Saturday, 6 October 2007

A message to our troops

One day the BNP will give you the Parade you truly deserve.

If you are a serving soldier then you are probably aware of the public response to a recent parade held in Abingdon in Oxfordshire. In fact the response was no response.

Your comrades, Our Troops, the men from the 4th Logistic Support Regiment marched through largely deserted streets to St Helen's Church for a thanksgiving service and that visible lack of public support must have hurt.

One of your Generals, Sir Richard Dannatt said that soldiers returning from dangerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan were dismayed to find the public being so "dismissive or indifferent" to your experiences.

But your General, like the politicians is wrong. We do care. We care enough to to want you home without suffering any more casualties. But the wars are illegal and the cause not worth one split fingernail to any of our troops who are forced to serve longer and more dangerous tours of duty. Let them sort their own countries out. Imagine if you had foreign troops on your soil? You to would be resentful. Being a man you would probably fight back. Let them slaughter each other. We do not care about them. We do care about you.

But what are the public to do? Opposition to the wars is overwhelming and yet the government will not listen to the people and they will not listen to your officers who still retain some sense of honour. We want you home in one piece. We have had enough of coffins draped with Union Jacks.

Large crowds would have been used by this evil government to say that the public supported the wars that have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of our truly valued servicemen and hundreds of thousands of civilians. No one supports those kind of figures. No one supports the wars and no one supports the government that is using you for posturing on the world stage.

As an ex-serviceman (please read) who served in Aden and Northern Ireland, I can tell you, we do care about you. And that is why I say this. Do not encourage anyone to join the army to die for these evil politicians and illegal wars. Do not re-enlist. Being unemployed is better than being dead and causing grief to the loved ones you would leave behind. Leave the army and join the British National Party. There is a war going on at home where your skills and courage are needed. Only the BNP will end the wars and rebuild Our Forces to their former glory. Then we will have a parade worthy of the heroes that you truly are.


Winston Smith said...

The problem with Isolationism is that the enemy tends to follow you home.

I say better to fight them in Baghdad than London.

A. G. Baggett said...

In past years when we still had any power in our OWN COUNTRY, people were encouraged by the government and the media to be proud and supportive of our armed forces. These days our poor sad people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into dismissing anything British and particularly English as being suspect or unworthy or even racist. We have wonderfull British men and women in the forces. We should try to deserve them.

ASD said...

I hope the people of Abingdon are ashamed at their lack of overt support for our fighting men and women. Remember, our soldiers didn't make the decision themselves to go to Iraq. They were sent by the traitor Blair and the New Labour regime. They are the ones who should bear the brunt of public opinion, not our soldiers.

The Green Arrow said...

This is a difficult one guys. How do we show support to Our Soldiers without showing support for illegal wars?
With regards to the people of Abingdon, I received some information that there was no advance publicity and hardly anyone knew of the event so we also have to consider that.

Winston, I believe there is a larger war on the horizon and I also would prefer to to fight the enemy on their ground. But when you fight a war it should be total war and it should be legal.

bernard said...

While on the topic of armed services, people should become aware of significant news items that are creeping out of late.
The Navy, and now the Airforce are to be slimmed down and funds cut.
When the Army in Iraq is returned home at the end of next year, expect this to be accompanied by announcements of Army cuts as well.
Significant? Yes it is, because there will be a corresponding INCREASE in Police funding and recruitment. But not for our benefit, that's for sure.
Like all would-be Totalitarianists, Brown and NuLabour are becoming Paranoid, and for a good reason.
Britain looks set for civil strife before the end of this decade, and the big three Armed Services are likely to come down on the side of the British people, whereas the nicely softened-up Police Service are guaranteed to tow the Govt line and turn on the people when called upon.
I don'nt think this is fancifull. I really believe these are the thoughts running through Whitehall and the Government.