Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Richard Branson - Plonker

Branson believes in British Jobs for British Workers

When I wrote about the British National Party and Facebook, I mentioned the fact that the BNP Groups should not have to be associated with Virgin Airways in view of the airlines involvement in defrauding millions of pounds out of air travellers along with anti-British Airways who were fined £270 million. Although why the Chief Executives were not tried and imprisoned for fraud is beyond me.

But moving on. There were amazing scenes on a US Chat show yesterday, when a sulky and miffed Richard Branson tossed a glass of water over talk show host, Stephen Colbert who would not allow Branson to plug his new airline service between New York and Los Angeles.

By all accounts Colbert was not amused and retaliated and the whole farce developed into a full blown water fight between two grown men? requiring changes of jacket and hairdryers.

We shall sadly not be able to see the pratt, Branson get his comeuppance, the show has been canned.

"Richard did throw his water over Stephen. As most people know, Richard can be unpredictable
," a Virgin spokesman said. Unpredictable? Stupid is a better word.

I wonder if Richard now regrets earlier naming one of his aircraft Air Colbert after the talk show host? You have to be a bit more subtle than that Richard?


L'éminence grise said...

Branson dousing Stephen Colbert?

Oh please, oh please let it be on YouTube!


Britlord said...

A good video clip on LiveLeak.

U.K police arresting muslim youth are beset by screams of racism.