Thursday, 16 August 2007

David Copperfield - A snip from chapter 12

Young David Copperfield's first meeting with Mr Micawber

“My dear young friend,” said Mr. Micawber, “I am older than you; a man of some experience in life, and—and of some experience, in short, in difficulties, generally speaking. At present and until something turns up (which I am, I may say, hourly expecting), I have nothing to bestow but advice. Still my advice is so far worth taking, that—in short, that I have never taken it myself, and am the”—here Mr. Micawber, who had been beaming and smiling, all over his head and face, up to the present moment, checked himself and frowned—“the miserable wretch you behold.”

I have sadly found it necessary to add a Paypal Donations button on the Green Arrow to help meet the horrendous costs of the mobile data card I am forced to use as a result of living away from a land line and the monitoring software for the four sites I run as my part in the fight for Our Country.


Fel, Cat & Hel said...

We've started the ball rolling, come on everyone chip in. We have to support our soldiers on the home front, this is a full time job which demands GA is always on watch, always blogging the truth those in power dont want us to see.

BFB said...

I wish I could help, BA, but I'm unemployed at the moment, thanks to the massive influx of cheap foreign labour coming into Londonistan.

All the best,


celtic Morning said...

GA, for computor illiterates like me please explain about this button. I would like to contribute in some small measure to the continued effectiveness of this brilliant site but dont know how to go about it. To many of us, The Home of the Green Arrow is now essential reading and indespensible.

Celtic Morning said...

Speaking from memory, was it Micawber who said "Income one pound and sixpence, expenditure one pound, result happiness. Income nineteen shillings and sixpence, expenditure one pound, result, misery"? I know it was one of Dickens characters because my dear old Dad always used to quote it but of course, at that time I took little notice of him. Wonder if anyone in Britain would go along with that today.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Celtic,
That is why I chose Mr Micawber to underline my current situation. Dickens was truly a great writer and understander of people. I wonder if anyone will pick up on "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" bit.

Sadly, the Donate button as become necessary as the Green Arrow is living on borrowed time since my machine finally died and I am using a loan one until the end of this month.

I must either find a job a bit rapid but not having any success. Who wants an old I.T. Manager? LOL.

But I have always counted on the Kindness of strangers and so
The Button.

Paypal is an online banking system widely used across the web. You set up an account and make a deposit. You can then key in someones email who also as an account and the money is transferred from Paypal to their account. It is a free service unless the sums of money are enormous or who are a drug dealer.

It takes minutes to set up and there is no need to give out your bank details.

It is at

Anonymous said...

Never fear green arrow your good old buddy Ian is here. We meet on Gareth’s forum. I don’t think you said too much to be though. Never the less if you paid attention to any of the things I said you would know that I am a computer genius! Righty’o send me a list of what is wrong with your current computer to and I will tell you how to fix it in small and simple steps. If push comes to shove and you do need a new computer feel free to run everything through me. Computer sales people like to take advantage. I would know ha ha! No seriously they are like dogs.

ps. I have no money to donate. Maybe when I start getting ema from collage though.

The Green Arrow said...


I have send you an email. Thank you for your kind offer, but the poor beast is past saving.

Do your best at college, the BNP needs bright young people like yourself with decency and the right attitude.