Monday, 27 August 2007

The Muslim Friends of Labour

The face of a Dhimmi Liar

We all knew that so desperate are the Dhimmi Labour Party to cling on to power, that they would scrabble in the muck of Islam to get the Moslem block vote. So desperate, that they would concede anything, including the turnips demands for greater Islamification of Our Country, if it would protect their place at the trough of public money they gorge on.

Now we can see that this union is not just a one way thing. It is organised and Labours treachery revealed. Brown of course will deny all knowledge. Just as he did when the Cash for Honours scandal came to light.

The Electoral Commission as confirmed that the Muslim Friends of Labour which has been giving over a £100,000 per month to the Labour Party is being investigated as being a "front" organisation for secret donations which is against the law. But then again, when as anything being against the Law stopped Labour? We are caught up in two illegal wars right now.

The Muslim Friends of Labour - registered to a PO box in South London - is an "unincorporated" association, which it means it does not have to identify people who give it money. But the commission is investigating its status amid allegations that it is actually a members' association, made up "wholly or mainly" of members of a political party.

If so, it would be breaking the law by failing to disclose the details of any donor of more than £5,000.

You can read the full story here. But now you know the truth. Just like the UAF, the Labour Party is in the pay of Islam and if you believe that the money these Moslems have donated comes out of their own pocket then your crazier then Red Ken Livingstone. Look towards Mecca for the source.

You want honesty in politics, you want transparency in politics. Then there is only political party that will give you those things and that is the British National Party under Nick Griffin.

Oh and wouldn't you just know it. Guess who is up to his neck in this muck? Here's a clue.

Mr Khand has been described as a close associate of Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, who is chairman of Muslim Friends of Labour.

The Herald tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr Sarwar yesterday but he was quoted as saying that it was the board of Muslim Friends of Labour, which had decided not to name names on who the group's donors were

Our old friend, Mohammad Sarwar, you know the one who should really be in prison for his dodgy dealings. I wondered how escaped prison. Is this the reason why? You can read more on him and his crooked sons by following the links here.

No wonder the Labour Party refuses to allow a petition to halt the Islamifcation of Our Country on its No 10 site. They don't want to upset their Pay Masters.


Celtic Morning said...

In their own countries electoral corruption is the norm- that is, if elections are allowed. So the moslem hordes must feel comfortable and welcome in the Labour Party where they can just carry on as if they were "at home." How much are the poppy fields of Afghanistan involved in this? Maybe much of the cash comes in from the proceeds of the regular flights between Pakistan and Britain.Anonymous supporters dont need to worry about laundering cash donations.Not that Labour would care where the money comes from.What's a few thousand pounds when the reward for the investment is,eventually, a new homeland for their dark age desert beliefs.Labour politicians are criminals and would not worry about taking the proceeds of crime.I grow more ashamed for my country every waking day as we allow corruption and aliens to tear us apart.

The Green Arrow said...

It is not just the aliens though is it Celtic. It is the whole thing. They way they haves destroyed everything. Health, education, the whole works.

It will take decades to repair and while I do not doubt that one day the people will take their country back, I suspect we will not be around to see it.

Enjoy the day. Lol

najistani said...

If instead of regarding Islam as a religion like Christianity and Buddhism (which it is not), we regard it as a hostile, alien, totalitarian political ideology like Nazism or Stalinism (which it is), then Brown and his ilk could be charged with high treason and removed from office in the traditional manner.

Ronbo said...

Excellent article!

I posted it on my blog with a link back to you!

My old dad always did say, "Son, if you want to know the truth follow the money" and "Son, a man is always loyal to his bread and butter."

I'll wager our USA Democommie Party...err..."Democrat Party" is getting well taken care of by the Islamofascists.

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

If you are in London during Ramadan in October you might enjoy an evening at the Barbican

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Green you have left mw with a problem your last three posts are so good I dont know which one to put on my Blog. Never mind I maybe just link all three.

keep up the good work, I sent you one ref TB, I am bust today so wont be able to post until this evening.


Sheikh Ratalan Roal said...

Dear Brothers in Islam,
I am a devout Muslim with zillions of petrodollars to spend in spreading the faith. I notice that our wonderful religion is beginning to get a bad reputation among some of the Kafir press and broadcasting media. My spiritual advisor, His Holiness Mustafa Goht, has tried to remedy this by issuing the appropriate fatwas, however the Kaffirs are becoming increasingly impudent and resistant to intimidation.

We therefore need to use the carrot as well as the stick. Consequently, I intend to visit Britanistan shortly to solve the problem by making a number of purchases. I would therefore appreciate any estimates of how much it would cost to buy the following items:

Shadow cabinet
ITV (I've already got the BBC)
Gordon Brown
The entire Labour Party
The High Court
East Midlands Police (to complete the pair)
Oxford University (ditto)
The Immigration Service
The Foreign office.
A nine year old girl

- Sheikh Ratalan Roal

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Ratalan Roal
My information is:-
You already own -
Several newspapers in the UK
20% of the Shadow Cabinet
Gordon Brown, (via Glasgow)
The Entire Labour party
50% of the Judges in the High Court.
Police, - The Met, Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, (West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire)Keigthly, Luton, Leicestershire, Manchester, and more.
The entire UK Students Union Members.
The Immigration Service
The Foreign office.
And you can groom all the 9 years olds you want. The police give them away free in Keigthly.
Why do you want to be so greedy, are they all for Allah?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Merkel and Sarkozy are taking a tough line FINALLY with Iran, because statistically Europe is more worried about Iran than Iraq.
Russia and China are flexing their own muscles, through oil, gas, and foreign currency holdings, and their Iranian proxy muscles through armaments and military research.

A tough European response is long overdue.
Talk is cheap. Neither France nor Germany, nor even a united Europe, has, at present, the tactical military reach to do anything effective against Iran.
The UK military is at overstretch
with falling investment and political ill-will approaching treasonable levels Gordon Brown will not take an active lead on this, and his part-time Defence honcho, Browne, ex shelf stacker, is an absolute liability.
They (EU forces) would have to position their limited air forces in Turkey to make even limited strikes across the border, and even though Turkey is part of NATO, ain't gonna happen.
Maybe a UK carrier could (as now)be involved with the considerable US Fleet in the Indian Ocean, but I don't see any funding being made available.

Perhaps Sarkozy, et al, are staking out a position now in hopes that President Hillary will have some ground to stand on (domestically) so the the US Air Force and Navy (air force) will be doing the heavy lifting, should the need arise (hope not, frankly).

Anonymous said...

Anon at 09:11
Nice theme here.
Let me add my 2 cents.
Acording to al-Guardian Iran has arrested 2 Chinese spies at Arak, the Iranian heavy water facility.
Of all of the known facilities in Iran’s expansive nuclear program, the heavy water reactor under construction at Arak is by far the most dangerous. A heavy water reactor’s main purpose is to convert natural uranium directly into plutonium, the preferred fissionable material for nuclear warheads. In fact, if Iran is to have miniaturized nuclear warheads for placement on ballistic missiles, it must get the Arak project up and running. Yes, the Natanz uranium enrichment plant can make bomb-grade uranium. But for compactness, flexibility, ease of delivery, and cost of production, all nuclear weapon states have chosen the heavy water reactor/plutonium method as their primary route. The U.S. had its heavy water reactor/plutonium production facilities at Hanford and later Savannah River. The Israelis have Dimona. The North Koreans have (had) Yongbyon. Arak is this site for the Iranians.
The Chinese government is not known to have a hostile relationship with the Iranian government. China has frequently followed the Russians and protected Iran from the U.S. and Europe at the UN Security Council. If the Chinese had technical questions about the Arak project, we can assume that they asked the Iranians directly. And then were unsatisfied with the answers.
The Iranian regime has been at war with the United States since 1979. But it would represent a whole new level of irrationality for the Iranian government to pick a fight with the Chinese for no apparent reason.
Conversely, if the Chines are worried about the Arak facility, the West should indeed be very worried.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the theme above.
Iran too has proxies.
Hizbullah is a main proxy, and is using Iranian finace to purchase land south of the Lebanese Litani river to further attacks against Israel.
In Gaza, Hamas has outed the "more moderate" Fatah, and is creating a violent fundamentalist Islamic state.
Now the median age for males in Gaza is15.9 years and given the murderous conditions there, acting as a role model for these young males condition from the cradle by state inspired death cults, I see no hope whatsoever of a return to civilisation in that area for decades.
In the event of a western attack on Iran, we can expect immediate reprisals against Israel from these 2 proxies.
Syria is also an Iranian well financed proxy, and is rapidly arming the Golan heights area.
Make no mistake, Israel depends for a large part of its water supply from this area, and will not react favourably to Syrian attempts to re-take the Golan.
On August 27, 2007, In his first briefing to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee, defense minister Ehud Barak reported that Iranian missiles for Hizballah were being unloaded at Syria’s Latakia port. They consist of many times more long-range and short-range rockets than Hizballah had in its arsenal when it went to war with Israel in 2006.

The Lebanese army, albeit bound to disarm Hizballah by UN Security Council resolution 1701 which ended the war, is in fact helping the Shiite extremists unload their arms deliveries. The minister concluded that the UN resolution must be considered a dead letter.
Given the volatile situation in this area, an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Gaza (Hamas), Southern Lebanon, (hizbullah), The Golan and Syria, and Hizbullah and Hamas command and control centres in central Lebanon and the Bekaa valley, will be a useful predictor of imminent action.
A tall order, - yes, and difficult for any military logistics personel.
My opinion, for what it's worth, - I just don't understand the Israeli reticence to use lethal, widespread force before now. No other nation would tolerate continued terorrism on these levels, and the head-count per capita, from a bunch of sand eating scumbags.