Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Gordon Brown and the Goldfish

Gordon Brown - Better known as Robin Bastard - Changes the Contract

According to some, the memory of a goldfish is about 3 seconds. "Hello. I'm Bubbles. Have we met?" Swim, swim. "Hello. I'm Bubbles. Have we met?" Swim, swim. Well goldfish do have a short memory but not quite as short as 3 seconds. More like 3 months.

But goldfish are not the only creatures on this earth with short memories. Take some of our fellow True Brits and their memories of Gordon Brown who has received another boost to his massive ego by polls that suggest he has what it takes to be Prime Minister.

Have our fellow citizen voters, still working, forgotten that it was Gordon Brown and the Labour Party that abolished the right of Insurance Companies to reclaim Advance Corportation Tax, thus depriving workers of over £5 billion pounds a year going into their pension funds?

Gordon Brown stole from the elderly, the pensioners, the very people who suffered the hardest in saving Europe from fascism during the 2nd World War. Is that why he hates them and would now deny them the medical treatments that prevents the like of blindness and Parkinson's disease? Are we the human equivalent of a goldfish when it comes to politics?

Have the entire nation forgotten that it was Brown who has brought in over a hundred stealth taxes that bleed the True Brits dry? And for why?

Two illegal wars that he also sanctioned as a Cabinet Minister. Paid for by money stolen from pensioners and taxpayers by any means possible. A war that has already cost us billions in pounds but much, much worse. Cost us the lives of hundreds of our servicemen.

And the selling off of our centuries-old inflation proof, Gold Reserves to the fraud centre of the world, the European Union in 1999 for next to nothing? Have we really forgotten that also? Have we forgotten how many billions that cost us to prop up the EU? Have we forgotten that when push comes shove, paper money is worthless and it is lumps of gold that pays for lumps of food?

And it is Geopolitical instability that is now causing countries and wealthy individuals to start stockpiling gold for an uncertain future. And in that future, what of Our Country? Well I suppose we could always turn the empty gold vaults into prisons for the pensioners who cannot afford to pay their rates.

The British National Party attempts at every hour of every day to reinforce the memory of the goldfish citizen. Help feed the fish. Join the BNP and restore the memory of our nation.


Celtic Morning said...

GA, brilliant stuff again, your short break has recharged the batteries. The stupidity of the voting masses,mislead by the dishonest media,prevents our progress and helps seal our nations fate.Brown is about to take the final step to give away what is left of our freedom and heritage,without the promised referendum, and still the electorate back him !!! The masses just dont care. It is also a massive boost to Labour that the leader of what voters see as their alternative is the upper class useless twit, Dave "boy" Ca moron.Now there's a man ideally suited for a job as one of our community "police", maybe he could take charge of the sixteen year old entrants.His Eton experience should stand him in good stead for that.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Celtic, I hope you are well?

The sad thing is, is that the fact that there is so much information out there to attack the enemy with, that really shows what a mess we are truly in.

Take care old friend.

Helena said...

Many people are wandering about in the pre -med state one experiences just beforemajor surgery.
They have the Lotto the TV and the bookies. Things lok normal from their tiny dependent world.
Who noticed the stealth taxes, the immigrant, the workshy, the permanently doped?
No, it was the guy who puts on his jacket to go to work to pay his mortgage and feed his OWN children, and everyone knows how the Marxist mafia feels about him.
Hope you enjoyed your break GA, it seems to have done you good as Celtic said.

Anonymous said...

From next April he will be robbing again by removing the 10p tax band. Pensioners & low paid workers who are not entitled to tax credits (or those who do not get around to claiming) will be worse off.

For example I, a 62yr old pensioner will be £200 per annum down.

I wouldn't mind if I thought this wad of cash was going to our young people...but I damned well know where it's going...to b*st*rds who never have & never will put a penny into our economy!

Paul said...

Take heart anon, it cant go on indefinately.Nothing ever does.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I would not bet on it have a look at my last post on my site and see the arrogance that is taking over our country.
I just wonder where has the backbone of the people gone, we know diluted by a Marxist education system, the same ones that want to stop forces recruitment at school. They would rather our youths were wandering the streets killing off locals trying to defend their property.
A quick return to the death penalty for these thugs would keep the rest in check.

Ernesto Ribeiro said...



"Islamic education for all!"

Great Britain plan would move toward ‘religion of state’

A new government study is being condemned by the Christian ministry the Barnabas Fund because its proposals would move closer to imposing Islam in the United Kingdom as “a religion of state.”

Among the proposals from the study being considered for implementation is the provision by universities for Islamic studies for all students.

The report was initiated by Bill Rammell, the minister of state for higher education and lifelong learning, officials said. He appointed Ataullah Siddiqui, senior research fellow at the Islamic Foundation, to write it.

The Barnabas Fund, in an analysis, said the report “signals another step toward the Islamisation of Britain and its education system”

I repeat:


Western People got suicidal dumb because so Devil ordered it.

That’s the Apocalypse signal: MASS INSANE.

Anonymous said...

The opinion polls are just a figment of the governments imagination, manifesting itself throught the media, its route to the public domain. I have totally given up believing anything which the powers that be are trying to tell us, I make my own mind up though what I see and hear, and my conclusion is that there is a vast gulf between how people feel about Labour and the image they try to sell us so that we conform to an imagined majority opinion, usually in their favour. Mr Broon is the most unsavoury slug like character in politics, and yes the British public do get fooled by image, just take our 'Tone for instance, but this unappetising man has few followers.