Thursday, 11 October 2007

The End of Freedom

The Destruction of Counties, departments and districts, as Regions take over, the demise of Parliament and the Reign of the Emperor of Europe.

Throughout Europe, the changes have begun, and have been going on quietly for some time, since 1999. It only awaits ratification of the EU Constitution or what is now known as the Reform Treaty.

England is to be split into 9 regions, the Ministers like Gauliters have already been appointed, and the County system will be abolished forever, along with the County Councils and local authorities. England will no longer be a country at all.

For example. Historic counties like Devon or Cornwall will no longer be mentioned by name as the map from the South West RDA below shows.

  1. Bristol
  2. South Gloucestershire
  3. North Somerset
  4. Bath and North East Somerset
  5. Swindon
  6. Bournemouth
  7. Poole
  8. Torbay
  9. Plymouth

These will be the new area names within the region. Each Region will be run by RDA’s, supported by personnel headed by graduates in each district from Common Purpose.

The same will happen to each and every county of England.

Scotland and Wales are safe, and will remain as they are, with their own new parliaments, each being a region to remain intact, but they will lose national status, and be downgraded by our new master in Europe to regional status. England will no longer exist as a country, just 9 regions.

The UK as represented in Europe will be known as the 11 regions of the UK.

This is not unique to the UK, it is happening to every member state of Europe. If we take France for instance, since 1999 the new regions have slowly been establishing themselves in the same way, quietly, in the background so that the people don’t notice the transformation.

For instance, the new Region of Pays de la Loire.

Pays de la Loire is made up of the following historical provinces:

  • a part of Brittany, with its old capital Nantes contained within the Loire-Atlantique department. This is only 20% of Brittany. The other 80% of Brittany make up the region of Bretagne.
  • Anjou: is largely contained within the Maine-et-Loire department. The whole of the former province of Anjou is contained inside Pays de la Loire.
  • Maine: is now divided between the Mayenne and Sarthe departments. The whole of the former province of Maine is contained inside Pays de la Loire.
  • a part of Poitou: is contained within the Vendée department. Most of the old province of Poitou is inside the Poitou-Charentes region.
  • a part of Perche: is within the northeast of Sarthe department. The rest of Perche is inside the Basse-Normandie and Centre regions.
  • a small part of Touraine: southeast of Maine-et-Loire department. Most of the former province of Tourraine is inside the Centre region.

Consequently, the name of the region, chosen by the French central government, was not based on history, but purely on geographical references: Pays (i.e. "lands") de la Loire (i.e. "of the Loire River").

The naming convention is a little more inventive than Fatty Prescott dreamed up for the new English regions, and they are at least keeping their old historical names for each county (department), but as we can see, the total destruction of our historical roots is both essential and preferred in subduing the English.

At the same time, Party Politics will also be abolished. Westminster will be closed as a debating chamber and will become the headquarters of the London Region, the South East Region, and the Governor of the UK.

There will no longer be a Conservative, LibDem or Labour Party. Never again will there be a democratically elected UK government, an opposition and democratic debate.

There will only be 1 ruling party, who will rule the UK from Westminster, who will swear allegiance to Brussels. If still in office in 2009, Gordon Brown will become the first State Governor of the UK.

The people of the UK have now been disenfranchised. Common Purpose will fill the command and control gaps that are left between the State Governors office (Westminster), RDA’s and the people after their local authorities and councils have gone.

The headlong rush to get the Reform Treaty ratified by 1st January 2009 is so that there can be ‘elections’ on a regional basis to the European Parliament later in the year, which under the EU Constitution will be a rubber stamp parliament ruled over by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, run by EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso until the new Presidential office is set up.

We will all have to pay homage to the President of the New Empire. It is rumoured that the job has already been promised to Tony Blair, as reward for 10 years of bringing the UK to its knees.

The farcical events in the UK over the past months, with the mock build up to an election, the defections into Labour’s big tent, the stealing of policies are all for show.

All of the politicians in Westminster know the score, jobs for life, no more elections.

This is the future in Brown’s new kind of politics, ruled from Brussels, through National Governors, down to regional directorates (RDA’s, who assumed the powers of the now defunct Regional Assemblies).

Common Purpose personnel will run the services within each region, Hospitals, transport, emergency services, police, fire, ambulance, and the boards of the thousands of Quango’s which have been established to run local services such as rubbish collection, housing associations and the like.

For years all these services have been dumbed down, swamped with targets, paperwork and record keeping, deliberately made NOT to work. They believe that if the people see no difference or a sudden huge improvement to the way their services are delivered, then they wont mind loosing their rights, freedoms, democracy and liberty.

All that Common Purpose training, of selected candidates, under the Chatham House rules is to develop not just networks, but clear cohesive soviets for each region, awash with money from Europe, and Banks who have donated to the network of Common Purpose run charities. In one fell swoop, a revolution right across Europe without the revolutionary battles.

The UK, like all the other countries of Europe, will be part of a huge new unelected communist Empire.

So I say to all the political bloggers and local councillors out there, who are content playing the party political game, I don’t know whether you really don’t know what’s going on, or just choose not to see it, but the games all come to a close in 2010.

That’s why our politicians don’t give a stuff about petitions, about debates, about breaking the rules, about lying to the House and the Press, lying to the public. Their arrogance has grown to the extent that they believe that we cant do anything about it.

To keep us in order, there have been new police forces created in the UK (and in other countries). An army of civil servants are now in uniform across the country, PCSO’s, Traffic Wardens, Highways Agency will all be given new powers and used to fill the gaps as police officers with morals quit. (today calls for them to wear police uniforms were announced)

Regiments of armed personnel are being formed for the ‘Border Police’, but we suspect that just like the old East Germany, they will be used more for keeping us in, rather than keeping people out.

And this is why the ID cards are so important, they will become internal passports, your ability to travel anywhere in your own region, between regions, between states will all be governed by your ID card.

Under the plan, you would “prove” your identity for virtually everything you do, by putting “your” ID card in a reader and typing in a PIN, just like a credit card transaction. The Home Office will then record exactly where you were and what you were doing, and hold the record for the rest of your life.

If they think you shouldn’t be allowed to carry out that transaction, they can instantly deny permission, there and then. Just like the credit card company.

If the Home Office or your Regional Gauliter thinks you shouldn’t be working, it can stop people employing you by refusing the work-entitlement ID check.

If it thinks you shouldn’t be using the health service, it can refuse your ID check at a doctor’s surgery or hospital.

If it thinks you shouldn’t be withdrawing your own money from your bank account, it could refuse that ID check.

Unlike using a credit card, when the system says “permission denied” (for whatever reason), you can’t use another credit card instead or pay with cash.

Instead, you’ll be faced with trying to prove that you’re entitled to conduct your legitimate business despite the Home Office computer saying “No”.

This is the Britain of the future, even the Information Commissioner says so. This is the Europe of the future, a communist state.

Henry Porter wrote in The Observer:

The art of government these days is to extend power without people noticing. Gordon Brown proclaims his solemn duty ‘to uphold freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of protest’, yet his ministers steal through the night to attack each one of these rights. We are moving with a sickening speed to a point where the reality of government intentions is the precise opposite of its presentational rhetoric.

He links the National Identity Register to other mass surveillance measures:

Before the election - which now looks a good distance away - it is crucial to understand that some kind of circle is being closed here by Labour. That circle includes the National ID card database and the mass surveillance of people’s movements by motorway ANPR cameras, the congestion charge cameras in London, Oyster cards used on London’s public transport, the new parking payments by text message and God knows what else. With Monday’s extension of RIPA powers, the government has created an apparatus of control only matched in sophistication by the system in China known as the Gold Shield Project. Wake up and smell the milk burning, Doris. Gold Shield is coming here, too.

This country has fought communism with every fibre of its being for generations. The people of Britain are not asleep, they don’t know, because the Press have been instructed not to report on European matters, they have never been told that our own government has sold us out to foreigners and allowed this evil to take us in the night.

And there we see the main reason for keeping out troops out of the country, tied up, overstretched and over there. There is nothing that this government fears more than the Armed Services, who swear allegiance to the Crown to say NO. By the time they come home, if they come home, it will all be over. Revolution done.

Tell them, tell everyone, wake them up, circulate this story.

Hat Tip: Mr Smith's Refusal



Anonymous said...

No Lib/Lab/Con parties? No Bloggers? No voice for Nationalists?
That would also spell the end of the BNP?

So whats the point of Nationalism if we are stuffed as a Nation?


defender said...

we often hear of globalisation common purpose, the EU, and islam. this attached link gives some insight as to how it may all be morphising. I think it is worth a read.

Thought Criminal 14 said...

"So whats the point of Nationalism if we are stuffed as a Nation?"

How about to defend our nation while we still can? Or is that too obvious an answer? Perhaps you'd prefer it if nationalism was only something for when times aren't hard and the nation isn't threatened?

The Green Arrow said...

The Queen signs away our rights some time next year. Whatever happens we will continue to fight. It is our way. I want to see the politicians who brought this plague upon us hanging from lamp posts.

Thought Criminal 14 said...

Quite right, the country could do with more hanging ornamentation.

The politicos will do what they will do. We must remain true nonetheless.


Vlad said...

I disagree with you there GA - I'd rather see them impaled on stakes.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Common Purpose is a corrupt and evil organisation and must be stopped: