Thursday, 2 August 2007

Immigrant mineworkers wanted

The real price of coal

The following is from Welsh blogger, JohnOfGwents site.

I can't think of ANYTHING guaranteed to stir up emotions around this neck of the woods more than the picture above, and what it really represents to thousands, no TENS of thousands of people, generation after generation. Because there was a time when coal and coal mining WAS what south wales DID. And Yorkshire. And a fair few other places around this country too. Where men like these went into the bowels of the earth and hacked from it the lumps of hard black gold that fuelled our fires, our power stations, our ships of trade and our ships of war. And far too many of them went down into the bowels of the earth never to come back into the clean fresh air afterwards. I remember my grandmother got REALLY worked up when she heard I was planning to go down into the 'Big Pit' tourist attraction.

You can read the rest of his excellent article and get the links here. You really should link his blog.

The pits were closed as part of the plan worked out by the alliance of the global capitalists and Marxists so that even cheaper coal could be bought from countries in South America and Eastern Europe that still use children to hack this fuel out of the earth for short term gain.

Now the wheel as turned and methods for extracting the coal have improved, they want Our Coal to sell overseas. Well if coal is to be dug once more from British mines then the British National Party would ensure that the work be done by the sons of the original miners and not cheap labour imported to keep the profits high at the expense of the local communities.

Only the BNP supports the British Workers. Support them the way they support you.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago, in the village where I lived, nearly everybody worked down the pit. The men would say "No lad of mine is going down the pit if I can help it".

The the pit closed and all that was left for the lads was the dole, and many became druggies. This scenario was never envisaged by the colliers.

I't been a long hard struggle to fetch work and respectability back into the village.