Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The Keystone Cops

The original Keystone Cops.

The Keystone Cops were originally a series of silent film comedies based in America, featuring an incompetent police force. Sound familiar.

Their antics helped cheer up millions of Americans during the Great Depression as they stared at the giant silversreens and listened to the pianist or oganist bash out an appropriate soundtrack as the KC crowd mucked everything up as usual.

Perhaps this is why the government as allowed our former fine Police Force to decend to the level of a British version of the Keystone Cops. Check out these links from UKTabloid, although I suspect your laughter will be more an hysterical nature than humourous.

Did you enjoy those trips into insanity? No? Didn't think you would. Now if you thinK you have read enough, why not pop over to the British National Party home site and download their excellent information pack. That way you will read the truth about the BNP and not the lies put about by the people who would destroy Your Country. Our Country.


Anonymous said...

Ecxellent article, the items listed must have wasted a huge amount of police time that could have been better spent tackling real crimes, we have 11 year old kids being gunned down in the street for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

My son was also turned down by the police he did not pass the carey fluffy side of the new police service by the way he is a royal millitary police man who trains soldiers how to be police

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

My boss and two colleagues are currently under caution and my face arrest and criminal charges for re-possessing goods effectively stolen by a dishonest customer.

He didn't have the money to pay and on trust was allowed to leave on the understanding he would return and pay, three months later head not returned or payed so he got a visit and the goods (tyres) were removed from his car. He called the police and now they are trying their hardest to prosecute my boss and colleagues for intimidation, threatening behaviour and theft. Pathetic.