Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Why don't you reply?

Green Arrow starts his letter campaign whilst waiting for the Internet to be invented

I am sure I speak for many bloggers when I write, that I always mean to reply to any comments left on this blog or forums in a response to any posts I make. I thought it would be an easy commitment to fulfill. I was badly wrong.

Blogs thrive on comments, without them the blogger feels isolated and despite his web statistics showing him different, he feels as isolated as some of his readers in feeling that no one is listening or even cares. Which is clearly not true but it is a depressing perception sometimes.

So on the reciprocal bearing, it is equally disheartening for a person who leaves a well written comment to receive not even a thank you for a post that might have took some time for research and then to submit.

And so here is my pathetic excuse for not responding to all comments. When a comment is posted on the Green Arrow an email is send to me. I read it and then make a mental note to respond in the appropriate comments area of the blog. Start of the breakdown in communications.

By the time I get to the blog the mental note as vanished from my goldfish brain and I am distracted by the need to do something else. Tonight it was to add the worthy ABEX link on the right.

I then feel the need then to take a trip around the world for information and to call into as many of my favourite sites (again on the right) and see what they are saying. Again I mean to leave a comment but time being tight, it is not done and a sometimes excellent article does not get the praise it deserves and another blogger wonders if anyone is out there. So there it is. My pathetic excuse. Keep commenting, our habits need feeding.

But I can tell you who is out there. And they are out on the streets leafleting and talking to our fellow citizens every day. The British National Party, taking control of the streets prior to taken control of the towns and finally the country. Our Country. Join the BNP today.


Drake's Drum said...

Hello Green! Still here, never went away. Was told my blood pressure was alarmingly high for a man that has not yet reached the half-way point in his life. I'm only 40 and my BP was 151/110, I'm not overweight, smoke 3 fags a day and only have a drink twice a week. I was aware that I was winding myself up, dad has the same problem. So I took a rest, will be back soon.

Take care!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Ah green I think we all get caught up in rushing around each others blogs, but it provides a vital service and keeps us sane knowing their are many more like us that are seeing the destruction of our nation and are willing to do something about it. Good to see drake drum back, ditch the three fags, and get on the oily fish and red wine mate, although not too much. We need you too stay fit mate.

keep up the good work, and leave a post at my site I just seem to get crank spanisg sites selling some cheap t.shirts or some spanish I think Christian speeling off biblical sermons.

Please give me a post and keep me sane.

LOL In good humour. Sorry for missing capitols and spelling, my big clumsy hands hit the wrong keys.