Friday, 31 August 2007

By-Election: Loughton - Alderton ward, Epping Forest (30/8/2007)

And we have a result

BNP 393 (32.2%) (-5.4)
Resident 367 (30.1%) (+1.0)
LD 172 (14.1%) (+10.5)
Con 163 (13.3%) (-3.1)
Lab 98 (8.0%) (-5.2)
UKIP 28 (2.3%) (n/a)

Well done the BNP in holding.

All parties votes dropped compared to previous results with exception of LD. Wonder why?

2006 Result

BNP 518
Residents 401
Con 226
Lab 181
LD 50


Fidothedog said...

Glad they held, one thing I have noticed is that with all the elections across the land big and small, even when the Liebour member gets back in the number of people voting for them is dropping.

Anti-gag said...

I have just worked it out, Liebour is not a spelling mistake. Nice one!

Chris Hill
(Labour party member 1979-1988, now wised up)

johnofgwent said...

You left out a key fact.

There were a total of 3,344 people registered as eligible to vote in this election, and two thirds of them could not be arsed to do so. So 'Your man' was elected by 11.75% of the 'electorate'.

Which I grant you is probably a higher perecentage than some New Liebour MP's.

And give thanks to whatever god you hold dear that UKIP stood. Because the margin between the BNP and the Residents Association is slightly less than the total number of UKIP voters !!