Sunday, 2 November 2008

Unions call for right to expel BNP members

A real Trade Union for the Real British Workers

Damn. I wanted to do something else but I guess it is rattle them out time.

The Labour Party concerned at the increased growth of the British National Party and the very possible fact that the BNP may win three or more seats in next years European Parliament elections have revealed their real Stalinst face.
Trade unions want the right under UK law to expel British National Party activists - and deny them membership - as part of Labour plans to check the electoral advance of the far right.
The Labour MPs behind this are concerned with one thing and one thing only. Their own necks and wallets. They know that the growth of the BNP in their constituencies means that they are very likely to be thrown off the Gravy Train and into the real world, where their lack of real talent and skills means they will unemployable and have to sell of their taxpayer bought 2nd homes.
Experts say that, under the list system, the BNP would need as little as 7.5 per cent of the vote in northwest England and only 11 per cent in Yorkshire and the West Midlands to install Euro-MPs in the Brussels and Strasbourg parliament. Labour also fears the BNP could become the largest party in two councils - Barking and Dagenham in Essex and Stoke-on-Trent - in next year's council elections if its anti-foreigner rhetoric struck a chord during the recession.
Well suck it up lads whilst you can. Your days really are numbered.

By now all those still in work should have realised the truth, that the Trade Unions no longer represent the people who pay their subscriptions.

Trade Unions only act now out of self interest and to fund trade union activists to act as political tools of the Labour Party. Workers should now be looking to join another Trade Union and what better than the only patriotic trade union that speaks out for British Workers. Solidarity.

BNP European Election Results 2004
  • East Midlands 91,860
  • Eastern 65,557
  • North East 50,249
  • London 76,152
  • North West 134,959
  • Scotland 19,427
  • South East 64,877
  • South West 43,653
  • Wales 27,135
  • West Midlands 107,794
  • Yorkshire & Humberside 126,538
Total 808,200

You are not alone. Since 2004, millions have now said they support the policies of the BNP. Be more than a supporter. Be a member. Be an activist and walk tall.


parasite cleanse said...

The “political levy” scam–how Trades Unionists’ contributions are being embezzled to support NuLabour parasites:

“LABOUR is facing a fresh funding inquiry amid claims that the way its trade union backers are collecting millions of pounds for the party is in breach of the law.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to study a Tory dossier that claims the unions are “ripping off” members by asking for inflated fees that are creamed off into Labour coffers.”

More at

Fyrdist said...

Am I missing something here?

Why, since the inception of Solidarity, are BNP members, supporters, or sympathisers retaining allegiance to the decadent Leninist entity that is Trade Unionism?

Nationalists should have by now realised that their place is not with anti-Nationalist established Trade Unions.

Certainly, before the arrival of Solidarity I could forgive Nationalists for retaining membership in their particular union (there was no one else to represent them) but since the onset of Solidarity there is, surely, now no excuse.

There shouldn't even be this suggestion of expelling BNP members from the established Trade Unions: they should have by now jumped before they are pushed.

Has anybody got a plausible reason for the retention of membership in ultra-Leftist Trade Unions? I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

I hope that all Nationalists will turn their backs on the establishment Unions and build Solidarity. Vote with your feet!

Solidarity is supporting the demo in Birmingham called by Civil Liberty on November 17. We are a militant, fighting Union. Come to the General Teaching Council in Victoria Square between 9am and 5pm and you will see us on the streets defending our President Adam Walker and inside making legal argument. Make a noise for freedom!

Anonymous said...

I have a mate whos is a memebr a tarde Union a nd the yare not allowed to choose to vote for a poltical party that isnt LIBLABCON, that is , they are not allowed to vote for a party who tells the truth. It seems many many of his co workers/union members agree with many of the policies of the BNP as realistic and necesarry.

Freedom of speech ? No freedom to have the truth. Unions like the single party LIBLABCON system they support dont want the truth.

Who are the exrtemists here?