Monday, 10 November 2008

Just one reason why we need BNP Councillors

Councils should concentrate on collecting rubbish
not personal information.

If the members of the British National Party who put bravely put their names forward to be candidates for councillors were in it for themselves, they could have joined any of the Lib/Lab/con parties and probably taken a faster ride to the Council Chambers across Our Country.

But they are not professional politicians (yet), they are people who care about both their communities and their country.

And being real people, they understand how the real world operates. Unlike the jobsworths, who like maggots are eating away at our freedoms who are allowed to dictate to the people they should be serving.

Morons like Alan Cottam, the "executive member for regeneration and environment" for Darwen Council.

And what does that grand title mean. It means in charge of bin collections. A grand title for a piece of rubbish that should jump on one his carts if he has the patience to wait around for a fortnight or more.

Take the case of Gary Rostron who was taken to court after his wheelie bin was either pushed over or fell over in wind and rubbish fell to the floor.
Mr Rostron, of Mill Hill, Blackburn, said: "The council told me they had evidence I had dumped the rubbish because there were three envelopes with my name and address on them in the bags found in the alley.

"Of course there were - it was my rubbish. But I had put the bags in the bin and left them out for the binmen. They must have been knocked or pushed over after that.

He added: "This is penalising people who go out to work and cannot put their bins out minutes before the binmen come, or bring them back in the moment they are emptied.

"I was not willing to have a criminal record because of something I did not do, which is why I fought it. The whole thing must have wasted thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money, which would be better spent on cleaning up the streets.
But what did the King of Crap Cottam have to say about this?;
no householder would ever be convicted "if we dropped cases when people say they are innocent."
He added: "Evidence has to be tested in court and it is then up to the magistrates to decide."

Now I have no idea how much these kind of court cases are costing the rate payers but I do know that the sooner we have BNP Councillors who can ensure that those civil servants who see themselves as Our Masters and not our servants are sacked and their pensions revoked the better.


As Harry points out in a comment. Note the contract in the image. Your Household conforms to OUR REQUIREMENTS. The councils job is to meet and conform to OUR requirements. Arrogant bastards.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago, during the late 70's, I recall reading a booklet entitled Treason at Westminster. The author spoke of plans to by what can only be described as the NWO/Marxists/Common Purpose to empower local councils into becoming mini dictatorships, where personal data was to collected and used by them for the day they took over civil judiciary services. Now look how we have the centralisation of local power, specially built civic centres which will encompass health/social work/police/judiciary are being built all over the country, mini fortresses which will no doubt one day decide between their various co-operating departments who is a good citizen, and who is entitled to services. And would somebody please enlighten me as to when "Local Councils" became "Local Authorities"?. I will always refer to them by the former, as a lot of the "authority" they seem to enjoy inflicting on the populace is in fact an illegal and un constitutional. Another way to defeat the information gatherers of course is to give them what they want, but make it as incorrect but believable as possible, that really screws their system up!

Anonymous said...

Note the last words on the form

.... Please be aware that by signing this form you are accepting responsibility for ensuring that your household conforms to our requirements.

A form of contract.

is this where we are headed?

For heavens sake wake up people!!


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I was told by my local council that if I persisted in paying my council tax on the 15th of the month in person as I have done for 12 years I would be taken to court and the court would issue an order to pay on, wait for it, the 15th if I so chose. The cost of this Brian Rix farce would naturally be passed to me.

However if I set up a direct debit I could continue to pay on the 15th, or for that matter any day I chose. Otherwise in future all payments must be on the first of the month if I wished to continue paying in person at their office. Where the hell is the logic in this.

I actually got into a very heated exchange with a female on the phone who contemptuously told me that

(A: I did not pay her wages.

(B: Her job was not to attend to my needs but that of her employer.

I got a sneaking feeling the fact that I polled 32% as a BNP candidate in the May council elections had a lot to do with it...

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous " Local Councils" being changed to "Local Authorites"

My council tax bill has always been just that, a Council Tax Bill" until this year when it was changed to "Council Tax DEMAND".
(I have never missed paying it by the way) I was told my local Mid Sussex council now falls in line with the wording of other local councils. You notice other councils didn't fall in line with
Bill and NOT Demand. Just subtle ways of letting you know they are now in charge, and what the big picture will be in the future.
Keep voting the same and you will get the same.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

"A grand title for a piece of rubbish that should jump on one his carts if he has the patience to wait around for a fortnight or more."


Arrogant bastards indeed, Green Arrow.


One can not make a "contract"between a council and a member of the public,for it would be making a contract with yourself,which is legally impossible,the same is true in respect of national administration,no contract is possible,for they do not exist prior to the people,the people are soverign.