Saturday, 18 August 2007

Keith Vaz, Facebook and the UAF

Strange bedfellows

Well I had planned to write something about the slime creature known as Keith Vaz. Vaz, instead of languishing in a British jail prior to deportation, instead shames the Houses of Parliament by sitting as an M.P. But I can twine the twerp in with the Facebook farce. But first a bit about the creatures past.

Vaz who had the following complaints against him upheld is infamous for his dodgie dealings and oily ways. Check this out.

  • "Mr Vaz provided misleading information to the former Committee and the Commissioner [Elizabeth Filkin] about the financial relationship between his family and the Hindujas."
  • "Mr Vaz failed to register remunerated employment in the Leicester Law Centre when he first entered Parliament in 1987. In the circumstances we do not regard Mr Vaz's failure to register this interest as serious. A newly-elected MP could easily make this mistake."
  • "Mr Vaz failed to register a donation from the Caparo Group in March 1993 within the time allowed by the rules. We reject his claim his registration [in October 1994] of the second such donation, which he received in August 1994, somehow covered the first donation as well.
  • "Mr Vaz failed in his duty of accountability under the Code of Conduct by refusing to submit himself to the scrutiny appropriate to his office as a Member."
  • "Mr Vaz recklessly made a damaging allegation against Miss Eggington to the Commissioner, which was not true, and which could have intimidated Miss Eggington or undermined her credibility.
  • "Miss Eggington and Mrs Gresty were interviewed by the police as a direct result of his intervention.
  • "Having set the Commissioner on a false line of inquiry Mr Vaz then accused her of interfering in a criminal investigation and threatened to report her to the Speaker."
  • "Mr Vaz failed in his public duty under the Code of Conduct "to act on all occasions in accordance with the public trust placed in (him)". By wrongfully interfering with the House's investigative process he also committed a contempt of the House."
And what is this creature up to now you ask. Apart from consorting with terrorists that you can read about here. Why he is also on the attack against the only truly honest political party left, in what was once Great Britain?

One can understand this, as a BNP government would dig into his dealings a little deeper than the old boy network that slapped his wrist over some serious allegations about his ability to pocket other peoples money.

Vaz is deeply in the pockets of the Moslem funded Unite Against Freedom as is the Blair Clone Cameron. Both are members. Both are traitors. One to his country, Our Country and the other a traitor to the land that has fed him exceptionally well. You can read previous posts on the UAF/SWP crowd here and here.

Now you and I and the thinking people who support the British National Party are decent people not prone to violence or using racist language. For one it is not in our nature and two we are far to street wise to give sticks to the enemy to beat us with.

But it does not stop them trying.

In an article that you can read here, Vaz is on the attack to destroy freedom of speech and more importantly for him, to postpone his future trial.

Social networking website Facebook was today urged to scrap its British National Party groups amid claims that they featured extreme racist language and calls to "hang gollywogs".

Although why anyone would want to hang gollywogs I have no idea. Vaz, perhaps but not gollywogs. Cuddly little toys that have done no harm to anyone. Unlike Vaz.

Forums are full of wannabe Chez Guervaras who pretend to be BNP supporters and plant inflammatory posts that they can then point to and then call for the banning of the BNP. But we can, if we wish to stoop to their level and play the same game. Join their forums as a blood red socialist and make truly outrageous statements that offend. Then point to them and scream blue murder.

The establishment knows these posts are published by the UAF/SWP crowd, they know we know it is happening but they do not care. It is a great excuse to stamp on the face of democracy and move them forward to their Marxist one world government. Things are going to get a lot dirtier before things can get better.

By the way I still need a new shovel to keep digging the dirt on people like Vaz. This shovel is almost broke. Go read some of David Copperfield here and see what you can do.

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Celtic Morning said...

Last night at the Proms, a few years down the line if Vaz and people like the man of Straw have their way.
Bring me my gown,my Burkha black,
Bring me my sharpened Halal knife
Bring me my bomb,burn Union Jack
Bring me my nubile fourth young wife.

I shall not rest from ceaseless spite
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have brought Islam the bad
To Englands green once pleasant land.

Tear down Westminster and Tower Bridge,
Burn decadent art galleries
destroy great books and music ensure
that they are read or heard no more.

Put down your pets,your cats and dogs,
eat not the meat of pigs and hogs,
and never smile or laugh again
For you've been muslimised my friend.

Your time is oer,your country is done,
The hordes of Allah block the sun.
You gave away your liberty
You should have joined the BNP

Bow down your head, embrace Islam,
Go to the mosque five times a day
Take off your shoes,kneel on your mat
For now you are a Dhimmi prat (nb.this word is optional!!)

All Europe ours and Britain too,
Kuffars like captives in a zoo,
They do as told and all is well
For their descendants live a hell.

No more you frequent your pub,
No more ham sarnies,Halal grub,
Your women all to us will bend,
For western man this is the end.

This is the end.This-is-the-end.