Sunday, 16 November 2008

Richard Barnbrook BNP puts Boris on the spot

BNP's Richard Barnbrook really gives it to Boris in this five minute clip. What interested me in it was the constant referral to the "white ethnic minority". Is that what we are now? Ethnics?

I tell you something, I was impressed with Richard at the Conference yesterday but what must it be like for him to face up to those traitors in London every day?

Seriously though, please watch the video.

Hat tip: SedgefieldBNP


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the speaker saved Boris' blushes? She interupts him just as he's about to have to acknowledge that there are no GLA funded groups established for the white community. Furthermore she reads the guidelines regarding the promotion of equality, but is perhaps too thick to realise that this is the point Richard is making...whites are not treated equally.

GreenPleasantLand said...

Of course Boris has to answer the question! Jeanette Arnold is not fit for purpose and only in her position through positive discrimination.

There also seems to be a liblabcon rent-a-mob in the audience, considering the amount of applause Jeanette and Boris got.

Anonymous said...

This lot must squirm and dread it,everytime richard opens his mouth thank god we have him in there.

BFB said...

Barnbook has serious BALLS! I should know, I live in London (Lambeth) and if you even suggest that whites are treated unfairly you WILL be thrown in a cell (it happened to me and my brother)!

RB is an asset, not just to the BNP, but to the whole country.

Thanks for posting, GA.

Anonymous said...

UBN makes the main point perfectly.

The Irony is lost on these genocidal freaks, racists and halfwitt self haters.

Sure the `sheep` applauded, but how many stayed silent for fear of reprisals and intimidation from the liberal fascists?

Richard made a legitimate point in anyones language, to deny it would be to admit total ignorance or overt racism, which of the two were they?

Beyond a shadow of doubt - a mix of both was clearly evident.

GreenPleasantLand said...

Following my previous comment, I have now written a small piece about it.