Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Shari'a Law - Governments response

And our Dhimmi Government lets people like this into Our Country?

Just had email from Londonistan in response to my adding my name to the epeition:

Details of Petition:

"Recognise that Sharia Law is incompatible with Secular Democracy and Ban all implementations, accommodations and services that allow Sharia to be implemented 'by stealth' into the UK."

The governments mealy mouthed reply is as follows:-

Shari'a law is not part of the law of the United Kingdom. The Government does not intend to change this position in relation to the whole or part of the United Kingdom. However, provided an activity prescribed by Shari'a law does not contravene the law of the United Kingdom, there is nothing that prevents people living by Shari'a law such as in choosing to wear traditional dress, pursue particular forms of worship or follow dietary rules.

There are a number of Shari'a Councils in the United Kingdom that, on a private basis where parties consent, deal with mediation and resolution of personal and contractual disputes. These councils are not part of the court system. In all cases, parties will always have recourse to the courts in the UK.

There can never be reliance on the fact that an act is permitted under Shari'a law as a justification for committing what is, under the law in the United Kingdom, a criminal act. Nor, for example, could there be any expectation that a civil court in reaching a decision on a contractual issue under English or Scottish law would apply the principles of Shari'a law.

Criminal matters, both small and serious, will always be heard in a Crown or Magistrate's Court in England and Wales, and in Sheriff's Courts in Scotland. The decisions made in an alternative court will not be recognised.

The interesting thing about this reply is that the Government is admitting that the Moslems, as well as setting up their own Parliament, Councils all over the Country, Medical Associations and even Scouting movement now also have their own courts.

Moslems will use these Courts, accept Sharia Law judgments and Our Country's Courts will be none the wiser and the Government will say how law abiding the turnips are as they are rarely seen in a British Court of Law.

The British National Party believes in one law for all. If you also believe that then you must support the BNP at every opportunity.

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