Tuesday, 25 November 2008

BNP nurses spark ethics debate

We managed without immigrant nurses before and we
will manage without them again

The Nursing Times are having a bit of a debate over whether nurses should be allowed to join the British National Party.

It seems that their witch hunters have discovered that there are at least four registered nurses on the Role of Honour. How many BNP nurses have been convicted of mistreating patients.?

However they have reaffirmed their position that nurses are free to join the British National Party but warn that individuals could be struck of if their political views comprise the care they give to patients.

Fair enough and that rule should also apply to all political parties and also followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, who are in the medical profession.

However, Gail Adams of the communist trade union Unison said:
'It is hard to imagine the strong, far-right views of the BNP as being compatible with working in a caring profession such as nursing. Nurses must treat patients from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds with respect, professionalism and care.'

She added: 'There is no doubt that the NHS would grind to a halt without the efforts of thousands of migrant workers. Being a member of the BNP would interfere substantially with the close working relationship needed between NHS colleagues.'

Stupid woman. During the war our medics treated the wounded of captured enemies with care and they were trying to kill us.

Our True British Nurses of today are no different. Unlike Moslem Doctors who drive 4*4 into airports and try to kill people or refuse treatment to people because they are homosexual.

And I would like to remind the silly red cow, that this country managed perfectly well without migrant workers before they were allowed to colonise Our Country and steal Our Jobs. In fact we managed a damn sight better.

These days in hospitals and Doctors waiting rooms across Our sad Land, immigrants are fast tracked to the front of the queue to save on interpreters bills whilst White British People, with more serious injuries are left waiting at the back until the immigrants are looked after.

Come on people. Wake up.

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Anonymous said...

How about this for an ethics debate -

"One pensioner was left to die on her own while others were left for hours
in their own filth and without drink. Some were left in agony without proper
pain relief, the hearing was told."


What sort of "nurses" do this?

Anonymous said...

She of the Brain Dead.

Letter of reply anyone?

Anonymous said...

The Health Secretary -


Anonymous said...

And how about those Muslim doctors who openly state they don't give a flying f@%* about the health of the kuffars? http://uppompeii1.uppompeii.com/2007/09/15/uk-muslim-doctor-association-exposes-they-care-only-about-muslims.aspx

The link to their website in the article is out of date, but their constitution can now be found here: http://mdda.org.uk/web/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=57

These Harold Shipman wannabees ought to be struck off. They certainly deserve the same level of publicity as the BNP.

watling said...

The fact that there are thousands of migrant workers in the NHS means that the countries they came from are short of qualified medical personnel. As war and famine are permanent guests in Africa, wouldn't African doctors and nurses be better deployed in Africa?

Mind you, thanks to the surge in violent crime here caused by immigrants, we need increasing numbers of doctors with experience in treating bullet and knife wounds, which plenty of African doctors already have.

And of course, any qualified African doctor would much rather ply his trade in a UK hospital than in some dusty, shambolic, disease-ridden, war-torn African hell-hole.

But the same could be said for many people currently living in Africa. Why would they want to live in a dictatorship under the constant threat of war and/or famine - such as in Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sudan or the Congo - when the land of milk and honey that is the UK is just a forged passport away?

Anonymous said...

Funny how these sackings are failing to materialise, could it be because the evil ones know that it is unlawful, and that they would further our cause through bad press, not too mention cost a fortune in compo?. I suspect the U turn has nothing to do with valuing a persons right to belong to a political party, do you?. Although I do agree that no one should allow their political beliefs to affect the way they carry out their work, but then that isnt the reason the BNP members are being villified is it?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Green Arrow!

Anonymous said...

Re : the Unison comment above. I am a strong BNP supporter working as a support worker in a further education college to support learners who have health issues, disabilties, emotional issues. I am completely professional in my working practices with colleagues and students. It would be unprofessional of me to bring my own politics in to the workplace - as it would be to espouse any other political views for that matter at work. However, I can't say that that is the case throughout the college. I have witnessed ,time and again, one particular 'tutor' using his tutorials about racism to defame and attack the BNP. It's an appalling abuse of power though alas he can probably get away with it under the guise of 'promoting diversity' which is now alas an ideological condition of employment in the public sector.

Th Unison rep where I work is - wait for it - Muslim. I had great pleasure telling her once that in principle I fully support independent trade unions but would never join Unison because I oppose it's wider political campaigns. She would never twig that I support the BNP because at work I treat everyone the same and don't have hairy palms! She and her cronies would like to kid the public that we are incapable of working with 'minorities' in order to justify the attempt by the anti-British alliance to crush the BNP.

Anonymous said...

There has been an attempt by some Unions to extend the ban on BNP members from the Police and Prison Service to other professions. This hasn't got very far. Even the Police and Prison Service seem very half-hearted about actually enforcing their bans against individuals and having to defend test cases. The bans in place clearly contradict UK obligations under the ECHR (A treaty and nothing to do with the EU remember!).

It does show, however, how foolish it is for BNP members to join or remain in establishment Unions. I am a member of Solidarity which is pro-Nationalist and now has a great team of officials. I really hope people will get behind it and build an alternative. I know that the Union has seen a big increase in recruitment as a result of the publication of the BNP list and has been very active in defending those concerned. We need a Union on our side.