Thursday, 20 November 2008


The face of the establishment

Despite having a website which is more popular than all the other parties’ put together, despite taking seats from Labour, LibDem and Conservatives in equal measure, despite being the only party whose policies reflect the views of many millions of otherwise voiceless Brits, we never get a fair crack of the whip from the media. Whenever we do well all the other parties unite to attack us. Why?

Because for decades the old parties have made British politics into a cosy liberal closed shop. Oh yes, they argue about minor points like a penny on or off tax, they fight like hungry pigs to get their noses in the public trough, but on the important issues they are essentially three factions in a liberal one-party state.

  • They all support a level of immigration that is turning our country into a foreign place.
  • They all believe that it’s right to tax hard-working families to break-up in order to finance an army of overpaid, bleeding heart, meddlesome bureaucrats to help spongers live at your expense.
  • They all support Britain being turned into a mere province of the European federal superstate, at a cost of £Billions and the destruction of our traditional freedoms and identity.
  • They all tell us that they can’t interfere with ‘the markets’ when ordinary peoples’ jobs are exported to China or India, but agree to bail out the banks, rescuing a gang of crooks from the consequences of their own greed by swamping us all with a tidal wave of debt.
  • They all believe that prisons should be places of last resort designed to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals who they see as ‘victims’ – they’ve created a country where criminals are pampered while pensioners have to chose whether to freeze to death or starve.

They and their friends in the media hate the BNP because we offer voters a real, democratic choice again.

  • The BNP says that Britain is full and it’s time to shut the door and to kick out all immigrant criminals, bogus asylum seekers and anti-Western Islamists.
  • The BNP would slash taxes by abolishing all Politically Correct bureaucracy and insisting that every able bodied person pays their way instead of expecting to sponge off the rest of us.
  • The BNP would restore British freedom, independence and prosperity by getting out of the EU.
  • The BNP believes that the banking system should serve productive industry and the real economy, rather than the other way round.
  • The BNP would treat criminals as the anti-social vermin they are, and make deterrence and fair play for victims the fundamental aims of the criminal justice system.

As you’ll find out when you come back and visit this site when it’s not so flooded with new visitors, there’s a lot more to the old parties’ and media’ hatred of the BNP than these points, but they go a long way to explaining it.

We’re different, we’re straight-talking – we’re people, not politicians.


Anonymous said...

The same problems are happening in all European counties that are experiencing mass immigration.
Please watch the following youtube video. This is your future in old age if you do not put a stop to this - and the BNP is your only realistic hope for that:

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

excellent piece GA - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

And bad situations in Brussels too: