Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Pete Doherty and the UAF

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss - roll models of the left

The brain dead creature lionised by the Moslem controlled Unite Against Freedom walked free from court after charges of breaching his bail were dropped.

Doherty had been warned to expect to go to prison but has managed to evade getting up close to ethnic inmates and becoming someones bitch on a technicality. What a coup for a lifer. I had Kate Mosses boyfriends botty.

No wonder the roughie toughie rocker broke down in tears when he was arrested after crashing his jag and begged cops to let him go. The UAF must certainly be desperate if they need plonkers like Doherty in their loser outfit.

One wonders if involvement in attacking the British National Party as anything to do with his numerous escapes from justice.

The charge of breaching conditional bail was dropped on a technicality as he was not produced before the court within 24 hours, prosecutor Anjulika Vatish said.

During a hearing which lasted just a couple of minutes, Ms Vatish said: “The court has no jurisdiction to deal with this matter any more

One might also wonder why the drugged up creature was not brought before the court in the required time? Will there be questions about that? I doubt it.

By the way is Anjulika Vatish an old celtic name?

You can rest assured that the British National Party would have ensured that young Pete turned up on time. You want justice for all then you want the BNP.


Anonymous said...

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The Green Arrow said...

I thought here goes another link to a selling site to be deleted.

Instead I spurted coffee all over my screen.

Nice one anon.

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like it GA :-)

Anonymous said...

Pete Doherty is an absolute disgrace.Lock him up for good,set an example to the fools who think he is wonderful.For a society to let him carry on like he has and get away with it shows how far we have gone down the slippery slope of lawlessness.(Shieldwall-Plymouth)

Anonymous said...

It is alleged that one mr Doherty was known to have been involved in all manner of acts with little boys.... lovely lad eh? no wonder he is the darling of the pervert left wing and UAF, I mean, just look at Mr Gable, would you let him look after your children? (lol). By the way, is mr Gable related in any way to the mass murderer Peter Moore, who was known as the Black Panther of North Wales?, came across this mans picture while reading about serial killers who happen to have homosexual connections, and he is a ringer for mr Gable...honest!

Anonymous said...

pete doherty makes amazing music but what he does in his own time is his own business. whatever it is that you seem to believe entitles you to criticize others' actions that you know nothing about you may want to rethink because I highly doubt that you yourself are perfect. he is not a disgrace, he makes some of the best music i have ever heard.