Sunday, 26 August 2007

CCTV Boob Flash Girls cleared

Big Brother. Watching me. Watching you. But only if your exposing your breasts.

OK. i was not going to comment on the story of the two young 21 year old girls who were arrested and held in jail cells for over 4 hours for flashing their breast at a CCTV camera that had been tracking their movements after a day out on the beach near Worthing pier. Enough to say the charges have been dropped.

That was until I read another story from the superb site UKTabloid which reported the story of another young lady in trouble. Only this young lady, who had been enjoying a lunch break, suffered an epileptic attack in Chippenham town centre.

A True Brit would have rushed to her assistance, but it seems that day, there were no True Brits around. They are getting fewer and fewer every year. What happened next, beggars belief. A gang of youths proceed to attack the girl with kicks to her head as she lay unconscious whilst the world just watched. Shame on the watchers. Shame on Chippenham.

Now what prompted me to post, was the fact that the CCTV camera operator reported the flashing breasts to the local police who immediately dispatched a team of police to arrest and take into custody the two young women. They were charged with outraging public decency. An offence which carries either a six-month sentence or a £5,000 fine.

What I find a real offence to public decency is the fact that no one, certainly not the police rushed to the assistance of the young girl who suffered a life threatening attack. Perhaps if she had exposed her breasts, Chippenham CCTV might have bothered to call the police.

If you want a Police Force with elected Chief Constables instead of a Police Service that
serves only themselves and the Labour Party then you want, in fact you need a British National Party Government. Vote for freedom. Vote and support the BNP at every chance you get.

You can read a much better article and view images here at Battle for Britain.

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