warriors lye’s deep inside,
Our souls enriched with all their pride.

This is the land of my forefathers long gone,
And this is my country where my people belong.

We’ve stood and we’ve listened to leaders so weak,
But our time has now come, and its victory we seek.

To new leaders we gather as our time does draw near,
With our banners held high to their speeches we cheer.

We’ll march on our towns and take back our cities,
And the enemies of Britain will be shown little pity.

For raping our country we’ll hang them up high,
And as for the traitors they’re all going to die.

We’ll drive them back to their far flung lands,
For never again will they beg from our hands.

The foe that’s abused us will drown in our scorn.
As we stand and cheer and hail our new dawn.

These Islands are British and forever will stay,
In the hands of the people who’ll keep it that way.

Quite good I thought. Well you can read more by Simon in the Green Arrow Forums poetry section amoungst lots of our readers favourite poems by old and modern authors.

My favourite is Young and Old by Charles Kingsley. There also, is the poem that hangs on the wall of Our Chairmans office, The Stranger by Rudyard Kipling. Anyhow pay the site a visit and get some culture into your hearts for breakfast. When you have finished reading you might also care to register if you like what you see. The forum welcomes all people who believe in what the BNP are fighting for.

Your back? Good. Now let us move onto something else. I noticed that Durham BNP are on Facebook and that reminded me of an article I read yesterday over The Student, apparently The UK's oldest student paper.

And what are some of our students blathering about? Not the colonisation of Our Country but rather the fact that the British National Party is not only growing at a phenomenal rate across the country but also that it is becoming increasingly popular on Facebook.
There are over 100 pro-BNP groups on the site, with the largest of these, ‘Vote BNP’ boasting over 9,000 members. Another group, entitled ‘BNP is not racist (kick out muslims that r racists)’ calls for ‘muslim haters’ to ‘stand and fight’ and heralds the return of ‘White Power.’

Last year The Media Guardian reported that the five main BNP groups on Facebook counted 377 members, although individuals often join multiple groups. Student can reveal that this number has risen to over 20 000 in the space of just 12 months.
Well done all you BNP Facebook Activists. Although I have had an account on Facebook for quite awhile, I rarely go there and have left that part of our struggle to spread the truth to other activists.

But thanks to the The Student, I now realise that Facebook is used by 85% of the UKs University Students and so you know what I am going to say next. Our students are our investments for the future. We must counter the lies that they are fed by their marxist, one worlder teachers. Join Facebook, become active on Facebook and spread the truth of the BNP.

I am now active on Facebook myself and look forward to making lots of friends and receiving from them useful information to put out and pass on to other patriotic blogs, forums and websites.

Whilst here, well done the Youtube BNP activists. You know who you are. Keep the videos coming. My favourite still, is this one here. Please watch it if you have time.

Finally a word to our red readers and a response to some of their rejected comments.

I will remove moderation from this blog and allow you the "free speech" and "right of response" you demand when you allow the same on your sites.

I will remove moderation when your foul mouth anonymous posters stop leaving abusive and racist comments that you then cut n paste as part of your false propaganda campaign.

I will remove moderation when your sites publicly renounce violence and condemn those who do.

OK another finally then.

Finally I say to any students who read this. Think. Look for the truth. Do not be intimidated by those around you who would have you believe that 2+2=5. The truth is 4 no matter how many of them tell you different.

Do not be intimidated by your teachers. Do not be intimidated by your classmates. Think for yourselves and seek out the truth and then seek out others who have already discovered it.

When you have found the truth come and be a friend on Facebook.


ivan said...

Facebook is a good tool green arrow.Ive only been on it a few months and have gained about 25 new party members and guided people on how to become active and get involved with their local groups through the site i set up.Feel free to join.

Anonymous said...

The teaching proffession was infiltrated by hardline Marxists during the late 1950's. Along with the Nazis, they knew that brainwashing the children built the kind of nations they wanted, Hitler once said "Give me your children and I will build you a nation"...

Anonymous said...

I have seen and been inside Academia at student level....and its not very attractive.