Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Gary Streeter. No Shame. No Honour.

Why not just lick your Masters hand Gary? Fawning piece of .....add your own words

The Herald, that for some reason thinks it has the right to add The Voice Of Plymouth after its title, writes in vomit inducing words, gushing praise on the baby murdering bastard called Nelson Mandela.

Referring to this ageing, unrepentant communist terrorist as a revered world statesman, they go on to induce even more vomit by reporting on the words of a Tory politician, who like all the old guard politicians serves only himself.

Endeavoring to ingratiate himself with the Blair clone Cameron, Gary Streeter, the MP for South West Devon, increases the membership of the British National Party by uttering the following:
"In the 80s Tories like me used to scoff at anything to do with Nelson Mandela. Now most of us think he's the greatest living person of the 20th century. I am ashamed of my attitudes towards him 20 years ago."
Would this be the same Gary Streeter who went running off to join the now long gone SDP before crawling back to the Conservative Party when he realised he had jumped ship in the wrong port? Why yes it is. And yet some of you still voted and campaigned for him. Why?

Now I know it is tough for dyed in the wool true blue Tories to be disloyal, but your Party is your Party no longer. It is just part of the embryo one party state. You no longer owe it any allegiance or loyalty. They have betrayed you as they have betrayed Our Country.

Your home now is with the British National Party. A new type of political party that is not made up of self seeking politicians but people who care. People who care, who come from both the honour dead Labour Party and the walking corpse called the Conservative Party.

Rest assured, anyone who cares for their country, Our Country will be made welcome in the BNP.

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Anonymous said...

The Evening Herald has changed for the worse over the years,it has become very PC and biased.I believe the Editor belongs to CP which would clearly explain their non reporting of peoples true feelings etc...Crimes committed by foreigners go unreported even to the extent of not reporting their colour when looking for a criminal but if they are white it is immediately reported.You can bet your life when a description is given clothes,hair,eyes etc...and no colour mentioned then they are of foreign stock,because when they are white it is all over the report.The local crap that happens in September or October and is profusely reported is our waste of cash Respect festival where we locals are supposed to celebrate our diverse city with our ethnic friends.Thankfully it is not a success with the Brits,several of my fellow BNPers go along and give a true report of the success and it is mostly made up of other races with a slight smattering of the white brainwashed.But according to the local rag it is an overwhelming success with the amount of whites that turn up and celebrate along with the whirling dervishes etc...Another once good newspaper gone down the pan,I only buy it now to read the match reports on Argyle and send in the odd letter on anti immigration issues etc....By the way Mr Streeter is a useless twat,a typical Tory.all piss and wind and no action.(Shieldwall-Plymouth)