Thursday, 23 August 2007

I want one of these awards

We thought it funny. Who cares what the turnips think.

OK, I know a person should not campaign for an award from such a prestigious organisation as the Islamic Human Rights Commission but if no one else will put me forward for one, I guess I must do it myself.

The turnips in this, Our Country have a big knees up every year in which they dish out awards to the worst Islamophobes of the year. Check out the images of their 2005 bash. Not a lot of drinks on the tables and the women look, well look, well look like Black Letterboxes I guess.

The Islamophobia Awards is an annual event to acknowledge - through satire, revue and comedy - the worst Islamophobes of that year. Centred around a gala dinner, the 'awards' themsleves are both entertaining and raise awarness of a serious and growing prejudice. Real awards are given to those who have battled against Islamophobia - often against enormous odds

Interesting to see the images of their attacks on the Christian and Jewish faiths. The other way around and people would be losing their heads. Satire and Comedy? Perhaps the Moslems who complained about the cartoons and recent British Street Carnival should shut the f*** up or be accused of hypocrisy.

Such is the success of these awards, that they are now having a similar Award in Australia. Top of the nominations down under is Pauline Hanson who has called for a "moratorium on any more Muslims coming into Australia". Good idea Pauline. Anyone want to start a similar petition over here?

So you come on you child molesting creatures from the pits of hell. Pull yourselves out of your camels and put pen to paper and nominate the Green Arrow for this years top Islamophobia Award. Check his previous posts. He really does have it in for you.

Other nominees are the British National Party - BNP on the ballot paper, Nick Griffin and The Pope.


Celtic Morning said...

What a sight to see on a British village street. Hordes of aliens bringing their disgusting,religious practices straight from the dark ages to a once-civilised,once well-adjusted country.You are right about the black post boxes. How many walk straight through customs with the fruits of the Afghan poppy fields secreted on , or in, their person? How are they able to afford to fly back and fo between their homeland and their benefit land whenever they feel like? Due to the constant drip effect over the years many of our citizens are already well prepared for dhimmitude and now take towns and cities and villages full of swarthies in pyjamas as the norm and indeed, many of the younger Brits can probably never remember it any other way and know no better.If it continues for much longer then it WILL BE the norm.There is no time to lose before we start issuing one way tickets to the land of origin or,if that is not known, anywhere else we can ship them out to. The sooner the better before our youth get well adjusted to living in a third world country with third world swarthies telling them how to live. I hope you get the award GA.If possible, I would like one too.

Celtic Morning said...

Just realised that the scene was a carnival in Cornwall. Great stuff. There was I thinking it was a real muzzi performance in one of our formerly British towns or villages.