Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Cameron your a complete Plonker

Fight for you? He couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag

You would think that as Leader of the token opposition party, the buffoon Cameron could come up with some better spin to feed the public in a questions and answers session in Shropshire then the following claptrap and lies.

Q. Can you explain why politicians of all major parties think it is a good thing for Britain to be a part of a federal Europe and continue to say it is not necessary to have a referendum for the voters to give their opinion?

Dopey David, replied:

“I don’t agree Britain would be better off by leaving the European Union. Instead, we need to work within the EU to fight for change. But on the question of referendums, I do want to see one on the EU Treaty because that’s what everyone was promised."

If your a conservative supporter who thinks that Our Country should leave the ever expanding Eurabia then you must see that the only political party that would do this, is the British National Party. The Conservatives are now led by an alliance of big business and marxism that support a giant state that intends the destruction of Great Britain as we know it.

Q. In the 1980s the security services warned the then Conservative government of a possible threat to Britain by Muslim extremists. Then, as now, the vast majority of politicians played down the dangers of immigration from the Middle East and Third World.

What measures would a Tory government take to reverse the destruction and decline of our nation, bearing in mind that failure to tackle this issue head on will increase the support of the British National Party and ultimately render the modern Tory party extinct?

Mr Cameron replied:

“Your question is very important, but let me start by saying that the BNP have nothing useful to offer on this matter at all. Where they preach hate and discord, what we should be doing is promoting harmony and unity.

“This means, as a country, answering a question as old as humanity itself: how do we all live together? For years in Britain, there have been two major answers to this question.

“Some on the left said multiculturalism, which herded people into different pens, was the answer. But this served to only foster difference. Some on the right said nothing short of complete and utter assimilation was the answer. But in some cases this seemed little more than barking at minority ethnic groups to conform to British life.

“Both were wrong. Instead, it is about the ‘house we build together’.

And highlighted is the money shot. "How do we all live together?" And the fool goes on to provide no solution at all.

The truth is we cannot all live together and we do not wish to live together. You would not accept strangers moving into rooms into your home and taking your possessions. But by letting them into Our Country, we are also letting them take our possessions. Possessions in the form of all the services and tax money the colonisers eat up. Money, jobs and services that should have only been spend on our own kind.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Morning Mr Green
CamerMoron is just a fool and no Conservative should vote for him, the BNP are the only ones that will stand up for our proud country. I refuse to let Britain turn into a Muslim state. Cameron would sit back with his blinkers on and invite more of the Anti West hoardes into our nation to destroy us.
Please people of Britain wake up.

najistani said...

C.A. Moron wants to censor the internet, for all the right reasons of course.

Maybe Gordon Brown isn't the only one who's been bought with petrodollars.

Celtic Morning said...

Ca moron not a fighter? Surely some mistake. I was under the impression that he was the Very Lightweight Champion of his dorm at Eton.Or was that perhaps awarded for smoking strange substances? Do they stage championships for such pastimes? Nothing would suprise me regarding the goings on or comings off of upper class toffs at that establishment. I think its time for us to be told.

Anonymous said...

Seen and heard many politicians in my time but Cameron is an embarrassment to listen to, just like a little girl in the play ground he jumps from one policy to another to attract the voter