Tuesday, 21 August 2007

For Want of a Nail - Update

The shoe, the horse and the messenger are saved.

Thanks to three very generous True Brits, it seems as though a messenger will not be lost to our cause.

Have currently received donations to the value of £250 with a further £60 to follow. I would very much like to post their names but that would not be appropriate. They know who they are and so do I.

The "Want of a Nail" fund now stands at £250, £60 pledged, a cheque from my YouGov survey for £50 is also on its way(two years off rubbishing the other parties has finally paid off). So a grand total of £360 as been reached.

The replacement machine earmarked is just over £400 with appropriate slot for my my mobile data card and thankfully I will be able to return this loan machine to its very patient owner.

It also costs £54 per month for the mobile dial up connection I am forced to use. This is a considerable amount out of the limited income I have as a semi-retired person. Your support would be appreciated.

A big thanks to my fellow Nationalists.

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