Sunday, 14 October 2007

Well done England

Congratulations to the English Rugby Team on your fantastic victory over France. You have made my weekend - and I am Welsh.

But I do know one thing. And that is that all True Brits will be celebrating with you today, be they Scots, Irish or Welsh. At the end of the day we are all British and together we are Great Britain.

Can you picture the Newt Man, Ken Livingstone today? He must be frothing at the mouth at the thought of having to get out an open top double decker and close off Trafalgar Square when England win the final. Well done England.


Sir HM said...

Yes. Well done England. Just one more match to win.

I too am Welsh.

And couldn't you just fuck my luck eh? I live in Wigan, only a short walk away from the stadium - can even hear the crowd from indoors when a roar goes up. Here I can get to watch world class football; world class rugby league ... and what's my game? That's right - the union game. Bugger!!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Even Myself a Scotsman cheered when Wilkinson put the drop goal over. Just like being in the Army we take the mickey out of the taffys the paddy's the jocks, and the southern poofters. But stick in us in a trench together in time of dire need for our nations, and we die for each other.

thats what makes us Great Britain

Eddy Morrison said...

I'm afraid there are far too many negroids in the England team.

Bu for the nation I raise my glass in admiration for the brave men of the team.