Friday, 17 August 2007

A message to our servicemen

The British Army - Simply the Best

This post is aimed at all servicemen and women who are considering re-enlisting in Our armed forces and young people considering joining the British Army.

Some of the things that follow may smack of a form of disloyalty but I am sure you will also agree that much of what I write is true. First some background to my credentials in writing about a difficult subject aimed at people who serve or wish to serve Our Country.

I come from a family that has served the military well in the last few decades. My late father served in the army and landed on Sword Beach during the Normandy landings during the 2nd World War. He was later wounded outside Caan whilst earning his Mentioned in Despatches. Before he died, he informed me: "I would never have run up that Beach if I had known what the politicians would do to the country".

My late uncle also served in the army during the war and was imprissoned by the Japanese after the shameful fall of Singapore. He would never talk about the horrors he witnessed and suffered during that time.

My father in law was one of those who fought the rearguard action at Dunkirk and was captured by the Germans. Compared to my uncle, he said that the treatmeant he received was decent up until the end of the war. Over a few beers with my father, they both agreed that they fought for nothing. I do not know if that is true but it is beginning to seem that way.

My fathers younger brother went on to become a Navigator on the Vulcan V Bombers, our nuclear detterent many years ago.

I have four brothers, three of whom have all served in the army. One in 7RHA as a para, one in a Missile Regiment and the pup went of to an infantry regiment. Two of them spend much of their time in Northern Ireland.

I myself went off to the Senior Service for 12 years and as a result of certain skills, I spend five years on and off in Norther Ireland during the late 60's and 70's.

So there are my credentials. I believe they give me the right to write and post this article. I am going to add links later but it is easy enough to get the source information via a google search.

First, the wars in Afganistan and Iraq. For wars they are. But they are not legal wars. They are wars brought about by a man who wanted to pose on the world stage as a first class diplomat and war leader. And the price for his posturing is paid for in your blood and your comrades deaths.

Deaths that are quickly forgotten by the general public, more interested in Jeremmy Kyle and big brother. Even more quickly forgotten by the politicans who sent you to die without proper equipment and support.

And when you die, those Dhimmi politicans pay lip service at memorial services from their seats in the front pews of the churches, whilst the families of our fallen are seated in the second row. They do not care. They care only about themselves.

The only one's who will remember the fallen are their comrades and families who will greave for their rest of their lives. Your death in an illegal war is not worth their grief and children growing up without their father.

In Afghanistan, you and your comrades live like besieged knights in a castle, only without the shelter of strong walls. Our traitorous government will not pay for hardened shelters.

When you travel in convoy, you do so in soft top vehicles because again our penny pinching leaders will not pay for suitable transport for you. They would rather spend our taxes on building specialist hospitals for diseased immigrants to our country suffering from aids and T.B.

And should you be wounded and return home for treatment, the excellent Military Hospitals that should be there to aid your recovery have been closed. And the Labour Party sneers at your complaints through its mouthpiece rag, the Daily Mirror saying you do not deserve special treatment.

You will be put in mixed hospital wards where your enemies and the enemies of Our Country will verbally abuse you and your visitors whilst you lie injured. The very people who celebrate in the streets of once Great Britain, when they read of the death of another serviceman. The enemy within, the enemy that the traitorous politicians have brought in to destroy our Country and your children's future. You know this is the truth.

And compensation for your loss of a limb and loss of career if you are lucky enough to not die will be peanuts, whilst they, the haters of an honorable profession will pay out £500,000 to a typist who injures a thumb whilst typing up a growing casualty list.

And where will you live when you come out? There are no homes, the immigrants are taking them. Brand new, fully furnished houses. All this when True Brit, ex-servicemen are sheltering in cardboard boxes on the streets of Londonistan. You are in the wrong war. You are needed for Home Defence.

But now, this Big Brother government does not want the public to know the truth about what dangers you face out there. Thankfully for those of us who wish to know the truth there are war correspondents like Michael Yon, who bravely reports from your mobile front lines. But you, the fighters are censored in your emails, on your forums and in your letters. Our enemy, your enemy, the government that has destroyed our armed forces and disbanded our historic regiments because of their hatred of anything that reminds them of Great Britains past needs more meat for the grinder and are out looking for recruits to feed their illegal wars.

The poppy crop in Afghanistan this year is going to be the largest yet. Why are you not allowed to destroy them? The truth is going to be hard for you to handle but it is the truth and must be said. Researchers have discovered that America, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining their armies and drug agencies could buy up the entire WORLD CROP for relative peanuts. Why dont they do it? Because their are too many jobs at stake in all their agencies around the world. There is also too much money to be had from the big dealers when they have their regular culls of these people and confiscate their wealth and assets. All about money. The communities that suffer from crime because of the criminals drug habits can go rot. The politicians are living in their isolated Ivory Towers and safe - for now.

And what of your chances of dieing in Afghanistan or Iraq. Currently the casualty figures are showing that you have a 1 in 36 chance of being killed on a Tour of Duty in Afghanistan, should you be one of the frontline troops in the battle against the Talliban.

In Iraq, you should live a little longer. There your chances of being killed are 1 in 50. But how many tours will you do in a long career? The government has said that it envisages you and your comrades being in these war zones for decades. Every tour decreases your odds of survival. Dont gamble with your life and your families love of you.

The government has just announced another defence cut in the disbanding of another three battalions, the six month tours of duty are going to come around more often. It is like spinning the chamber of a revolver in a deadly game of Russian Roulette,then adding an extra round each time.

And the purpose of this rant? Well there is another war and this is a war you should be involved in. It is the war for the survival of Our Country. It is war to ensure the survival of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the war to defend Great Britain. Our homeland. Our people. We need you here at home.

Do not join the army and throw your life away in an illegal war whilst your country is being destroyed from within. Join the British National Party and be a soldier of the resistance. Sure you will be out on the streets leafleting instead of patrolling with a rifle,but in this war, information and the truth are the ammunition we use. Help pass the ammunition out.

Do not re-enlist unless you are assured you will not be send to a war zone. A pension for a few more years service is not worth the risk of losing your life and the loss of you to your loved ones. Besides unless we win the war at home, there will be no future of the True British people. Leave the forces and join the Home Guard of the BNP and put your training and discipline to good use as a BNP activist. You will not be alone. More and more ex-servicemen (and some serving) are joining The Party daily.

One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, a BNP government will bring to trial the people who started these obscene wars and sent our young men to die. They will also ensure your wounded and homeless comrades receive the best help money can buy. They will also re-instate the old regiments that have been shamefully disbanded. They will rebuild our Royal Navy and Air Force and they will certainly never send troops overseas except for goodwill tours of duty or unless the enemy is at the gate.

One last thing my father taught me about judging a person was to ask yourself if you would be happy to have that individual serve in your platoon. I would be happy to stand alongside the BNP in any situation. They are simply - the best. Join them.


Anonymous said...

A brilliant post GA, straight from the heart and your words so true.

This is why we need to help GA get his computer and data card problems sorted out people.
If you haven't made a donation then please do so now. Look for the MAKE a DONATION button on the right of the blog page, just below the Islamic Terrorist counter and give what you can.


England Expects said...

What a great post full of info and a wake up call to all, keep on fighting

Helena said...

WOW! One of your best Green Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Alas the same could be said of my father, a veteran of Dunkirk and El Alamein. Before he passed away he was so disillusioned by the way the country was going, and in a way I am glad he never witnessed the full obscenity of Bliars rule. Although a man of few words, (like many of his generation), toward the end I often heard him remark that he fought for nothing and that we would certainly have been no worse off under German rule. What a sad reflection for a man who had been wounded on numerous occasions and witnessed some of his best friend been blown to bits all the while believing they were making a better future for their descendants. This belief that they were perhaps making a better world was often all that held them together in the face of death, and to have the grim realisation that they had been let down in thier twilight years must have been sickening..I can only hope that the BNP gives some kind of reassurance to those still living that their sacrifices were not altogether in vain, in fact I am reassured to know that some of his old comrades are now BNP members and supportes. My mum is ex services too, and she feels exactly the same, having an insight into current affairs that is disturbingly lacking in many younger people. While there are traitors in the halls of power (have'nt we always?), no child or friend of mine who I can influence, will join a service which is used for illegal purposes and treated badly in their hour of need, which has been synonomous with the British Army...I witnessed for too long my father being means tested for things which foreign ex servicemen get automatically, a land fit for heroes? who do you think you are kidding Mr Bliar?

Celtic Morning said...

Brilliant stuff GA. You are far too valuable to waste your time in a job.Wrap a tea towel around your head, get a tan and claim some decent benefit from Gay Gordon and his merry "men."

Anonymous said...

Green you know my Army background, and my family almost match yours identicle for service and war zones served in.
I have always encouraged all youngster to join the Army, I met the best friends I have ever had in my 11 years service. I worked for people I had respect for, I had pride in the job I was doing and a sense of worth.
I have seen two people I had served with killed over the Last few months, both Brill people who would have died to save their mates.
But I get upset knowing they have died for nothing, they did not die to save their nation from invasion, they did not die to keep their children safe. Our nation is still under invasion, our streets are unsafe for our children, with gun gangs, drugs gang warefare and Muslim groomer's prowling our land.
Our servicemen and woman are dying for a bunch of lying, backstabbing, Marxist, commies, who secretly detest the armed services.
Back in the early 90s servicemen leaving the Army were getting offered shithole flats in the run down estates, I wonder what they are getting now. But according to the Mirror they dont even deserve that. I rip up every Daily Mirror I come across at newsagents, this sick paper should be banned.
I am rambling on a bit but for the first time in my patriotic life I would tell our young not to join the army. Stay at home and fight for your country.

Aberdeen Had a beer

Ronbo said...

A very powerful article that comes from the heart!

I'm a retired 20 year veteran of the U.S. Army and come from a military family as well. My dad was stationed for two years in England (1942-44) and jumped into France as a member of the 101st Airborne Division. Dad's second jump was into Holland during Market Garden where the U.S. paratroops supported British armor as infantry. Dad always spoke highly of "Tommy Adkins" and the British people who held up so well during WW II to the worst Hitler could throw at them.

My service in the U.S. Army (I was in Military Intelligence) included a three year tour in Berlin (1974-77) where I served along side the Royal Army and RAF at the Teufelsberg Communication Site in the British sector. I had many "Brit" friends and visited England many times by way of the British "Welfare" flights on BEA that the British Forces allowed us Yanks to use at small charge. This was a direct flight to London. I often thought during those flights that my dad spent a year of heavy fighting in Europe and never did make the trip all the way from London to Berlin....A trip I could make in less than two hours.

Yes, it's a helleva shape that Britain is in these days. I'm often depressed at the way things are going in this country, but we have it easy compared to Britain. At least in this country our military and veterans hospitals provide excellent care for our military people, and the Congress is generous with pay and pensions.

What can be done in Britain? If I were British I would start to think seriously about a revolution...a revolution that should have the British military in the vanguard with a contemporary Oliver Cromwell in command to chop off the heads of more than a few traitors.

Cheers, Ronbo

P.S. Would it be okay to post your entire article on my blog? I'm sure many members of the American public would be shocked to see how poorly the British government treats its soldiers. After all, Britain has been America's most important ally for nearly 100 years.