Saturday, 18 August 2007

Celtic Morning said

A Celtic Blessing for a Celtic Morning

Some comments deserve a post of their own. Such is the following from Celtic Morning.

Here we go.................

I watched the bbc news last night and they featured about twelve people who had been murdered or severely beaten up by various gangs of feral youths.

All were white except for one and I believe all were the victims of our own white underclass, the savages of our urban jungle society.

There was never a mention of Keith Brown.He doesnt count for the lib/lab/con/leftie germs who flourish in our country.They will not tell the British people that he died with a knife plunged into his back by one of a crowd of moslem thugs.And if they told the British people, most of them would say " what a shame, whats for supper?" or switch channels to see who would be evicted from some stupid tv show.

And a Chief of Police came on with the answer to this violence. Raise the age for drinking he said.
The programme must have disturbed me even more than I realised for I dreamt last night, I had a dream, not the dream of an over rated Martin Luther King, but I dreamed of my nation with a police force who used to be capable of controlling the streets, dealing with feral cowards so ruthlessly that hardly any existed.

I dreamt of police steaming into these scum, blacking eyes, blooding noses, smashing and trampling on mobile phones and iPods and arresting and locking up the worst offenders to be sentenced later at a court of real retribution.

Instead we have a police force that doesnt turn up until the animals have disappeared back to their jungle hideouts,a police force who would arrest one of the victims families if they dared to strike back in defence of their loved ones,a police force who try to win the confidence of the criminal and laugh and joke and show themselves to be"of them" and not "against them.

"It's saturday today, thousands of Britons will be speeding along motorways to support their football teams, thousands of savages will rise at about noon or later to ready themselves for their night of drink and drugs and vomit and violence, editors of Sunday rags will compose their papers with articles condemning the British National Party, supporting the establishment who have brought this country to the edge of extinction,about to lose a stable and fine way of life which we have paid for dearly for centuries,with our labour and with our ancestral blood.

They will tell of sex scandals and financial trickery and celebrity excess and sporting success or failure. None will mention Keith Wood and if they mention us it will only be to slander.

And all the while the tide of Islam creeps further into our country, the dark ages come ever closer.While we destroy ourselves they lurk and laugh at us and prepare for the future where the British are conquered by the stealth of the Arab and the deceit of our leaders.

I will donate to the fund for Mr Woods, like many others I am sure,and we will wish his family well and hope that they are allowed to grow to maturity in a better Britain than they father knew, than their father died for.

I wont be here to see it but I pray that another dream of mine will come true, a dream of a nation we once knew and hope to see again where traitors meet with justice for their crimes, where our leaders rule for their people and not for their enemies,where law and order,allied to freedom are once again accepted as normal and natural.

A proud nation which we have given away,carelessly,without thought.As Green Arrow keeps reminding us, there is only one way that this can come about. We must, must, must give all our support in whatever way we are able, to the British National Party. To do otherwise will be to surrender to the savages, home grown and alien, who beat at our door and intend to destroy all we have ever wanted from life in Britain.

I will end this with a quote from Oriana Fallaci, the Italian patriot."Instead of learned young people we have donkeys with University degrees.Instead of future leaders we have mollusks with expensive blue jeans and phony revolutionaries with ski masks".

And do you know what? Maybe this is another reason why our moslem invaders have such an easy game....
Today we speak always about our rights, never about our duties."

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defender said...

Just today i have written about this on a post called
Our leaders have us on a hearts and mind strategy against those who vow to kill us. There is no way that we can win their hearts and minds, no way at all. This strategy works against us by emboldening them and confusing us.How do you get a nation to submit?
Please read the whole article, I know many of us are on the same dream, but its a nightmare we have to deal with and it is a reality. Dreaming is not going to sort it.