Monday, 1 October 2007

Green Arrow and the Black Londoners Forum

Why am I looking at an engine? I can't even dress myself!

Those morons over on the Black Londoners Forum are gloating at the halting of the petition for the removal of the baby murdering bastard, Mandela's statue from it current location and moving it somewhere more appropriate. Like a scrap yard.

They crow at the fact that there were only 133 signatures but as I just pointed out to these imbeciles. Had the government not pulled it there would have been hundreds of thousands of signatures, millions. So despised it that sad excuse for a man by the real True Brits.

I was going to point out to the idiots who frequent the forum that if Africa is so wonderful now, why don't they go over there and live. Or if indeed that country is now sliding into hell then why don't they go there and help reshape its future. But that would have been pointless. They know where their bread and butter comes from and it is not Africa.

Go read their tripe and feel free to try and educate them. Try being the operative word.


Anonymous said...

You have certainly stirred them up GA,you have a mention on their latest shite.They just cannot comprehend that normal THINKING people actually despise Mr Mandela and see him for the terrorist that he truly is.TEAR THE STATUE DOWN HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BRITAIN.We refuse to follow the sheep who hero worship the old troll Nelson.

Anonymous said...

Always forgetting to add who I am!.Another post above by moir(Shieldwall-Plymouth)

Fidothedog said...

At least when I am in London(istan) I will be able to find one public convenience that is open 24/7, so at least the statue to that terrorist baby killer has one use.

Lets just hope that rather than it being scrapped by a future UK government it is placed in a location where people can urinate on it.

bernard said...

Loved the photo, GA.
Afro/Carabs are always gripe'ing on about 'respect' and then walk around dressed like widow twanky from some comic opera.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Bernard. Good name. Same as my uncle who was a Navigator on the V bombers. Not you is it? lol

The ones I really laugh at and despise in equal measures are the white wigger boys who want to be black. Sad pathetic losers.

Anonymous said...

Black Londoners forum?...I thought they all were these days..."Maybe its because I'm a Londoner, that I wear my trousers down" and all that.. sad to think that these old songs, the background music to the cockney culture and cheery spirit that kept the capital going through the blitz, has nothing in common with the London of today, which resembles any fleahole in Africa and Asia. Perhaps the Planet of the Apes film wasnt far short of the truth, after all.

bernard said...

No, I'm not your long lost uncle.
I was a tail gunner on a Spitfire and my nickname was Snowy on account of my red hair. ;-)

The Green Arrow said...

LOL Bernard.

Never mind. I guess I will have to donate the £2 million pounds my father left him to charity. Perhaps The Refugee Council would be grateful for the money.

bernard said...

LOL! to you with knobs on, fella!!