Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Red, White and Blue Festival

Be afraid. Be very afraid

Well today is the first day of the British National Party's Red, White and Blue Festival that promotes True British culture and allows activists and their families to get together with other people who have woken up to the truth about the sad state of Our Country.

The weather forecast for the day is cloudy with sunshine but even were it to pour with rain, you could rest assured that it would still be made into another great event. The True Brits, who will be attending are made of stern stuff. They are the ancestors of a people that carved out an Empire and created the wealth of Great Britain today. A wealth that is now being stolen from them by the unholy alliance of global capitalism and Marxism.

The establishment and it's dog have tried every trick in the book to portray this family gathering as something along the lines of a Nuremberg Rally but the British people are now becoming alert to the lies of the main stream media.

So when creatures, such as Labour MP, Judy Mallaber who submitted evidence to the licensing committee claiming there had been an episode of violence at a previous event, they treat such information with the contempt it deserves.

If mad Mallaber is so concerned about crime and violence at festivals, then perhaps she should target such sick events as the Notting Hill Carnival where there have been numerous murders and where gangs of eastern European gangs of pickpockets pray on the people stupid enough to attend. The Police bill and clean up costs alone runs into millions of pounds paid by London ratepayers who have no say, as this multicultural mess marches past their windows . This is what a senior spokesman of the Metropolitan Police Federation had to say about a previous Notting Hill Carnival.

In my experience, the level of reported crime is far below that which really happens, and the whole process is down-played for political reasons.

‘Police are actively discouraged from making arrests by senior officers for fear of sparking a riot situation, and I have seen serious criminal offences taking place while we are powerless to act... There is a significant criminal minority who exploit it in the full knowledge that the police will tread extremely lightly... The record of the Carnival is pretty appalling.’

The British people can see the truth by visiting the BNP home site and view for themselves footage from previous RWB festivals which have been going since the year 2000. Not many murders sorry - in fact none. No pickpockets or drug dealers just people escaping for two days the madness of multiculturalism and the oppression of our traitor masters.

Have a great day guys. Wish I was there.


Anonymous said...

Hope the sun shines brightly - wish I could be there too, however real committments (not the cop-out variety) dictate that I continue working to keep the immigrants in comfort. Can anyone who has the pleasure of living in this left wing mess imagine how nice it would be not to be surrounded by a sea of multicult faces, babbling voices and dark eyes looking at you with varying degrees of hatred?, if only for a weekend.
The senior police spokesman certainly is right about the Notting Hill abomination, a celebration of what? - gun crime? drug dealing? gang rape? mugging?...this event is propped up by all the lefty toads and is a front for all manner of illegality, but thats ok as long as its state sanctioned of course. But the real menace to society is the RWB??? according to who?. One day, if mankind survives this sickness that has inflicted us for the last century, our descendants, if not completely blacked out, will look back and wonder at how lunacy got such a grip over the worlds most literate and progressive peoples. Are these the days of insanity that the Bible speaks of in the latter days?

The Green Arrow said...

Agreed Anon. I will move heaven and earth to be there next year.

Anonymous said...

Green I will make a point of having a long pint with you; I can’t go this year because I am for want of a better word skint. And its the wife's 40th this month, so I better get my priorities right. But I will be their net year.
I just hope it gets bigger and bigger every year.
When I was in the Army I used to go to the Dorset steam fair, and the amount of fights between the travelling fair community and local’s, used to result in a good many calls out by the local police force for arrests. Rest assured their will be no fighting at the RWB, as anyone trying to do anything like that in front of children would not be tolerated by the real people with real values that will be their.
This must be the ultimate safe place to take your kid’s, guaranteed no sick paedo’s , no violence, just good wholesome British family fun.
I think that’s what gets up the Marxist’s noses; they don’t want the public seeing, and being reminded of what Britain can be like.

Aberdeen BNP