Saturday, 4 August 2007

Councillors vent anger at the BNP

Stoke-on-trent city councillors launched a furious attack on the British National Party (BNP) at a meeting yesterday.The tirade came after BNP councillors demanded an apology from elected mayor Mark Meredith for refusing to include them in discussions about policy-making.

Councillor Alby Walker, leader of the BNP Group, said: "More than 8,000 people voted for the BNP last May and Mr Meredith is saying to each and every one of them that they don't count."

Mr Meredith said he would always treat individual BNP city councillors with respect, but he would not tolerate the far right party's policies.

He refused to apologise and said: "I believe the BNP is a divisive party."

Councillor Mike Tappin, leader of the Labour Group, told yesterday's meeting: "Let the word go forth from this time and place that we intend to defeat everything the BNP stands for."

Last month the Standards Board for England - which polices the behaviour of local politicians - refused to investigate allegations Mr Meredith was publicly disrespectful to BNP councillors by refusing to work with them.

The BNP argued the mayor's stance breached the code of conduct for councillors, which says local politicians must treat others with respect - including people with opposing views or from other parties.

The board accepted Mr Meredith's actions could have breached the code of conduct, but it concluded the allegations were not serious enough to justify an investigation.



Anonymous said...

That sounds about right. You should check out the barking and Dagenham bnp site. I think they have a report about something similar happening down here.

Anonymous said...

This must be a tri axis party stance, As long as the BNP councillor's stick to their guns and expose the corrupt officials who are sticking two fingers up at the electorate.
This is bad and shows how far the marxist influence has infiltrated Uk Local government. Hopefully this will make more people vote for the BNP

Aberdeen Wed.

BFB said...

"Mr Meredith said he would always treat individual BNP city councillors with respect, but he would not tolerate the far right party's policies."

Funny how the likes of Mr Meredith are only "tolerant" when it suits them. He doesn't seem to have a problem 'tolerating' some of the things that most Brits oppose; ie, immigration, illegal immigrants, Islam, etc; but present him with democratically elected councillors from a legitimate political party and all of a sudden he reveals himself to be among the most 'intolerant' of people.

How do people like this sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Having the BNP there as whistle blowers must be a real thorn in the side to the Liblab=Con councillors suckling at the trough. What a downright disgraceful lot they are, they have no interest in democracy or putting the electorate first, no wonder they fear the BNP presence. The time has come for the BNP (or any other party that suffers this kind of discrimination) to publically announce the keeping of a list of these people for the time that democracy is restored to the country, so they will be duly punished.